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Sorry to Bother You – Official Trailer #2 (2018) Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer Movie HD

that is intriguing in what I’m doing
right now my money God made this land
for all of us
greedy people like you want to hog it to
yourself and your family and my family
Cassius I’m your fucking uncle I just
really need a job telemarketing stick to
the script
hello just catch the screen sorry to
bother you I just wanted to make you
want to make some money here use your
white voice my white boards thank this
young man
hey mr. Kramer this is Langston from
was that Visa or MasterCard you’re going
upstairs my compadre okay Bravo you
don’t have to sell out I’m not selling
out here’s the starting salary man I’m
gonna have to get me some new suits we
I’m doing something I’m really good at
cuz just the old you is way more
interesting you are rolling with the big
greetings Cassius green I hope you did
not masturbate today we need you sharp and ready to go
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