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Top 10 Times Anime Heroes Were Underestimated (ft. Billy Kametz)

and this is why you never bet against an
underdog welcome to for
the top ten times anime heroes were
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we’re looking at the times friends and
foes alike bit off more than they could
chew by selling the protagonist short
from petty squabbles to life-or-death
situations these miscalculations cost a
few fellas big time my name is Billy
comets and I am here to be the mr.
miyagi to your Karate Kid the mick to
your Rocky Balboa the Tobey Maguire to
your seed biscuit let’s do this thing
hello it’s very nice to meet you once
again number 10 for rhenium solves
black bullets making an enemy of a
creepy yet seemingly invincible nutjob
like katana would normally mean the end
for most people then again Satomi isn’t
most people mainly due to the fact that
he’s got himself a set of augmented
ligaments made from the nigh
indestructible alloy viremia
but a new look you see the massacre
despite his knack for blowing up organs
katana is woefully unprepared for
Satomi’s ace in the hole which proves
it just really begs the question why it
took him four episodes to finally bust
this out I mean number nine size doesn’t
matter he no maro sumo Shadia proving
why you never skip leg day this national
treasure may have been told he’s too
small for sumo but after his beast of an
entrance it was pretty clear that what
he lacked in height he made up for with
balls of brass in order to teach a group
of juveniles a lesson he no morrow
utterly shatters their leaders spirit by
taking non-stop punches for ten minutes
that wasn’t badass enough after the 10
minutes runs out he takes out Yuma with
but a single strike sumo style the
experience proves to be so humbling that
it’s no wonder that you must switched
number eight never insult Jim’s gaze
awesome hair JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
diamond is unbreakable if you don’t have
a death wish
then you’d be wise to never talk about
this JoJo’s iconic do I mean what would
it’s beautiful anyway Jotaro obviously
didn’t get the memo bastard do you want
to repeat what you just said about my
hair after it’s insinuated that his
glorious hair style is somewhat less
than perfect josuke snaps she’s like
Nani and then he unleashes the power of
crazy diamond he’s like dude ah it’s
just and this kids power is unreal don’t
know if you realize this nephew but you
left your chest wide open enough and if
not for star Platinum’s rapid reactions
and that cheap sucker punch Joe Tros
face water ended up just as mangled as
his hat you were in this round nephew
when did number seven going gearless
megalo box na mommy to you oh man he’s
got a mummy or nah not sure where the
bravery ends and the insanity begins
when you decide to forego mechanical
enhancements in a boxing tournament
filled with fighters who all have
mechanical enhancements but that’s Joe
for you and yet he manages to take what
appeared to be a glaring weakness and
turned it into something special
me a dozen Raheem adazi Jordan Johnny
Condon Illuminati hajimeta Copeland
afraid Jaeger relying on some expert
coaching some fancy footwork and a
killer right hook Joe showed the world
exactly what he was made of when he
Kayode the man known as sharks samejima
who lest we forget was armored up like
number six hardened hand hunter hunter
boutain Allah ordered us no maggoty
jhula it’s not gonna nanda but those of
you that still believed someone as
unassuming as kilowatt wasn’t from a
family of master assassins let us
present exhibit head in order to get
through the latter stage of the hunter
exam our favorite foursome are tasked
with defeating a series of criminals
including a mass murder named Jonas
Chauvin the whole show current you guys
korekado kono i didn’t know why you
pulled taking out sunsets so how does
killer a fare against a guy who
essentially has excavators for hands oh
you know who casually slipped by him
snatches out his heart and wraps it in a
doggie bag before anyone can blink
oldest trick in the book number five the
power of an idiot’s black clover okay so
there’s trash-talking and then their
you’re just a grubby little gutter rat
who’s way out of steps this would be
magic night as cocky to the nth degree
leading him to often undermine those he
sees as worthless no surprise that hasta
ended up on his radar fully convinced
his bronze magic was unbeatable he
wasted no time degrading asta for his
lack of wealth and zero aptitude for
magic good watching him struggle should
liven things up
needless to say watching the future
wizard King smash him to pieces made for
and thus began CEQA is new role as the
series and number one punching bag
lesson learned
unlike you second I’m not joining the
magic Knights just so I can slack off
and havin fun
number four everyone underestimates
Diablo even Diablo how not to summon a
demon lord boku emerges the skill kynos
and its Chi Chi need under a hakuna
mutata night omigod see God you almost
have to feel sorry for Gallic I mean out
of the thousands of souls he could have
picked a fight with he happened to
choose the level 150 Demon Lord from
even with the giant fire-breathing
salamander at his command the prideful
magic user got a harsh dose of reality
when Diablo effortlessly one-shot him
burning everything else to ash while he
was axe
Zizi would stifle ale
the only person more surprised at the
sudden display of power is Diablo
himself who for all his overpowered
nests is still an anxiety ridden gamer
nerd at heart hmm
scuttle say dunk it or not number 3
rookie crushing gone wrong one punch man
aspire to be a distinguished hero like
me this is what you get for hazing the
new guy especially one that can punch
through meteors like it’s going out of
style taking advantage of saitama’s
lower ranking a class heroes snake
figured he could take out some potential
competition to his standing by launching
a sneak attack there’s a little thing we
like to call rookie crushing if you had
picked any other caped crusader
then maybe this tactic would have worked
alas he chose the one guy who can
decimate landscapes with a love tap not
surprising to see that sneck got a
super-powered knuckle sandwich for his
troubles number 2 who decided that 7
deadly sins
can you believe a mouth on this guy I
mean who is he what an arrogant fool
turns out that even the upper echelons
of the demon race have something to fear
and his name is s Kannur the lion sin of
pride isn’t only unmatched in arrogance
and mustache grooming but also in raw
strength of course due to their own
hellish pride the 10 commandments made
the mistake of denouncing esken or as
just another human
and that is the sin of pride as you
might have guessed not even gallons
blood thirst or ester OSes endless list
of abilities was enough to bring down
the master of the Sun and that stash is
still on point now for cool sub
I will be the one to decide
number one shield hero is greater than
spear hero the rising of the shield hero
now for me be a man and admit defeat
it’s the yokai that riled us up with how
much it made us hate about 95% of its
occupants that being said this little
scuffle made up for having to watch our
boy now fool me go through so much
torment I mean seriously this dude just
cannot catch a break force to battle
against the insufferably moron a komodo
Yasu shield borough managed to defy all
expectations and earn some much-needed
honestly watching him wreck Chad
Spearman with underhanded tactics and
legitimate strategy was as cathartic as
watching one Italian fangirl guess I’ll
take a mature handsome face and that
precious manhood of yours
now if only mine didn’t interfere do you
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