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How To Deliver Bad News

have you ever had bad news but you just
don’t know how to properly deliver that
bad news to someone we’re gonna talk
about that today hi I’m Patrick baby
your host evaluating weekly so how to
deliver bad news you see as an
entrepreneur whether we like it or not
bad news is always going to happen
whether a software is not being designed
on time or you didn’t deliver on that
say whatever it may be bad news as part
of your business and delivering bad news
is something you need to learn how to do
because if you don’t it leads to
delaying a time bomb that may happen
later on so let’s go through a few
different steps with how to deliver bad
news number one first thing about bad
news if you can find a way to solve the
problem before it gets to the source do
it so even the bad news never actually
happens because you saw the problem
number two consult advisors about how to
handle that bad news immediately don’t
take your time and say next week
tomorrow whatever maybe as quickly as
consult your advisors about the bad news
3 nobody likes surprises with bad news
if something’s gonna happen with bad
news let your team know a week two weeks
a month three months six months in
advance just like companies say hey in
the next six months there’s going to be
layoffs they don’t come and say here’s
what’s happening when they do it that
way it leads to issues resentment tell
people in advance that here’s what’s
happening with bad news here’s four
always deliver a bad news Ernie there is
no benefit from delaying of bad news
from having to be told to somebody
deliver it as soon as you can to that
individuals CEOs especially like to hear
bad news early on so they can find a way
to solve it point number five take
responsibility if it was your fault say
it was your fault one of the things that
annoys CEOs or entrepreneurs or leaders
or anything is when somebody is not
willing to take responsibility a person
who wins is where they are because they
take responsibility leaders like it when
a person comes in and says hey guess
what I messed up it was my father was
nobody else’s fault but here’s what I
think we can do about this so deliberate
and take responsibility on your own
point number six there’s always a silver
lining and any bad news or problem that
comes up so come up and say let me tell
you the bad news here’s what took place
it was my fault
but here’s what I think that we can
learn from this this is what happened
like a coach will say we lost the
championship but let me tell you
something how many teams make it out
here we learned an experience we can
come back next year strong we can do
this hey here’s what happened here we
lost this account but we learned that
this doesn’t work with clients like this
the next time we come to a client we
need to take this approach point number
seven is deliver bad news with solutions
so listen here’s what happened this is
what took place I take responsibility we
learned that this kind of approach
doesn’t work but here’s what I think we
can do with this client I think if we
were to have our executive call this
person instead of myself to just kind of
do an assessment with them I’ll let them
know that we appreciate them taking the
time maybe we can get them to be willing
to have a third meeting with us give a
solution to whatever bad news you may
have and last but not least whatever the
solution you gave it is on you to follow
through with the solution for your CEO
your leader your entrepreneur your
teammates whoever that works with you to
increase their beliefs to know that
every time there’s bad news every time
there’s a problem every time there’s a
challenge you always come through with a
solution and you always follow through
with the solutions and you get them
solved that’s my message of the week –
yum please be sure to subscribe to this
channel and comment on the bottom hi
have you ever had bad news but you just
don’t know how to perfect have you ever had bad news but you’ve never really
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