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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Moments

oh yeah and these are called sensibie
I’m giving you two of them eat one if
you ever think like someone to die
putting the legendary back in Super
Saiyan I’m Ashley with WatchMojo and
these are the top 10 Dragon Ball super
broadly moments okay then I am enjoying
his performance but for your sake I hope
Brodie keeps putting on a good show
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this list we’re looking at the standout
moments in Dragon Ball supers
action-packed cinematic epic number 10
is exiled to vamper 22 exhale my son say
another word and I will have your tongue
then children pointy primarily told from
the point of view of brawly’s father
Paris discovers King Vegeta has banished
his bouncing baby boy to a desolate
planet for fear of the child’s
astonishingly high power level
determined to get revenge on the
sovereign para gasp makes a mad rush to
find his son and when he eventually does
the two must learn to live and fight off
Roli you took down a monster and then
ate its leg didn’t you that’s my boy
along with setting the pace for the rest
of the movie this segment establishes
Brawley as a tragic antagonist rather
than a pure villain seeking to destroy
the universe
more importantly brollies backstory has
nothing to do with her crying Kakarot
there is one sure way for us to conserve
food number nine freezes motivation
should we fire up the engines and head
toward earth to claim your treasure not
yet we’ll wait until the seventh dragon
ball is irreversibly ours while dragon
ball super Brawley is far from a comedy
Akira Toriyama’s peculiar sense of humor
occasionally slips through the cracks
particularly in the depiction of freezer
capable of granting a single wish the
Dragon Balls are typically solicited to
revive the dead or gain immortality I
realized something when I was trapped in
Earth’s hell hanging from a tree unable
to move not being able to die would
likely result in an ending misery
however this time around Frieza only
wishes to grow a few inches taller the
Brawley movie subverts this Dragon Ball
trope while remaining true to freezers
petty character what I want is
to increase my height by five full
centimeters please forgive me if that’s
the case couldn’t you simply go back to
your second transformation in a movie
mainly consisting of people being
punched through mountains phrases wish
is a welcomed moment of levity but why
only five centimeters any more than that
would be too noticeable don’t you
number eights broglie’s only friend
dirty stays on
Broly is not much of a talker but the
dude makes every line of dialogue counts
on vamper the young Saiyans one and only
friend is a gigantic furry snake-like
creature called ba who plays and I’m
saying that with quotations with these
Saiyan brutes
unfortunately para gasps purposefully
puts an end to this little alliance by
hitting bar causing the creature to turn
on Brawley broglie’s story of lost
friendship injects a touch of nuance to
a character who could easily have come
across as a big dumb brute
that’s more than I’ve ever heard you
speak Roli yeah it happened to be the
most innocent story I’ve heard around
here in a long time
stripped of personal agency and isolated
from the outside world
Broly is little more than a tool to
exact Paris’s revenge
number seven Frieza kills Paris do you
think he’s really finished this time
so I’m not so sure while hardly a
contender for father of the year
Perry gasps does seem to care about
Brawley and the same holds true in
Reverse remembering Goku’s upgrade on
Namek freezer executes sparing us to
inspire Brawley to flip out and
transform into a super scene for the
although Brawley is clearly hitting and
the transformation sequence is quite
Pegasus death is played completely for
laughs with freezer delivering an
oscar-worthy performance to convince the
enraged warrior that a wayward attack
from koku is to blame number six bow doc
and Guinea say goodbye to carrots after
I’m going to steal a pot for him huh
we’re going to send our son to another
world you’ve got to be kidding
in Dragon Ball Z radit States Goku was
sent as a toddler to earth in a plan to
eventually destroy the planets but
dragon bull SuperBrawl approves this to
be false
maybe it’s because I’m constantly
fighting destroying and I’d actually
like to save something from once in
truth boudic and DNA sent their son
catarata to earth as a precautionary
measure for freezer turning on planet
the family’s final goodbyes is truly
heartbreaking while also serving as a
parallel to Paris and brollies dynamic
listen son you do what it takes to
boudic and guinea put aside their own
needs in order to protect Kakarot
knowing full-well goku is way too young
to even remember the sacrifice number
five call me Kakarot wait hold on guys
Kakarot may have been born on planet
vegeta but son goku is a byproduct of
Earth seeking to extend an olive branch
after the fighting concludes Goku
formally introduces himself to Brawley
as an earthling and a Saiyan in certain
ways Goku and broadly share a lot in
I was so sure my strength was getting
close to its peak but then this guy
showed up and was so much stronger than
me and he’s a Saiyan
just like I am he’s probably even
stronger than beerus both were forced
off their home planet at a painfully
young age and only learned about their
species through secondhand accounts from
people like para goose and vegeta by
adopting the name Kakarot goku shows
Brawley that there is still a place for
it’s Goku but really call me Kakarot
an interesting story is all fine and
dandy but Dragonball is nothing without
explosive action and Brawley delivers
as the second in three main fights
Goku’s battle against broadly progresses
through multiple phases of Awesomeness
with the momentum swinging back and
forth along the way you’ve got a lot to
learn here on earth we like to live
together in peace and harmony the pair
end up fighting in magma so things are
pretty insane we’d put this fight higher
on the list but unfortunately the 3d
segments really bring it down no one
number three fusion success it’s no good
your fingers didn’t match up try it
again in 30 minutes due to the
unofficial status of the Dragon Ball Z
movies and GT technically Goku and
Vegeta performed their first official
fusion dance in 20 and teens movie
Vegeta is so mortified by the ritual the
prideful prince initially elects to let
the planet be destroyed but eventually
agrees out of love football MA it’s
about time now get up there and defeat
him Oh what should we call you following
two failed Albia hilarious attempts
these Saiyan managers diffuse and the
moment more than lives up to the hype
how about go cheetah while goku and
vegeta spend an hour attempting to
create go cheetah freezes face becomes
painfully familiar with broglie’s fists
as the movies first proper battle Vegeta
vs. Brawley tells an effective story
while delivering numerous visually
stunning set pieces due to being far
more battle-hardened Vegeta dominates
most of the encounter and in one
particularly memorable moments punches
thanks to the dynamic animation each
blow feels impactful and significance
even more so than the Goku vs. Brawley
battle the G is first Super Saiyan God
transformation is definitely a
highlights that being said this fight is
all about brawly’s doomed internal
just when it seems Dragonball could not
possibly outdo itself go cheetah and
Brawley create an energy clash powerful
enough to shatter reality blending
traditional animation and CGI dragon
ball super produces an absolutely
mesmerizing visual spectacle that
literally transcends space and time from
the first to the last second the
climactic battle uses epicness out of
every frame and the chaos only
intensifies as the outmatched Brawley
grows more desperate with each new
while the Vegeta and Goku battles are
great traditional Dragonball fights go
cheetah versus Brawley raises the bar in
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