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Why incompetent people think they’re amazing – David Dunning

Translator: May Brany Aung Reviewer: sann tint
You can do all the things you might not skilled
How how to manage your money
Reading people’s feelings
ယှဥ်ရင် with others you know how much more healthy
Whether grammar is better than normal
ကိုယ်ဘယ်လောက် What talent
Compare just how skilled and anybody knowing what
My self-esteem more than improved
When using your own informed decisions should continue
No need to ask for advice on when to understand how you can help
However, psychological research indicates
We consider yourself, exactly where is rarely found
In fact, our own abilities often frequent and certainly more impressive
Researchers in this instance names
Dunning-Kruger effect
Why study this effect in more than 100
Shows signs of being better people misunderstand that explains
We often think of those who identified themselves Assessment
Deviated mathematical principle opposed to
The two companies play Khalaf Wells engineer, when asked to assess their performance
The company engineers and 32% with another 42%
They put themselves in the top 5%
In one study, 88% of American driver behind
They say that there is more than normal (average) Driving Skills
These are not isolated findings
On average, more than the majority of people identified themselves often say Assessment
Health, leadership, qualifications, Since ethics contain other sciences
Low quality thick earth Interestingly, those most often
Their expertise in the most potential to be much more impressive
Significant benefits are poorly reasonable thinking
Mathematics knowledge payments fees
Emotional intelligence blood
Medical laboratory tests to be performed
Chess are
Their expertise will help scholars often almost as good evaluation
So who would be the least resistance to confusion
Sadly, the answer is all of us
We are not too skilled things
We do not unaware
But why
Experts Dunning Kruger effect, first reported in 1999
Those who have no specific knowledge and expertise in the field
I told them that double
First, they often ran away အမှားတွေလုပ်ပြီး decision
The second is this knowledge gap and avoid their mistakes found frustrated
In other words, those words, poor performance
How much they severely lack the necessary expertise to determine the complementary
For example, researchers have
After studying those college debate vs
Test against the bottom 25% of the teams
They almost 5 game 4 loss
But we think they might be about 60%
Without understanding carefully the debate Policy
Students when and how often
Their arguments fall when they do not know what
Dunning-Kruger effect is not seen weakness in the ego because it’s not a problem
When people see their shortcomings, in fact, agree
In one study, the logic puzzles, you will not be able to Students
After attending a training course in logic when
They have the original set that serious answers willingly
Because of this experience or expertise of your officials
Often can be more confident of their competence
There are even quite know who knew knew
At the same time experts know what they are, how well-informed
They make mistakes, but they often
They are about their ears, others are considered
As a result, not everyone’s a great skill for it or not
Do not correct yourself, the view is just a bubble trapped in often
We can not see when they are not skilled offenses
Very bright look
Their quality is different from how he did not notice how
So if you can visualize, for the sufferings of the Dunning-Kruger effect
The kinds of things, how much skill to learn what can happen to you
The first view from others
Consider the clicking if not sweet
Second and more important is to continue to learn
If more knowledge Our
Capacity is less likelihood of remaining invisible vents
Finally, all must come to the ancient wall
If you are arguing with fools
Unless they make sure to avoid doing the same
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