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DESTROY THE LAZINESS – Rise & Grind Morning Motivation (Listen to Wake Up Early) Motivational Speech

every morning we have battle you have to
beat the alarm clock we have to beat
their sluice ball every morning you
decide you’re gonna be a snooze button
pressing but you could have
get up and actually do something losers
hit the snooze button
ain’t nothing about it users hit the
snooze button win us being at along
every day witness again now winners have
eaten their alarm clock before braids
winners eager to hop out of bed in the
morning you need to make you to have it
you need to compile that need to do that
for 30 days 60 days 90 days it should
happen every single time you wake up and
so you don’t need a long no rule you
will never be successful if you were
hitting that snooze one
you will never be successful or hair
resting on a pillow and other people
again to working you will never be
successful every single day you are
given the same amount of time and you’re
gonna waste that resource
you’re gonna buckle to the snooze button
and you’re really that weak you can’t
receive in your opportunity away we can
do this this is possible it’s possible
but it ain’t possible
if you are in that
that noise that alone ringing
how does it make you feel probably gives
you anxiety probably makes you feel a
little bit rubbish you hear it now and
it hits a nerve in your mind if this
noise is making you feel like that you
need to ask yourself why are you
associating these feelings with that
noise you detest it and associate these
feelings with it so why on earth do you
lose to it every single morning why are
you giving in to it if you hate that
noise so much hitting the snooze button
is just asking to hear it again
break the cycle stop playing these game
for yourself we are not here to play
silly games we are here to succeed if
you think you’ll achieve your success
when your day is starting by fighting
smooth button you ain’t gonna achieve
nothing there’s a real fight to be had
there’s a real battle today in your band
the name on your bedside cabinet
it’s out there the fight is out in the
real world to fight this fight
you gotta get going you gotta get past
this you set that alarm together so get
the hell up before you win a sleep that
was a reason for setting that alarm you
had a purpose to do so now seven or
eight hours later and you already Quinn
you didn’t even make it food a night
before you quit on your dreams if you’re
gonna sleep the most precious resource
you have and nobody can take that away
from you except yourself and you’re
gonna waste it away this is the richest
man in the world the most successful men
who rested whatever resource they would
ask for whatever they would borrow with
their money they would buy more time you
go to sleep it away you’ll go to give it
away for free you’ve heard it before
it stung they don’t have enough time
successful people understand the
importance and Appell of tongue that’s
what I don’t see them that’s why they
have their priorities water gain Novelli
we had enough seed to breast he had
enough seed to a cover
you had enough seat to get your Magua do
you wanted two extra hours in bed
/ we too are losing of working day 1
week lose one working day you set that a law to get up
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