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Top 10 Scenes That Actors Regret Doing

well and felt like a good idea at the
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videos for this list we’re looking at
scenes that made it to the final cuts of
films and may the actors involved feel a
measure of regret these actors could
have come out online in person or in
print about how they felt just as long
as they expressed some sort of remorse
about the decisions they made on set I’m
seeing someone
I’ll never guess who we’re the last two
people in the world who would ever get
but here we are the last two people in
the world number 10
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan the
Fifty Shades franchise Dakota Johnson
discussed filming the first of the fifty
shades series with Time magazine in 2015
specifically addressing her regrets
shooting some pivotal sex scenes it’s
just beyond this door
what is Luke clear off johnson
reiterated what many movie fans already
know that shooting sex sequences is hard
work and usually involves a team of crew
members to get it all up there on the
silver screen
the actress found the BDSM scenes with
her co-star Jamie Dornan difficult to
shoot due to her having to be
blindfolded and bound for a long period
of time
requiring multiple takes before it was
finally in the can number nine Natalie
Portman Hotel Chevalier appearing nude
on film is a slippery slope many actors
choose to navigate throughout their
career heavy 7th anyone as a result
their feelings on the final product can
often vacillate between pride and regret
Natalie Portman expressed regret to
world entertainment news network in 2010
about how some reviews for Hotel
Chevalier focused on her nudity rather
than the plot Portman also lamented that
screen grabs from that film as well as
Goya’s ghosts ended up on porn sites
during an MTV interview two years
earlier focusing more on the quote
misappropriation of imagery as opposed
to the artistic merit of nudity number 8
Taylor Lautner the Twilight franchise
location shooting can be a dicey
proposition especially when the script
usually calls for scenes to be damped
rainy and cold this can prove
particularly uncomfortable if your
character is usually depicted on-screen
half-naked such as with our next actor
Taylor Lautner how are you doing back up
I’m coming up clout nurse character
Jacob Black was one of the Twilight
franchise’s most visible sex symbols and
was usually presented in full fanservice
mode without a t-shirt in sight the
actor told enews that it was an
uncomfortable experience and that he
wished some of his co-stars could have
done it taken the same fashion in order
to make him feel more at ease Jacob put
your clothes off number 7 Ben Stiller
Along Came Polly if you haven’t already
guessed at this point on screen nudity
is gonna be a running theme on this list
so strap in you just have a real life
right on the cushion say hey I’m your
speaking of which Ben Stiller had a nude
scene regret of his own during the
filming of Along Came Polly in 2004
specifically during a sequence that
required a naked posterior Ben was told
by director John Hamburg that the scene
would be cut quote if it didn’t get a
laugh but what Hamburg didn’t tell
Stiller was that he could have had a
body double for the scene um oops number
uma Thurman Kill Bill Vol – there’s
nothing funny about the next entry on
our list which involves a serious crash
that occurred during the filming of Kill
Bill Vol –
you don’t have a future uma Thurman told
the New York Times in 2018 that she was
coerced into performing what she felt
was an unsafe stunt by director Quentin
Tarantino a 40 mile per hour drive that
resulted in the actress losing control
and crashing Thurman felt that the car
was unsafe yet the stunt staff was kept
off set that day with Tarantino saying
that he missed an s-curve when driving
the road himself prior to Thurman steak
furthermore a production cover-up kept
the raw footage from surfacing for over
a decade that woman deserves her revenge
number five Jennifer Lawrence passengers
romance in the movies can be a heady
wonderful thing on screen but what about
the human beings on the set Jennifer
Lawrence had some severe reservations
about her sex scene with Chris Pratt
when filming the 2016 sci-fi film
passengers mainly because her co-star
was married Lawrence told The Hollywood
Reporter that she had major guilt issues
regarding how realistic the scene should
appear on screen and drank beforehand to
calm her nerves about the experience
getting a lot of dirty looks very
popular tonight the pair also explained
to USA Today that the mechanics of the
sequence itself were unsexy awkward work
yeah number 4 Jim Carrey kick-ass 2 the
kick-ass franchise is full of bullet
holes and body counts but this didn’t
sit too well with co-star Jim Carrey who
disowned his part in kick-ass – prior to
the film’s release Eisenhower at the
ready insect man I want you right behind
me everybody else spread out catch the
strays oh try to have fun the actor in
shot has scenes a month prior to the
Sandy Hook elementary school shooting
and came out on Twitter slamming the
film tonight die ladies first
kick-ass creators Mark Miller and John
Romita Jr for their parts challenged
that Kerry could have used his
character’s resilience to gun play as a
platform for his opinions as opposed to
bashing a film that incorporated the
hard work of an entire casting crew
Long’s your hearts in the right place we
don’t care what you put in your mouth
number three
Sharon Stone Basic Instinct we head back
to sexy town for the next scene on our
list specifically one of the most famous
bits of on-screen nudity from the 1990s
you know I don’t wear any underwear
don’t you the interrogation scene from
Basic Instinct is notorious for one
scene where Sharon Stone flashes a group
of detectives yet stone maintained that
she was unaware it was going to be so
explicit it’s nice although the actress
admits that she would have kept the
scene in the film she wishes the
director Paul Verhoeven would have shown
her the final cut before seeing it on a
public screen ver Hooven for his part
told cinema blend that there was quote
no way he could have filmed the scene
without stone knowing his intentions of
a degree in psychology it goes with the
games are fun number two Burt Reynolds
deliverance some actors are
perfectionists and are always willing to
go the extra mile in order to achieve
that all-important on-screen realism
nobita’s pivot Burt Reynolds was one
such actor but it came to a head when he
was filming director John Boorman’s 1972
masterpiece deliverance Reynolds was in
great shape
and was used to doing his own stunts so
he decided to take a dangerous dive off
a waterfall as opposed to using a dummy
the stunt ended up cracking his tailbone
with the one silver lining being that
Reynolds was sure it looked great on
camera unfortunately when he asked
Foreman how it looked
the director replied quote it looked
number one Kate Winslet Titanic can’t
imagine Monsieur Monet blushing does
landscapes celebrities have been known
to sign a lot of different things at
conventions or in person but there are
some items they’re just not too keen on
seeing brought up by a fan Kate Winslet
has such an item and it’s any photo from
her famous nude scene in Titanic Jack I
want you to draw me like one of your
french girls
the actress does not sign these pictures
for fans saying how she feels quote
uncomfortable when people bring it up as
a paying customer I expect to get what I
Winslet has added that she didn’t intend
for that scene to be passed around as
much when she first shot it for director
James Cameron back in 1997 sorry to
disappoint you mr. Bodeen
Jack was very professional do you agree
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