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We Need a Bigger Straw

today we’re taking a popular drink and
we’re putting our own giant
american-style twist on it
Kalli what is this it’s a boba tea drink
you’re kind of obsessed with these
aren’t a little bit to me this looks
like a cup of orange juice full of
marbles that is fair this one actually
isn’t a boba tea however that is usually
the most common way of drinking boba
this is a mango boba drink now I think
you’ve got a mango smoothie is that
right I think so I’m definitely allergic
to mango so this is his now but in a
normal drink like this you put big
tapioca pearls into the bottom you use a
giant straw you stab it through the top
and you have a delicious beverage with
fun little chewy things inside I think
we can probably think of our own twist
to put on this that might make it a
little more entertaining can you say
you’ve bought some boba yes so when you
said some you meant several years supply
no no this is like maybe a week’s supply
you gave me access to the Amazon account
you bought a thousand silly plays what
were you expecting I have no defense for
that you say that they are tapioca
pearls what is tapioca so tapioca is a
starch that comes from the cassava plant
and it’s used in a lot of dishes like
puddings and drinks it looks like the
preparation for this involves boiling
some water yeah we have a lot of these
do we need to boil a lot of water it’s
ten cups of water per cup of tapioca
pearls which of these is looking like a
little over a cup so yeah we need a lot
of water here’s the basic idea we have a
lot of Bobo we have a five gallon
container and you’ve got a lot of
different beverages let’s see if we can
combine them all we probably can’t prep
all of these at once I’m not sure we
have enough stove space or pots but
let’s get started and see how much we
can make
so in case anyone was curious Bobo
pearls actually originated in Taiwan in
1983 when tapioca was first introduced
they thought it was cool they made Bobo
pearls and then it was put into very
popular teas which is how you got these
drinks all right so once you’re both
let’s start floating to the surface
you’re gonna cover them and then let
them sit and simmer for about two more
minutes then scoop them out dump them
into cold water there we go that’ll stop
them from cooking too much it’s like
okay so you only leave the hot boba in
the cold water for about 20 seconds and
then you want to scoop them out put them
into something else okay boat was done
now we just need to see if Nate’s done
with the stir on the cup all right we’ve
got a whole lot of boba you were fewer
by the second as Cali continues to eat
them all so I think we have too much for
this Cup yeah we need a bigger Cup we do
okay I have a bigger Cup that is a
correct size cups this is our this is a
five gallon drink dispenser I’ve plugged
up a little drink dispenser hole at the
bottom just using some packaging tape
this on both sides I do think it’s gonna
hold I think this is nice and waterproof
now so a five gallon cup that’s the
child’s size drink because it’s
approximately the size of one small
child in liquid form ready mine’s is
gonna be a big long this might also just
be a limp well great let’s go that is
nearly enough if I try and stir it is it
just gonna stick to my hand you should
I can’t be enjoyable how on earth can
you like doing that to try and match the
look of our other one we’ve got this
citrus punch juice into we’re going to
be pouring about five gallons of it in
that’s how you correctly make a boba
drink and by correctly I mean we have
done everything incorrect so far but
we’re drink for Cali party of 40
I’m not getting any boba no I think the
straw is lacking a little bit guys for a
drink this big we’re going to need a
bigger straw that should be a big enough
straw now that all right now with the
original one the real boba drink it has
a seal that just went all the way over
it and started held down we had to stab
right through that that is how they work
all right I just I want to drink a
little bit more in case the straw itself
I’ve displacing four cups of this it’s
all you at this point
oh boy that is yeah strong juice flavor
made of corn syrup I’m sure haider cider
the least pretty boat the drink I’ve
ever seen however there’s still the
largest polka drink I’ve ever seen
not the least well actually I don’t know
how many boba drinks you’ve seen in
Halper unit so I kept idea Nate wait
Nate it’s time to break it what it’s
time to break it Betty
not when you hold it like that it kind
of scares and terrifies me and I sleep
I need a bed I’ve never said that in my
life but I need this stool I need a
sippy stool we’re too tall in the studio
to actually have these stepping stools
anywhere so I my chair
did you get any PVC plastic need all
hard to drink Adam
are you just back Washington pear it’s
just hitting me in the face okay so this
is amazing however not everything is
size accurate because our Boba’s are
still tiny yeah you need something
regular boba per cup this size and a
straw this size we need bigger boba or
at least something that looks like boba
well instead of tapioca pearls for the
look we’re just we’re really trying to
recreate the look here we have got some
really big Orbeez and these are
unfortunately not quite so edible as
tapioca pearls but they look a bit don’t
eat four DS oh boy
that’s perfect I love that oh my
goodness that looks so good alright so
here’s the thing the juice looked okay
usually when you get something like this
you normally have like a bubble tea it’s
normally very opaque we should try some
I’m not helping oh no I’m so happy right
I just remembered something what Orbeez
float wait wait this is amazing
I think we should just have floating
boba this way when we try and drink it
it’s not going to get stuck in our straw
which is good because it’s Orbeez and we
don’t want to drink them
I got an Arby’s how’s that going for you
didn’t love the Orbeez part
all right well that’s pretty gray area
but I think we do fine
good I think so all right thanks for the
you guys keep filming huh I’ll see you
later I’m gonna get the door for you
yeah I got it I guess I totally got this
maybe put a hand underneath it it’s not
bad it’s not bad keep going I’m a
soldier I’m a soldier this is America
guys thanks for watching click up there
to check out our last video we’ll see in
the next one back to you then [Music]
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