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DIY Batman Grappling Hook

hey guys I’m Nate welcome back to the
workshop where today we’re going to be
building ourselves a Batman style
grappling gun now it’s not gonna have
the same retracting abilities to
something built by a billionaire bat
would have but it’s a lot easier to make
and it’s still a lot of fun to play with
the supplies are low cost and easy to
get hands on and there’s a good chance
you already have most of them lying
around somewhere we’ve got some
electrical tape a ballpoint pen an old
marker two pencils a clothespin
too wide thickness rubber bands three
paper clips and a box of dental floss
along with our electrical tape we’ve
also got a hot glue gun that we’ll use
for some of our attachments first let’s
take our two pencils and secure them
next let’s grab our box of dental floss
and we’re going to want to attach our
pencils on to the bottom of that we’re
using the bottom partly because we want
to be able to open our floss later but
also because these boxes tend to have a
curved top which is a lot harder to
while adding the tape I want to make
sure that none of it overlaps with the
lid of our container because we do still
want to be able to open and close it
whenever we need it feels pretty
securely attached let’s move on to the
next step and to do that let’s grab our
marker so we need an empty plastic tube
and we’re gonna take that from the front
part of the marker and then we want the
back part of the marker where it
attaches onto the lid the way I’ve got
it right now we don’t need any of the
writing nib and there’s a little bit of
plastic housing down inside the tube
right here so let’s cut this off right
about here and then we’ll cut the rest
of the marker tube approximately in half
we don’t need the whole cap we only need
about one centimeter of it so let’s mark
that spot as well now let’s cut along
these lines we can use either a razor
blade or a hacksaw or something like
that before I start cutting into that I
am just gonna try and pull the nib out
here we’ve still got a cartridge full of
ink inside this too which I’m just gonna
end up cutting right through that’s
sustained my saw blade orange there’s
the ink cartridge inside for a pen and
and we just be cut off the end of our
we’ve now got a hollow tube that we can
see right through we have another piece
of tube with the end still on it which
Clips nicely into the end piece of our
marker cap let’s set these two pieces
aside for a moment and move on to this
piece so this is going to be a sort of
guiding barrel for a projectile which is
going to be our grappling hook these
markers have some little ridges down
inside them that help keep that to move
ink in just the right spot we’re going
to use those ridges to help guide our
grappling hook to right where we want it
to go so if we look closely we can see
that the ridges come all the way to the
front on one side and don’t quite reach
the back on the other side we want the
front ridges at the very front of our
projectile gun once again let’s start by
using a tiny bit of our hot glue to
attach this tube onto the front of this
gun and then we’ll go over it with tape
to really secure it in place the body of
our little grappling hook launcher is
starting to take shape at this point
let’s take a close pin and add it onto
the back of the pencils as a firing
mechanism our little gun doesn’t have
any power yet and that’s what we’re
gonna be using our rubber bands for
let’s just cut one of our rubber bands
in half to start with those rubber bands
are going to be attached onto the side
of this front barrel but we can see that
if we use the whole rubber band there’s
not a lot of power when we pull it back
into the clothespin that’s barely enough
to move it at all so we want to tighten
this up and we won’t use the whole
rubber band we’ll pull it tight until we
only have a very small loop just big
enough to fit our finger in behind the
marker trim off our excess rubber band
here at the front and now we want to use
a small dab of hot glue and then plenty
of tape to hold just the front of this
rubber band in place we don’t want to
secure the rubber band all along the
whole pen body where there won’t be
enough elasticity to reach the
clothespin the two rubber bands really
have a lot more strength and resistance
to them than the one most of the gun
body is built so it’s time to start
making the grappling hook itself let’s
grab our pen and three paper clips for
this grappling hook we’re not going to
need most of the internal bits of our
pen let’s take those apart we can leave
the back cap in as just the front of our
grappling hook mostly we’re just trying
to get the tube body of the pen
well let’s set it aside because we are
also going to want the small plastic
color that the ink cartridge fits into
we now need to bend our three paper
clips into a hook shape and attach them
onto our pen start by taking about the
bottom quarter of our paper clip and
getting a slight angle into it
you can see that once we attach that
onto the pen it will angle away from the
pen body and now we need to add a second
Bend to make it more of a hook let’s
Bend our other two paper clips into the
same shape as this one the three paper
clips are bent into hook shape so now we
need to attach them onto the back of the
pen let’s use a little bit of hot glue
and then some tape to secure them in
with our three paperclips attached our
grappling hook is mostly ready to be
used if it doesn’t look like you’ve got
quite enough angle into the hooks you
can still bend them a little bit farther
so that they’ll grab onto things a
little better now because our grappling
hook isn’t going to be much good in this
we can pull it back to us let’s pull out
a length of the floss that we’ve got and
attach that onto the back of our hook
it’s hard to know exactly how much we’ll
need but let’s pull out plenty plus it’s
just fun to pull off Plus that should do
it to attach our floss we’re gonna be
using that little color that we put off
in the ink cartridge and you’re going to
attach that into the backyard grappling
hook first let’s feed our dental floss
in through the front of that collar and
out the side and now with that piece
extended sideways we can fit this into
the bottom of our hook and it should
hold it nicely in place we can also trim
off the extra floss haha grappling
hooked we can now test fire our
grappling hook to see what kind of
distance we’re getting off of it let’s
pull our rubber bands back into the jaws
of our clothespin and then load the
grappling hook in through that – it will
pull the dental-floss string after it
which is just what we wanted to do now
by pressing down on the clothes pin our
grappling hook should fire well looks
like after it fired we got to about here
with our dental floss let’s add another
18 inches or so and trim it right there
now we don’t just want all of this
dental floss just flying around as we’re
using our gun and that’s what we’re
gonna use this other piece of marker for
this is going to be a spool that we can
wrap the dental floss around when we’re
carrying our grappling hook and then
when we fire the grappling hook it will
all unravel quickly trailing behind our
grappling hook let’s use a hot glue gun
to attach the cap portion of our spool
onto the body of our dental floss
container this is a pretty smooth
surface and be sure our glue sticks
with the glue cooled we should be able
to pop the body of our marker right off
of the cap this is how we can
temporarily attach our floss onto our
spool mechanism let’s just take the end
of the piece of floss lay it across the
cap and then press the body of our spool
down into the cap this is what will hold
it in place but we also want to wind all
of our floss around the spool and it’s
going to be easier to do that before we
attach it to the cap let’s take this off
and making sure that we leave an inch or
two in the back let’s begin winding our
floss all the way around our marker
spool until our grappling hook is on a
short leash just as a quick test we can
see that if we just pull this dental
floss it comes off a spool very easily
and now we can just take that piece of
floss and once again have it cross over
the cap and then press our spool down
into it and it should be held nicely in
place now if we load up our gun by
pulling back the rubber band into the
jaws of the clothespin we can fit our
grappling hooks down the barrel and we
can see that our floss tether isn’t just
hanging everywhere it’s well attached to
our school and when we fire it comes off
nicely after we fire the grappling hook
we can wrap the floss back up and it’s
our little grappling-hook is working
pretty well but I don’t think it’s quite
the style of something Batman would use
so let’s see if we can take a little bit
of paint and tape and make this into
something that Batman will be proud to
hang on his utility belt
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