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HOBBS & SHAW Official Trailer #2 (2019) Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Action Movie HD

Picador all right then no that’s my dork
Pig another dog was roaming here you
know where you were right this is your
dog what’s the matter you got a lot of
access granted access denied access
denied access denied Luke Hobbs and
Turkish or we’ve got unfinished business
sure sister took something from me the
virus could wipe out half the population
gonna tell me just what we’re dealing
with here it’s my sister family is when
it’s the fate of the world it becomes my
business his whole thing sounds really
dodgy look after your sister listen I’ll
handle it
the only way we survive this working
together like a team let’s do this
buckle up that way you have no idea how
long I’ve been waiting to do that music
let’s see if we can get it sick so you
guys are being hunted by an army of
mercenaries led by a genetically
enhanced soldier look at me Superman
yeah he really is black Superman you
need to get off the grid we’re home my
babies come home I’m sorry to bring
trouble here mama
but I need my brothers this family is
going to war we’re gonna need cars and
guns mama where’s all our guns I can’t
read up on very noble mrs. Hobbs no
answer is trouble yes understatement let’s get old-school
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