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Top 10 Video Game Characters Who Get Picked On A LOT

these characters just cannot catch a
break hey everyone I’m Ricky with
WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting
down our picks for the top 10 video game
characters who get picked on a lot
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latest videos we’re looking at videogame
characters who are teased mocked and
bullied in their respective games also
there’s probably some spoilers ahead
this next test involves tourists you
remember them right they’re the pale
spherical things that are full of
oh wait that’s you in five seconds good
luck number 10
kasumi dead or alive series and you are
maybe I should go according to a Yanni’s
backstory Kasumi was the prettiest and
most well-liked girl in their village a
yah I on the other hand got ridiculed
and scolded often so why are we picking
Kasumi over her half-sister to simply
kasumi left the village to seek revenge
against her uncle for hurting her
despite her good intentions a yani and
the clan are still chasing her and
calling her a traitor then we have the
missed organization who used kasumi’s
DNA to make a clone of her who
subsequently tries to kill her in nearly
every dead or alive game like why are
you all out to get this one woman number
9 me consume icky danganronpa series me
ken may have some sexual tension pent up
inside her but she hasn’t done anything
wrong excluding murdering hyo cohen
Ibuki before her execution she was just
a sweet and innocent girl although it
always felt like she had a target on her
back as anything she said would be
followed by a venomous insult by Hyo KO
or a for a perverted remark from teru
teru poor girl was under a constant
state of anxiety and the backlash
towards her always felt unnecessary
seriously there’s a difference between
giving somebody a hard time and just
plain bullying
number eight BK donut county this
adorable little raccoon is just trying
to run a business and save up enough
money to buy that sweet-looking
quadrocopter drone
so when donut county goes underground
and the residents blamed their situation
on BK we really got to take his side
every resident starts their story off
with ordering doughnuts from BK store
thinking they were the fried dough kind
however they eventually find out that
they bought a hole to swallow up their
homes had donut County’s denizens done
their research they would have learned
what BK cells before they ended up
underground instead they point their
fingers at BK and expect him to fix
everything because you know that’s how
number seven Tatsu Xenoblade Chronicles
X we know Tatsu can come off as a
know-it-all that sometimes but that
doesn’t warrant the hefty amount of
mockery he gets specifically from Lin
these two bicker like siblings who can
get along yet Lin seems to always be the
one to take things too far she often
jokes about how she’s gonna eat him
referring to his veggie like appearance
what do you think Emma Baker fried the
jokes weren’t funny to begin with and
they became rather mean-spirited as the
game progresses
hey Tatsu is your healer and healing
keeps you alive maybe lay off him okay I
know what we’re having for dinner
tonight you don’t know it yet you guys
pretty mean cook number six Cole
MacGrath infamous series since this
guy’s gonna hang those up anyway I might
as well decide how people should feel me
do I want them to love me or fear me
Cole MacGrath had no idea what was
inside the package he was delivering all
he knew was that he was tasked to
deliver it it exploded and it gave him
some kickass lightning powers despite
his cluelessness the residents of empire
city quickly labeled him as a terrorist
over the course of the first infamous
game people will scowl at Cole shout
insults or just run away out of fear of
course their attitudes start changing as
soon as he becomes the hero or villain
of empire city people don’t ever shoot
the messenger Empire City figuratively
and literally shot the messenger don’t
be like Empire City with time I’m
learning to control me master
just hope it’s not too late number five
Ren Amemiya aka Joker persona 5 the
courts ordered you to transfer and move
out here which your parents also
approved in other words they got rid of
you for being a pain in the ass you ever
had a rumor spread about you well
persona 5 will happily give you that
experience when Ren Amamiya aka Joker
aka you moves to yogin Jaya you’ll learn
that you’ve been forced to move away
from home because you stopped an
aggressive man from harassing a woman
however because you hurt the man a
criminal charge was put on your record
as you begin attending sujin Academy
you’ll learn that students see you as
the scary quiet kid or the guy who has a
violent hatred burning inside him
honestly I hesitated on accepting
someone like you but there were some
circumstances on our side
although nobody bothers asking you what
really happened
choosing to continue the rumors rather
than investigate everyone wants to
believe their own narrative even if they
know nothing everyone already knows it
totally got you pegged as a criminal
number 4
Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat series and I’m
taking you down I’m taking you down I’m
taking you out I’m taking you out and
I’m taking you out look we get why most
of the Mortal Kombat crew give Johnny
Cage a lot of crap
he thinks he’s cool he says some of the
dumbest things imaginable and there’s
something about that shit-eating grin
that makes you want to kick him in the
finish him Yeah right
oh and lest we forget his nut punching
abilities yeah we wouldn’t want to be
Johnny’s biggest fan either but like
with danganronpa Smee Ken there’s a
point where the mockery gets too much
Johnny can be an ass sometimes but his
hearts in the right place
he saved sonya blade from Kano and mk9
helped defend earth realm on more than a
few occasions and has been a good father
to Cassie cage this is a good man here
let’s show some respect
I don’t need an escort and I’m sure as
hell not your baby number three ciao
portal series here come the test results
you are a horrible person we all know
GLaDOS is one sadistic AI almost up
there with System Shock showdown
however GLaDOS is on a different scale
instead of making vicious threats shall
happily try to demoralize Chell by
mocking her intelligence no matter how
personal things get Jill insult Chell
for having adopted parents incinerating
a cube that may have had a living thing
inside it or just flat out saying what a
horrible person Chell is do you know who
else murders people who are only trying
to help them did you guess sharks
because that’s wrong the correct answer
is nobody nobody but you is that
pointlessly cruel GLaDOS doesn’t even
have a good reason for forcing Chell
through her experiments she simply does
it for her sick kicks here’s hoping our
heroine found some kind of peace after
the events of portal 2 and now I want
all your little tricks so there’s
nothing to stop us from testing for the
rest of her life
number two a LOI horizon zero dawn I see
you’ve still got a scar from where that
rock I threw hits you now that’s a
cherished memory alloy is perhaps one of
the most underappreciated video game
characters we’ve come across throughout
most of her life alloy was viewed by
many as a cursed child causing her and
her foster father Rosse to be shunned by
their own tribe throughout her childhood
alloy was picked on because she didn’t
later in the game we learned that she
was shunned because her birth came
around the same time as the Machine
started rampaging around the planet both
reasons are insanely stupid to justify
picking on somebody and it felt so damn
good being the only one who could tame
the machines
let’s see someone teaser when she’s got
number one Luigi
Super Mario series about that
unfortunate Ellen is 4head poor Luigi
just can’t catch a break even when he’s
with his brother while most of the
Mushroom Kingdom is rather accepting of
the green cap Mario brother Luigi is
teased a lot outside of the main games
in the Mario & Luigi games he’s often
mistaken for someone else or completely
ignored by other characters in Super
Smash Brothers Brawl
he’s the literal punching bag for some
of the cast in Smash for Wii U the rig
from Kid Icarus takes an unnecessary jab
at his attire oh and he was killed in
the reveal trailer for Simon Belmont
just why Nintendo why Mario and Friends
why are you so hell-bent on making Luigi
the butt of every damn joke don’t worry
leave Luigi alone
people are so cruel alright guys are you
outraged let us know what characters
your most sat for in the comments down
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