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Focus on The Bigger Picture

the moment you make a decision to raise
your standards in your life or do
something big you’re gonna start feeling
guilty let me explain to what I mean by
you’re gonna start feeling guilty you’re
not gonna feel guilty the people around
you’re gonna make you feel guilty your
friends your family your girlfriend
every single time I’ve risen my own
standards for any aspect of my life it
didn’t matter what it was it’s made
certain people unhappy and let me tell
how confusing of a feeling this is when
you feel guilty you’ll be by yourself
and the people you love the most and
care about the most are making you feel
guilty you’ll say maybe maybe they’re
right maybe maybe I’m just being too
focused right now or maybe I’m too
determined right now maybe that’s not
good for my health and maybe maybe
they’re right maybe I should be like
this maybe I shouldn’t raise my
standards to this level maybe I
shouldn’t be thinking this big maybe I
shouldn’t be doing any of this stuff and
that guilt if you allow it oh man
you’ll be guilty as charged just telling
you you will feel so guilty that they’ll
get you every single time I’ve run a
company for many many many years now
every time I’ve risen the standards
people have made me feel guilty that
maybe I’m raising it too high maybe I’m
too tough on my guts
maybe I expect a little bit too much
from the people that I fully believe in
maybe I challenge him a little bit too
much maybe I challenge my home office
team a little bit too much maybe I’m too
edgy and I expect everybody to step up
and man up and woman up maybe I’m a
little too demanding on what I want the
team to be doing because of our vision
that we have in place and how important
of a crusade that we have is in place
and then when I get to myself and I’m by
myself when I go to that single second
that I’m starting to doubt my standards
my vision how big I’m thinking I get
back to and I ask the one question hey
PB D what will you put on this planet to
do live a small life be an average guy
you lived in Iran for ten years you
almost died multiple times when they
bombed on your house right down the
street from you that could have fallen
on your house that night and you’d be
dead no one would know who you are you
lived at a refugee Cammy got stabbed one
time payda through that came to the
lived in Glendale went to school you
didn’t do anything special you go to the
army you come out and then all of a
sudden one day you get obsessed with
this level of entrepreneurship and
capitalism and you visualize what the
world can do if they learn that spirit
as well why are you feeling guilty about
and then things got clear so don’t let
the world make you feel guilty when you
decide to raise the standards and you
start to think big and you have a clear
vision of what you see is out there for
the taking
don’t let them confuse you you keep
raising a standard enough with them will
buy into it and those who buy into it
will be there at the promised land on
the prophecy you know is fulfilled okay
so go to your Park keep thinking big
keep raising the standard keep working
hard keep staying focused that things are on the corner for you
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