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Shock and Awe – Official Trailer (2018) Woody Harrelson, James Marsden Movie HD

simply stating there is no doubt the
Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass
destruction they’re dialing up the
rhetoric on Iraq let’s see if we can
nail them down okay let’s get to work
working on a theory of the
administration has already decided to go
to war and now focused on how to justify
it it’s not a theory we’re working on
something important that’s why I’m here
to make you an offer
choked out Wow anything walks like he
has a Bronze Star what do you want to
know everything the administration
doesn’t want to know a secret war
planning group has been set up in the
building where I work and which building
is that the one with five sites how real
is the chatter about Iraq Barry are you
looking into an Iraqi connection always
actually come out said I think publicly
maybe it’s just backroom speculation
can’t we hit it harder than this I know
that a man named Ahmed Chalabi wants to
replace Adama saying that the neocons
are pushing for the invasion
Ruth was coming from every major media
outlet in the country except yours right
I’m speaking to you because I’m an
American citizen and I don’t like what
these people are doing you got to see
this where we do when the government
says something you only have one
question to ask is it true search is
underway to find those responsible we
write for people whose kids get sent to
war our readers need to know presidents
can invade Iraq we’re gonna run or
who’s a SAP
there’s always something you don’t see
I don’t care about the truth they want a
I say on all due respect sir my sources
might even be in this room did you
actually have sources in the room no it
was fun watching them sweat like whores in church
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