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Top 10 Weirdest Jobs With High Salaries

I would taste test dog food for $73,000
a year just saying hey guys i’m rebecca
from watch mojo and today we’ll be
counting down our picks for the top 10
weird jobs that actually pay well we’re
literally facedown in the water and this
is what I do for a living if you like
business entrepreneurship stories of
success and epic fails be sure to check
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professionals who will give you all
kinds of helpful tips and tricks for
creating your own company as well as
videos that break down what’s happening
in the business world right now you’ll
find a link to the channel in the
description box below all of the jobs on
this list are somewhat off the beaten
path as it were but they still pull in
respectable yearly salaries or hourly
wages just keep in mind that things
really depend on the specific employer
the location and so on all right let’s
see where you guys are applying for your
next summer gig number 10
crime scene cleaner between 35 and 80
thousand dollars per year there are
plenty of shows about those who
investigate crimes but the real money is
made by those who clean up after all the
detectives and police have left crime
scene clean-up involves harsh chemicals
to clean up what dead bodies leave
behind and that includes blood waste and
flesh there’s always a huge amount of
risk for disease when dealing with human
detritus in particular blood not to
mention the strange hours you’ll likely
have to keep since crime can obviously
happen at any time of day brain of skull
still coming home with roughly $80,000 a
year might actually make this job worth
it if you’ve got the stomach for it
special for the abuse that I would take
number 9 IMAX screen cleaner $45,000 per
year cleaning jobs aren’t usually very
high-paying but when you specialize in
cleaning something specific that poses a
particular challenge you can make some
pretty good money
what about IMAX and other large format
movie screens hope they certainly pose a
unique challenge standard movie screens
can be cleaned with an extension pole
and special towel based cleaning heads
for the massive screens however a
motorized head on a pulley system is
used and it requires some skill to
handle according to michael quanto
screen cleaner and co-founder of 1570
cinema services it pays between 40,000
and 50,000 dollars if working full-time
number eight horse exerciser $55,000 per
year to be clear we’re not talking about
a horse trainer that’s an entirely
different career with a whole lot more
name recognition a horse exerciser on
the other hand is a person who regularly
rides a horse in order to keep it in
good shape this is a position that is
especially important when dealing with
racehorses a horse exerciser sometimes
simply referred to as a horse rider will
typically work in close proximity with
the trainer the trainer outlines the
larger plans for the horse in question
and the exerciser execute that plan
daily to keep the horse race ready
though well paying it often involves
early hours number seven food stylists
63 thousand dollars per year food items
always look undeniably tasty on TV
billboards and in magazines but when you
actually come face-to-face with the dish
in question it’s usually a pale
reflection of what the advertisement
promised since you’re never gonna beat
the system why not join it and make some
decent money you can get paid to be one
of the professionals perpetuating this
cycle of deception and disappointment
seriously we don’t hold it against food
stylists marketing is everything
especially when it comes to selling
processed and fast food and quite
frankly their work is fascinating as an
added bonus you’ll learn the skills to
make your home cooking picture-perfect –
number six
dog food taster between forty and
seventy three thousand dollars per year
sadly this is not a way to supplement
your dog food budget or force your
canine companion to start pulling their
financial weight in the household if
you’re a human with an open mind and a
refined but not easily offended palate
then we’ve got a job that pays decently
and is sure to stimulate conversation
since our four-legged friends cannot
provide detailed feedback on the dinner
put in front of them when dog food
companies are developing new formulas or
flavors they turn to human testers for
input so if you think you know what a
dog likes in terms of taste texture and
smell why not apply and like most jobs
the more experienced and/or educated you
are the higher your salary number five
paper towel stiffer butt
we nineteen and fifty two thousand
dollars per year well there’s not much
ambiguity to that position title odor
testing is actually a fairly diverse
field think about how many scented
products are on the market whether it’s
a product designed specifically to
release odor like an air freshener or
purpose-driven product for which smell
is secondary like a cleaning agent the
aroma it lets off can make or break it
with consumers one of the most specific
sniffer jobs to be found is in the paper
towel industry where the goal isn’t to
make sure that the product smells good
but rather that it doesn’t smell at all
before during and after use only truly
keen noses need apply number four face
feeler $25 per hour sorry but face
feeling just isn’t a skill that gets you
a full-time salaried position if you’re
willing to put in the face time though
you can still make a nice side hustle
out of it what are you not already
familiar with the face feeler profession
well then allow us to explain also
referred to as sensory scientists face
feelers are trained and paid to comment
on various cosmetic skincare and face
specific products in terms of viscosity
texture and other effects on the skin
you’re not testing them on their own
face though they are touching the faces
of other participants to evaluate how
these different products work on various
complexions and skin types number three
golf ball divers between 50,000 and
100,000 dollars per year do you like
golf are you a fan of underwater
exploration if you answered yes to both
then have we got the profession for you
though ponds and other water features on
a golf course might not provide the most
thrilling of underwater scenery they are
overflowing with your new livelihood
lost golf balls I’ve had 90% of the
people tell me I’m nuts you’ve got to be
a maniac to do this kind of occupation
for every missed stroke on the fairway
that ends up in the water a golf ball
diver gets a little richer because lost
balls can still be reused recycled balls
are a lucrative industry had an average
of about 10 to 20 cents per ball with
proper technique the numbers add up
surprisingly quickly of course it’s not
without risks number 2 waterslide tester
between twenty-five and thirty four
thousand dollars per year you might not
make as much money in this position as
you would diving for golf balls but hey
this aquatic employment opportunity
comes with significantly less chance of
a close encounter with an alligator it
also sounds like a childhood dream job
come true it certainly was for Seb Smith
a technology design student who beat out
some 2000 interested applicants who
applied for the position back in 2013
the job involves traveling around the
world testing out slides and reading
them the company’s last tester Tommy
Lynch was apparently with them for
several years why he left the position
we cannot possibly imagine now there are
certainly worse ways to make a living
number one professional snuggler between
40 and $85 per hour hey when you need a
hug you need a hug there’s no shame in
paying for it nowadays
there are a number of online services
offering professional snugglers for hire
there’s no funny business just a good
old-fashioned cuddle for a price so you
know that nothing sexual happens here
everything is platonic its intimate if
you’re not in need of a snuggle but
would be willing to engage in one with a
stranger and make a little money while
you’re at it this just might be the
part-time job for you because it’s such
a private and intimate service you can
still charge quite a premium and if it
goes well you’ll likely develop regulars
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