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Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?

in today’s video we are taking a look at
blue wall mounting putty to see just
what it’s made of what we might be able
to do with it and what weird experiments
can be done we have had a few common
requests from Ned Riley asking us to try
a few different experiments with blue
tack we’ve got some blue sticky tack
mounting putty here and a list of things
that we want to try some of them
suggested by him some of them that we
came up with on our own so I’ve got at
least three on open and one open pack
here how much did you actually buy a
little bit alright so you’ve got one
pack of it open to do I’ve been making
cheese dice little swirly bit no it’s
fun guys this stuff is just kind of very
satisfying to play with kinda reminds me
of genetics and like not the same
consistency just how satisfying it is to
play with cuz it’s stretchy sticks to
it’s very stretchy here’s the basic idea
we have a lot of this sticky wall
mounting putty and we have a lot of
things we want to try with it what
happens when we heat it up what happens
when we freeze it what happens when we
vacuum chamber it how much weight can it
actually hold these are the things that
we want to try and learn I don’t think
we’re gonna get to everything on the
list because there are multiple methods
of burning and I think we’re probably
going to get very similar results with
all of those but we’ve got lots of
things you can try out you call dibs on
burning all right is this toxic no
that’s actually one of the interesting
things about this it’s non-toxic it’s
actually safe to swallow like if you
accidentally have like a kid you’ve left
it out and your two-year-old or your
toddler eats this it’s gonna be just
fine don’t but no I’m not gonna swallow
I just curious if it has any flavor now
this is a matte gas torch you guys have
seen me use this a lot it burns at an
extremely high heat so I’m gonna attempt
to hold it over if that’s too hot I will
be using a bamboo skewer just to keep
myself safe so we looked up the material
safety data sheet and it says that when
you burn it it does put off toxic gases
but those toxic gases are carbon dioxide
and carbon monoxide so while those
aren’t good to breathing in large
quantities as long as
just like sitting here breathing them I
think we’re gonna be okay in a
well-ventilated area that is the only as
far as I am aware because a lot of the
ingredients are classified as far as I’m
aware that is the only ingredient in
okay well that’s warm
well the will of Bernd challenge yes I
said well we’ve got liquid nitrogen
let’s see what happens so first before I
put it in the league nitrogen very
stretchy very squishy what do you think
is gonna happen I think it’s gonna stop
being stretchy and stopping squishy and
it’s going to be very brittle I do too
but I also think once it warms up unlike
the one that we’ve burned I think the
one that we’ve burned we’ve destroyed it
basically I think this stuff once it
warms up again it’s gonna be just fine
yeah I suspect just complete return to
that’s my confusion is because all
instructions on this say don’t freeze
like it says hey you might not want to
burn it why not save it I think it’s
just kiss it doesn’t work when it’s
sounds like a porcelain almost alright
if you drop it a little break yes it
well so before stretchy after snaps in
half I’m just gonna take this stretched
out bit dip that down in a little bit as
all flexibility gone warm part still
flexible so I’ve got a piece here that
we’d put in the liquid nitrogen and I’m
trying to read just just basically warm
it up again because I want to see if
it’s gonna go back to normal it’s
already kind of gone more putty like
again right back to normal so don’t
freeze but if it does freeze then just
let it warm back up that’s fine I think
we’re now at the point where we need to
open more of this the next idea on the
list is to use the vacuum chamber and I
think that whatever effect we may or may
not get will be accentuated if we have a
bigger blob so let’s just open all of it
all right make it all blob let’s do it I
don’t know about you but that’s the
largest blob of sticky tack I’ve ever
seen so put in a vacuum chamber I guess
all right here we go vacuuming if it
grew it was such a minut amount that we
can’t see it all right let’s see that
shrunk a tiny bit I didn’t see anything
from this side so let’s do it again all
right okay okay
it did expand a little bit I’m betting
when we were compressing everything we
got some air bubbles trapped inside
there and it was able to expand just a
little not much with this size a ball
that was four percent change in volume
just like that and then switch back down
so can you vacuum chamber and have a
girl okay I threw this together it’s
just a small block of wood with a screw
in it the screw has a piece of string
with a loop so we can put our sticky
tack here we can stick this to the
ceiling with the instructions on how to
use it suggests you need it till it gets
warm Kelly kind of did that issue is
making the square so we can stick this
to the ceiling and then just let it cool
for a couple minutes and it will just
leave three minutes just a little give
it about three minutes to cool down and
then we’ll use we have a fishing scale
and we’ll just attach it to this loop
and pull down and see how much weight
can really take okay now it feels warm
there we go
case anyone was wondering these are
nine-foot ceilings they are not we have
a fish scale here pretty simple
pull down here give us a reading in
pounds and we’re just gonna see what
happens when we put that through the
loop and start pulling down on it so
this should hold at least 1 pound the
idea now I also think that it probably
means that it’s four tabs per pound if
you want it to stay there kind of like
permanently if you just want it to have
enough strength to hold on and it’s
usually used for wall mounting more than
ceiling mounting but I am curious I’m
gonna pull a little bit harder than one
pound I think it will come off but it’d
be interested to see you know can it
hold two pounds for more time or you
know is there a maximum how hard can I
pull before it comes off so I’m just
gonna kind of start pulling on it and
that’s two pounds yay three four five
six seven nine eight stretching 11 haha
11 pounds we maxed it out at 11 and you
said it wasn’t even stretching when it
was that like 75 seven pounds yeah very
foamy texture that’s interesting so I am
curious if we have enough to hold us if
we had a lot of these would that be
enough you know if we make 50 of these
could we hang from it I don’t find out I
think so all right we’ve got 77 I made a
couple extra it turned out we have 77 of
these one square inch blocks stuck to
the ceiling of sticky tack and I think
we need to test the strength of this now
in theory we got about well we got a
maximum of about 11 pounds but that was
11 is as it was poling 7 was before we
saw any problems to be careful we’ve
done our calculations with 5 pounds per
each one of these square inches that
should give us 385 pounds of support I
don’t know if that’s actually gonna work
out in practice I’m also a little bit
concerned about whether
tangle this size of the drywall in the
ceiling would actually hold any support
so hopefully we don’t tear the entire
ceiling down there that’s what we need
okay so I’ll do this and then I will do
that okay one foot first kind of oh okay
I’m gonna I’m gonna jump it’s gonna be
all my weight oh well I think but I
think we pulled the ceiling away from
the support beams
okay okay this sticky tack can
absolutely hold my weight watch the
drywall is it bending at all yeah okay
okay so can the sticky tack hold my
bodyweight yes
am I about to break the house yes
you seem far away are you hiding from
something no of course not
okay okay here goes
hopefully not breaking all of the
ceiling and the house what I was hanging
where I was hanging okay not even
flexing haha wait am i heavier than you
know we’ve reinforced it with two wooden
beams screwed into the ceiling
okay I’ll wrap my hand like you had it
bottom okay okay that’s flexing that’s
flexing like a lot no but we can hear it
so our first test Callie was hanging
from this we heard a little popping
sound I’m pretty sure that was one of
the screws tearing through the drywall
that’s screwed into the ceiling I don’t
know for sure just there was a pop noise
and a good amount of flexibility and she
only hung on it for like a tiny bit we
then took these two by fours and we
stretched them so they cross three
ceiling support beams we found where the
ceiling support beings are with our stud
finder screwed very long like three and
a half inch screws through the studs
through the drywall into those scorpions
we’ve got that on both sides so now we
have a lot more support we’re not just
relying on the drywall itself being
screwed in the giant pail however even
with all that I was a little nervous
about it and so we went and got this
helmet out of the garage this helmet is
clearly not my size but I figured that
would still be an improvement if
something broken landed on my dome and
absolutely it can only now you need a
fair amount of it we had 77 of these
little squares and a decent sized blob
about one square inch with maybe an
eight inch thickness of the whole thing
you can see we’ve got maybe a little
over one square foot of areas just
really stuck together there by the math
I think it’s about nine inches by nine
inches if it were all perfectly together
we’ve got it spaced out a little bit so
it is larger than that but it absolutely
can hold our weight
hey guys thanks for watching click up
there if you want to see our last video
and we’ll see in the next one
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