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Abundance In The Future | Pablo Jenkins | TEDxOgden

I am gonna change all the talk I had
prepared and also deliver it in five
minutes because there was an abundance
of great things sure today so I’m gonna
use many of the things that I saw happen
today the first one is to tell you to
close your eyes and I’ll do the same and
think of something that has happened
hopefully in the last few weeks that
makes you feel a spectacular not good
not okay
a spectacular like you almost smile from
the heart when you go there and since
what you could do that a lot of your
future feels like that and a little bit
with that sense one of the great things
even though my talks about abundance in
the future is that many of the things we
heard today are the present so on my way
here I stopped at a Tesla dealer and got
to be the first person to try
perpendicular driving of the
self-driving that I the new software
update has an Tesla you can go do this
for free so try it out it is amazing you
can get into a I’m not advertising any
cars to me say like though that is in
the present for free a hundred twenty
years ago people were thinking about the
future and it was the end of the 19th
century they were looking at trends
trying to see what would be the biggest
challenges of the 20th century so the
way we think about climate change or
cars or cities they saw many trends
correctly they thought more people will
live in cities they saw cities like New
York and they think more people who live
there how are they going to get around
the single biggest problem that came up
was that the amount of horseshit that
was piling up in New York was unlivable
and they said there’s like this is gonna
be impossible more people in more cities
and that was correct
and more horses like it was hard for
them to imagine that the car would be
invented and driverless cars and
computers he was hard for them to
imagine that the photography’s they had
seen would become movies and the Oscars
and that someone would talk to Stanley
and make Batman and talk about Bruce
Wayne and make video games and go to
Lego and make a billion dollar
multitrillion-dollar almost industry out
of something was just a static image
giving jobs and entertainment so when
they thought what is gonna happen to the
people that no longer work in
agriculture it’s like people are gonna
be jobless 90% of people work in
agriculture we told you in 100 years one
person other people work in agriculture
they’d be like what are we gonna do so
we’re gonna come up with a lot of
amazing things to do the jobs were gonna
be four machines in the first Industrial
you know you physical strength wasn’t
the most important thing anymore
memory is not important in many ways now
as it was before but what do we have to
put into and it’s an abundance of
purpose there was a little bit of a joke
today that maybe Jeff besos turned on
Alexa said get me something for whole
food so he’s like okay I’m buying Whole
so it seems your business is gonna buy
Whole Foods it’s a company that did
start with a higher purpose when John
Mackey started and he wrote a book with
Raj Sisodia on purpose they make some
interesting analogies you know like Walt
Disney made money to make cartoons he
didn’t make her tools to make money
those of you that tried to keep healthy
could monitor any of a series of things
in your bodies say red blood cells if
you have too few red blood cells you’re
like you die but you don’t wanna
accumulate the most red blood cells for
nothing you wanna do it for some purpose
– like to be our amazing parent to
travel to an amazing mountain of the
people at Summit are doing things that
seem to come from a purpose of lifelong
comes from a place of life design like
what they’re doing at Stanford so you
want to have money to get birth and the
thing is learning like what’s being
shared today the more you share the more
there is in the caves it makes sense to
have games like monopoly a risk that to
win someone needs to destroy everyone
else competition was the past
collaboration is the present
it was unbelievable 15 years ago that
like Airbnb and uber would be bigger
than all the chains but that is not even
the present that’s like slightly the
past now that’s like a meme on Facebook
but when I worked at Boston Consulting
Group we thought that was impossible we
thought there wasn’t enough trust for
people to stay at the homes of strangers
my first job in fact I did consulting I
graduated of Princeton University I was
the best engineering student in 99
people were giving crazy
responsibilities to young people like
they’re doing today because they’re like
oh the internet gonna change everything
I worked with John Legend what that time
was called John Stevens he graduated the
same year in 99 from Penn I gave him
terrible advice I was like I don’t know
you I don’t know that you should just go
and do music right now like you’re just
like anyway he lives busy jail cells 3
million copies gets two Grammys but we
spent her first six months recruiting
people at Ivy League schools and we saw
that uh even the best of firms were
recruiting insecure overachievers people
would had done very good by their
standards went to the top schools went
to Penn to Princeton to Harvard to
Stanford to then get a job at Goldman
Sachs or McKinsey to then get a bigger
apartment to then get a bigger apartment
to then work on a Sunday to close
another deal and you’re like what why is
it never enough in that space there was
no abundance there are billionaires who
live in penthouses who all this is a
reason to jump off and there are people
who share with the most open heart
feeling that everything they do create
three possibilities
so I come from a small country that at
least has done some of those things and
that gives me hope because I know living
with Aran Army is the past we’ve done it
for 65 years in Costa Rica and you say
it’s a small country that’s so it’s
Israel and you like your neighborhood
and there’s nothing happening now we had
the cold war in Nicaragua
we have sadly three of the most
dangerous countries in the world our
neighbors because of drug trafficking so
it’s not that it’s so safe it’s at the
actually you’re better off not investing
in a small country in a big army anyway
it’s very big enough to really defend
you and actually health education and
our education because you don’t invest
in education invest in learning
education is to one way like the teacher
is the least important part every
teacher learns every student teaches
everyone needs to unlearn because in the
mind of the expert there are no
possibilities if everyone is a beginner
and learns a society adapts faster so we
already produce 98% of our electricity
from renewables a middle-income country
don’t have to be rich to go green in
fact it’s cheaper today and it will only
become cheaper when michael lind amira
spoke at the event we did in Costa Rica
it was the first statics event in the
world that was all solar we did it to
save money because actually dealing with
solar panels was cheaper than paying the
rent of the old electricity of the
National Theatre there is abundance
already because of these things that
singularity University an explanation of
technologies show but what is about to
happen are things that should make you
feel spectacular every day so I’m gonna
give you a couple of quick things to
close so that you go and look for them
and then an offer of how I can be of
help so those of you that want to
operate from the emerging future first
even though I respect a lot impact
investing and I’ve done it myself and I
think impact bonds and these things are
amazing there’s clearly not a difference
like you have a life and you make things
that are amazing the people feel
spectacular and you feel it’s a bargain
to give your money when you go to submit
at sea you’re like that was worth it ten
times more and when you go to this
turret who would come to another TEDx
event that is the best test that
something were
would you do it again would you
recommend to someone to come that is the
only test all the others are secondary
questions so if you’re doing that it’s a
bargain the money I spent at Harvard
Business School
I think it’s unnecessary in the present
I was there with clay christeson who was
also very friendly to many people here
in Newton he was writing the book while
we’re taking the class in Harvard
Business School what that model was
flawed why you cannot take two years of
people lives charge him $180,000 to give
them information based on the past cases
you go and you learn to failure to learn
you prototype and you design I was very
lucky to be at Princeton with Danny
Kahneman three years before he won his
Nobel Prize and I did my work with him
on the psychology the decision-making he
won a Nobel Prize in Economics without
taking a single economics course in his
life the psychologist is made better
questions so the first thing is make
better questions from higher purpose
again Tesla I have nothing like that I’m
not even their customer yet but they’re
not a car company Elon Musk is trying to
do something that may require batteries
or cars or solar roofs the way it’s in
some it is not a real estate company
second it takes almost as much effort to
go from being bad to mediocre at what
you do not love time from being good to
extraordinary at what is your talent so
sometimes you give up the life you’ve
planned to take on the adventure that
life is calling where you have not
sustainability because that’s the past
but truly regeneration when you do that
everyone is more alive that is the
abundance of energy we should not manage
our time today has 24 hours but you do
certain things in some days that at the
end of the day you feel more energized
like last night I only slept three hours
because logistics were turbo with my
flights but I have more energy coming to
TEDx and be like ah you know like not
enough time because this energy that
you’re feeling me feeds back and the
last thing is like let’s break a lot of
trade-offs that now we know can be done
and let’s be an be there
we need to be in the future but we need
to pull people who are still in the past
into the present so a billion people
still don’t have electricity
that’s incredible like three billion
people are not on the Internet so let’s
make sure we pull everyone on as soon as
that cognitive diversity is gonna be
amazing for all of us and then how do we
work from the best future that is about
to emerge of a small place that’s not as
big as a mountain but we took a river in
Costa Rica replaced calico visa every
road is made from recycled plastic the
Olympic sized swimming pool this has no
chemicals it’s just salt water those are
the simple things to do the more
important things is like everything is
permaculture so not only can we eat
everything organic that’s planted there
today in the present but everything that
we plant regenerates the soil and pizzas
so it’s not like we do not just do not
destroy nature by interacting with it
it’s more life were more alive and we’re
both healthier that is the present so
just imagine the future when we are able
to have self-driving cars then we have
no accidents then we have no organs for
people who need a liver we’re going to
3d print deliver in 10 years and then
jobs will be for robots but not stupid
robots like in less than 10 years a
computer will sit on the board of
directors of a fortune 500 company with
fiduciary duties and then you need to
decide where you’re going to do a
purpose with your life because that’s
not gonna be for them to decide for you
and then we have cities without traffic
lights wherever mentality allows that to
happen because we have self-driving cars
and countries that do not allow women to
drive so those two things are happening
at the same time so because we’re so
polarized I asked our opening speaker
what gives him hope
I said look pop culture
Batman I’ve seen Batman make people in
Syria and Lebanon and everywhere else
come together so the good thing is the
last thing I’m gonna tell you about
abundance you don’t have to change the
whole system to start changing find
something that already works today
as what can you do to make that happen
much more because that feels a
spectacular there are things that today
are working what could go wrong that’s
too easy
spend no time on that what could go
right there is a spectacular in the
present that allows for an emergent
future if you have any of those ideas
which out to me send me a facebook
messenger message and I will be able to
do 10 minutes of work to connect you to
whoever in the World Economic Forum or
at Ted the right thing is the leading
thinker in that that takes me almost no
effort I need to place of abundance so
thank you very much
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