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Most British Expressions EVER! – Learn British English

today we are doing five of the most

British things you can ever say so if

you simply want to improve your English

vocabulary or if you want to learn some

expressions to annoy Americans with

because they won’t understand it then

these expressions are still very

commonly used they’re not old-fashioned

so you can still use them and it sounds

great you’re talking to a friend your

friend wants to ask what are you doing


and you want to say I had just the small

things I’m going to buy food I’m going

to wash my hair I’m going to post a

letter those small things you can say ah

just bits and bobs bits and bobs

literally means small things you can

also say what are you doing today bits

and bobs or odds and sods

it just means those little things

nothing really important if you’re

getting married today you’re not doing

bits and bobs or odds and sods that’s a

big thing unless it’s your six marriage

that year maybe for you it’s odds and

sods so it could be small actions but it

you’re at your friend’s house you’re so

hungry you really want to eat something

big a pizza donuts I’m talking real food

but in their fridge there’s only ketchup

mustard half an onion this is not real

food so in this situation to answer the

question do you have any food not really

just bits and bobs just odds and sods

the ketchup the mustard the mayonnaise

the half an onion those are not big

things they’re just small things bits

and bobs or odds and sods question one

tell me in the comments what’s in your

and if they have no food you might get

very angry in this case your friend

might say don’t get angry in a very

British way we’d say this don’t throw a

wobbly it’s fine to throw a wobbly means

to do this you’re very loud you’re

shouting you’re aggressive you’re

throwing things

what no pizza what kind of friend are

you you’re throwing a wobbly if your

friend wants to be more specific and say

stop being aggressive we would change

that word to sure T to be sure to with

someone means to be aggressive with them

to be confrontational with them

stop being so sure T we can go out for

pizza we’ll put pineapple don’t throw a

wobbly we will not put pineapple on the

pizza question number two for the

comments tell me when was the last time

you threw a wobbly when was the last

time someone got shirty with you you

know those times when you have so much

work to do you have to finish that essay

you have to finish that report that bit

but then you find those videos of cats

getting brain freeze and you’ve wasted

an hour of your time when you’re wasting

time you’re doing nothing productive

this is when we say to faff around or to

faff about or to Fanny around or to

Fanny about you can mix them it doesn’t

matter they all mean the same thing but

of course the sentence would be he’s

faffing around

he’s fannying about I’ve bee I’ve just

been faffing around for the last hour

watching cat videos question 3 for the

comments what do you like to do when you

faff around if it’s your birthday and

your friend says oh no I forgot your

birthday but then they didn’t really

forget your birthday they were just

joking in the British Way we would

change joking

to wind up I’m just winding you up I

didn’t forget your birthday I got you a

puppy so wind-up means two T’s to play a

joke on someone to make fun of them a

little bit in a friendly way however it

does have a negative meaning too so be

careful with the context for example if

someone annoys you you could say she

really winds me up again this means they

annoy you and her so be careful of the

context that is bad she annoys you this

one is kind of good friendly jokey I’m

just winding you up I’m teasing you I’m

joking with you so be careful of the

context question 4 for the comments who

winds you up in the bad way and when was

the last time you wound someone up or

someone wound you up wound is the past

tense let me know in the comments and

finally these two have a plan to get

married they’re very much in love but

that plan goes wrong when you have a

plan and you think everything will be

great but then something happens and the

plan goes wrong that plan or this

relationship went pear-shaped and this

applies to any plan so for example you

have a holiday plan and for some reason

you can’t do the holiday the holiday

plans went pear-shaped so finally

question 5 in the comments tell me when

was the last time your plan or your

relationship went pear-shaped and why I

want to hear about it tell me in the

comments thanks for watching you can

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to see an example of a relationship

going pear-shaped because they don’t

understand each other

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