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What Dr. Joe Dispenza said Will SHOCK YOU !

now the latest research on memory says
that 50% of what we talked about in our
past isn’t even the truth
so people are reliving a life that they
didn’t even have just to reaffirm that
they can’t change right so then what’s
the significance of this where you place
your attention is where you place your
energy period yes so then the stronger
the emotion that you have there’s some
problem or condition or person in your
life the more you’re paying attention to
them so they captured your attention so
you’re giving your power away to that
person right because they’re capturing
your attention there’s an energetic
connection to every person everything
everything in your past present reality
has your energy connected to it so now
this is the significance when a person
really decides to be defined by a vision
of the future instead of the memory of
the past the hardest part about it is
all of a sudden becoming conscious and
not making the same unconscious choice
so then if you lower the volume to your
frustration to your hatred to your anger
if you truly knew how to do that if you
lower the volume to that emotion you
would take your attention off that
person which means you would begin to
break those energetic bonds and now
you’re taking your power back you’re
calling energy back to you we’ve
measured this and all of a sudden it
builds this bigger electromagnetic
magnetic field around the person’s body
that’s energy to heal that’s energy to
create a new future with right and then
if you didn’t want to lower the volume
to the emotion then just take your
attention off the person and every time
you take your attention off the person
if you became conscious of that you
wouldn’t feel the emotion now the body
though it’s been addicted to that
emotion because you’re using that person
to reaffirm your addiction to hatred or
frustration and if that person died you
find another one so then here you go now
so now you’re in a position now where
you begin to lower the volume to that
emotion and the body is going wait a
second you’ve been you’ve been doing
this for the last 20 years and all of a
sudden you’re just gonna stop hating and
the body says well I’ve been conditioned
this way and conditioning is based on
the past so when the body feels the the
that emotion just like a drug addict it
says hey you’re off schedule here so now
the body starts influencing the mind to
think about experiences that are
embossed in the brain that are based on
that emotion so the emotion now is
causing you to think in the past if we
teach a person then how to trade that
frustration or that hatred for an
elevated emotion and they’ll say yeah
but you know as my ex’s fault or I got
betrayed by my partner in business yeah
yeah yeah we know that okay so let’s
take your partner in business or take
your ex let’s duct-tape them and put
them in a cannon and shoot them to the
moon now what are you gonna do sooner or
later you got to reckon with yourself
and change right so then teach a person
then how to trade that emotion for an
elevated emotion now trade the emotion
for an elevated emotion right so you’re
gonna give that up and you’re gonna
practice feeling gratitude for as an
exam yes the person says why can’t feel
gratitude and I say absolutely you can
because you don’t practice feeling it
you practice spending most of your time
feeling hatred and frustration so now
it’s gonna take a little time the cost
that heart of you to blue or your heart
of yours to bloom once they’re able to
feel even the smallest measure of
gratitude where they start feeling
appreciation thankfulness gratitude it’s
emotional signature when you when you
get something mm-hmm but when you’re
receiving something when something has
happened to you or when something is
happening to you you say thank you
because you’re receiving something so
the emotional signature of gratitude
means the event has already happened
where it’s happening to you so the
moment you open your heart and you feel
gratitude well that emotion then is
telling the body that the experience has
already occurred and the thought then
can make it into the body because it’s
consistent with the law so now you’re
beginning to program the autonomic
nervous system into a very specific
destiny and you got to maintain that
modified state of mind and body your
entire day independent of the conditions
in your outer environment independent of
your body’s cravings of those emotions
and situations and independent from time
and if you
can get ready because something weird or
unusual some synchronicity some
coincidence some opportunity is gonna
land in your lap and you didn’t have to
go and get it yes it came to you now
you’re the vortex of creation so if you
say to me well I was feeling gratitude
but then there was traffic or my
co-workers sent me a nasty email then I
would say oh my god you mean you’re
allowing your environment your outer
environment to control how you feel and
thinking you’re back to the unconscious
program that you’re the victim to your
life you got it but when you start
producing those outcomes in your life
you’re gonna pay attention to what you
did inside of him you’re gonna believe
more that you’re the creator of your
life unless of the victim of your life
we’re changing our brain and body to
live in that future present reality so
that so that you feel connected to a
future instead of the past and when
you’re connected to the past you’re
looking for it and if you’re looking for
it you’re separate from it if you’re
being it then oh then there’s there’s
there’s a complete change in energy and
nobody changes until they change their
energy and when you change your energy
you change your life after 8500 brain
scans I can tell you that you and I are
at our absolute best when we get beyond
ourselves that is the elegant moment
where we’re free enough to create
without any encumbrances when people
start reaching this moment my goodness
they’re overcoming themselves and now
they’re at that perfect place to create
and my definition of creation is when I
forget about myself that’s when you’re
free so some people can do it because
they practice it other people can’t get
beyond the addiction of a certain
emotion that means their body is still
their mind yes so then if you’re sitting
in a meditation and your body’s thrown
the kitchen sink at you and saying Edie
you’re a loser you’re never gonna change
this is too hard why don’t you quit and
you’re aware that that’s your body doing
that and you say to your body we’re
gonna sit here and we’re gonna sit in
this fire I’m gonna keep applying the
formula and my your brain starts running
to all the emails you have to do and you
come aware i that and return back to the
present moment and you tell the body
it’s no longer the mind that you’re the
mind now your will is getting greater
than that program and there’s a
liberation of energy and every time you
do that that’s a victory
and you teach every time you do that
that’s a victorian-era mind tells the
body I’m in charge when you say you’re
you you just want to get up and you want
to quit and you got no you know that’s
my body bring it back okay and now
you’re now you’re taming the animal the
body is the animal and you’re like a dog
you said if you keep doing this keep
doing this you’re climbing on top and
the body finally acquiesce as it finally
says I’m not going anywhere and then
boom there’s this liberation of energy
what’s the side effect joy person’s
heart just automatically opens up and
and every time they do that those
victories and up there’s no such thing
as a bad meditation there’s only
overcoming yourself and when you sit in
the fire and you work with that people
say to me why do you meditate every
morning I said because if I can overcome
myself in the morning the rest of my day
is easy it’s easy true because because
that’s what it’s about you master
yourself you master your life yes and so
then all the chatter in your head they
listen to all day long that it’s called
the default mode Network in the brain
and my research shows that shuts off not
just shuts off during the meditation it
stays shut off for the rest of the day
so the critic in your head that’s
telling you this will never happen you
have enough time all right that there’s
no voice there so you just have a clear
flow or you’re going and you trust
yourself more yes so then when you start
practicing creating that brain and heart
coherence you can believe in a future
that you can’t see or experience with
your senses yet but you’ve thought about
enough times in your mind that it’s
actually there’s physical evidence in
your brain to look like it’s already
happened and you can begin to understand
you can select a new potential in the
quantum field and every day
emotionally embrace that future reality
to such a degree that your body begins
to believe that’s living in that future
reality in the present moment and you’re
signaling new genes and new ways to
change your body to look like it’s
already happened now think about this if
there’s physical evidence by thought
alone in your brain and body to look
like your wealth or your future has
already happened
it’s already not very happy and you’re
already it so it’s not about your wealth
it’s not about your health it’s not
about your freedom it’s who you become
so then as you over come over come over
come over come you become someone else
and so most people don’t understand that
oh that the truth is is that every time
you overcome yourself a little bit more
the side effect is that you love
yourself a little bit more and so the
self love is no longer about pleasure or
having a car it’s something that you’re
cultivating within you so then imagine
we have research to show and this is
such a this is such a duality that when
you start seeing the brain start
synchronizing getting coherent the front
of the brain and the back of the brain
in two hemispheres coming together and
you we can say that scientists that come
and study or hope watch this Ed’s gonna
pop what do you mean just watch this is
gonna be good and all of a sudden you
see this brain going into this kind of
psychic union heart blows wide open you
see coherence going on and you look
around that that person and there’s
tears running down their face imagine
feeling so whole that it’s impossible to
want I mean how can you want when you’re
whole because you feel like you already
have it now when you reach that point
that’s when the magic happens because
now you are worthy to receive and the
universe only gives us what we think we’re worthy of receiving
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