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The Candy Cannon (Shoots Candy 100 feet!)

here’s how you can become the coolest
person on the block by building a device
to make it rain candy
I started this project with a trip to my
home improvement store for these PVC
parts I’m gonna get the hard stuff out
of the way so I’ll measure different
lengths of schedule 40 PVC pipe and
start cutting I’m mainly using two-inch
and one-inch pipe for the cannon and one
and one-quarter inch pipe for the
detonator a chop saw worked well for me
but I had to be careful because
sometimes things like that happen all
the pipe is now cut to the lengths I
want and before I glue the pieces in
place permanently I’m gonna dry fit them
all together to see how they fit my
design is for two separate 12-inch air
tanks joined together with one inch pipe
and connecting to an inline sprinkler
valve I’m also going to add a manual
ball valve and an end cap that I’ll
thread a pneumatic adapter on to later
this 90 degree elbow will be my base for
a two foot tube of 2-inch PVC pipe that
will act as my cannon barrel it’s
looking really good and I’m very happy
with the design so it’s time to glue it
up I’ll use some purple primer to get
the PVC ready for gluing making sure to
put a coating on all the parts that will
be connected now I finished gluing it
back together using PVC cement and I’m
adding some threat tape to these
connector nipples to ensure an airtight
I expect this system will be pressure
rise around 135 psi and this should help
prevent leaks it’s time for a pressure
test I’m gonna start around 60 psi and
test for leaks then slowly work my way
up over a hundred I’ve closed off the
manual valve and disconnected the air
hose and I don’t hear any air leaking so
I’m gonna test the sprinkler valve
release by shorting it out on this
9-volt battery it’s actually a 24 volt
valve but a single 9-volt battery seems
to work fine for this purpose and the
valve works great so it’s time to wire
up the detonator I’ll take the one in
one quarter inch cap and drill a hole
just big enough to insert a momentary
switch and then I’ll drill a 1/8 hole in
the bottom cap to feed my wire through
this is doorbell wire and I’ll tie it in
a knot to prevent it from pulling back
through the cap again now I can add the
one in one quarter inch by four inch
pipe body to the base and then prep the
wires for a good connection I’ll wire
the momentary switch in series with the
battery and sprinkler valve then give it
a quick test to verify it’s all working
correctly perfect it’s all working great
so I’ll secure the switch and tuck the
battery and wires into the detonator
body now I’m wrapping the wire around
some scrap one-inch pipe to give it a
neat coiled look then I’ll get to work
on a watt for the barrel this is the
piece that will push the candy up and
out and I’m going to
these plastic cups I’ll cut the bottom
quarter inch off the bigger Cup and then
shave about a quarter inch from the top
of a three ounce cup when joined
together they make a perfect fit into
the Tewa Jerell and when it’s time to
load the candy I’ll push them to the
bottom with makeshift ramrod these are
super cheap and surprisingly durable but
still gentle enough to convert this
cannon into an epic water balloon
launcher look for that in another video
alright this system is looking pretty
good but I want it to look amazing so
I’ll clean off the UPC stickers with
some adhesive remover and then spray
painted red and black everything is back
together and I’m really happy with how
this is looking the daunting question
now is will it work or was this all for
nothing time to test it out the plastic
cups are in place and I’m using these
jelly candies for practice it’s ready to
go in three two one fire
amazing we shot up around a hundred feet
in the air
and completely covered the backyard
making an exciting candy hunt for my
kids and a hit novelty at the birthday
party well I’ll call that an epic
success if you liked this project
perhaps you’ll like some of my others
check them out at the king of random
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