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A Winery Built In the Adriatic Sea- Zlatan OTOK

when you sit down in Marina and then you
look up on the hill and then you ask
yourself who the hell is working half
there on the such a steep terrain
I’m Jeff I just retired from the
military so everything I own and now I’m
in trouble around the world to learn
from a news winemakers distillers and
tell their story this is my journey
a beer wine and spirits
my father always want to be first in
everything we have an crazy idea that
was this marina and we are now four
meters below the sea level
he was fishermen in the beginning and
then he has a dream that he wanted to
have both here and he don’t want to take
it out for all year because there’s no
protection here in this area from cuarto
to trade he succeeded in that we didn’t
finish yet but now me and my brother are
in that business also sister it’s very
hard to have the same passion like our
father because he was really special guy
but we want to keep this I think we have
better and better wise we have over the
hundred medals just gold champions and
all every year we get some new ones we
want to keep with the time you know we
want to keep it technology
hello my name is the or I’m a winemaker
here is that another pointer II cheers
and salute to everybody
I started probably with my grandmother
all my life I like this wine winemaking
work in the vineyards I came from the
family where my father is a captain on
the ship the two brothers are also the
captains and I’m a black sheep in the
family I went all another way we went to
the high school in the Castella then
College must agree Zagreb came here as
an intern 2009 2010 I was interned
Virginia California 2012 the OL why make
switch the job and I came here as a new
one with one more intern from Italy and
I took it over from 2012 and 13 I was
all alone with unfortunately he passed
away the founder of ours Latin banker
which he established his winery and
start all this brand from ashes from
nothing from beginning when you sit down
in Marina and then you look up on the
hill and then you ask yourself who the
hell is working half there on the such a
steep terrain Vinny are growing is here
from the decades centuries what kept
growing in time of war in the time of
problems in every time because they are
the best positions the people never left
from the village and this is their
passion this is what they know so this
time every year they all get together
and they all harvest the grapes it’s not
like one person’s job you got to go to
work 9:00 to 5:00 no so that’s they’re
proud of that so I think it’s really
cool witness
I’m and aguar is at least 100,000 years
older than the parish at or branch
geological and have benefit of the last
ice age made this laces with the full
nice deep soil in a such a steep
explanation to the ocean here South
disposition will give us the best rape
and possibility to produce such a good
wine as a winemaker everything as you
can see today the vendor change in a few
hours from the hot weather to the icy
cold breeze from the north that is the
main problem here such a huge impact of
the mother nature what makes you
sometimes very very good sometime not
very good but we are managing that’s
quite well in the last year for the
young colleagues if you really really
really want to work like animal but have
this sense of that you are creating
something and you do not mind work or
overtime and not such a good money you
can go in a banker sector which is much
more better than in being a winemaker
but the winemaking give you this sense
of making something like raising a child
you get the child you never get what
will be will be good in school not good
in school that is like a wine you can
create the best wine but maybe market
won’t accept it or maybe it will be wild
in the beginning later on after five six
years so fling down and in the bottle
you will get to award it for that so
that is a passion what is driving me
from all these years then the philosophy
to create the best wine to create
something what people will like and my
whole expression that you can feel your
own impact on it gives you
best inspection
thanks God thanks God that we didn’t get
so what I’ve learned from this episode
is that every winery around the world
has its challenges they are isolated
here on the island but what I get by
drinking their wines is the passion and
culture that they put into each and
every bottle guys I hope you enjoyed
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and see you next week [Music]
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