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Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Shazam

Marvel isn’t the only one bringing a
heavy-hittin superhero to theaters in
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this list we’re taking a look at some of
the early reactions to DC’s 2019 comic
book movie Shazam and the glowing things
reviewers and industry insiders are
saying about it I want basically 15
number 10 it’s got some scares they seem
nice but don’t buy it
it gets real Game of Thrones around here
many an eyebrow was raised when it was
announced that David Epps and Burke had
been tapped two directions am before
this his filmography was strictly horror
related having made his feature-length
debut in 2016 with lights out followed
by Annabel creation in 2017 as such he
seems like a strange choice for DC’s
more family-friendly superhero offering
well according to comic-book coms
Brandon Davis Sandberg knows how to have
fun while still using his background in
horror to deliver some solid scares when
appropriate sounds like a winning combo
to us baby backs
I choose you
number nine great fight scenes the
Shazam trailers gave us a lot of eye
candy gags and fun moments but one of
the things that people were quick to
call attention to was the lack of action
and fight sequences typically used to
sell a superhero flick this
understandably had some fans worried
thankfully it it seemed that we can put
those concerns to rest
according to Dorian parks of Collider
and founder of geeks of color the film
is indeed a whole lot of fun while also
delivering in the fight scene Department
number eight perfect family movie with
2013’s Man of Steel the new direction
taken by DC and WB films proved to be a
divisive one whether you enjoy the
earlier cinematic offerings of the DC EU
or not there is no denying that they
weren’t exactly kid-friendly even the
MCU can get a bit too heavy for younger
viewers from the very first teaser
trailer however it became clear that WB
was looking to do something really
different with Shazam critics seem to
agree that it’s a perfect family film
with a whole lot of heart and really
there aren’t enough of both these days
you look at me and you’re like why so
dark you’re just able to foster kid
you’ve got it all number 7 emotional
moments you’ve run from foster homes in
six counties I can’t take care of myself
the key to a good family movie is
balancing humor with genuine
sentimentality you want to entertain and
you want to make your audience laugh
sure but to become a true family classic
a film also needs to make its audience
feel something young and old alike
thankfully it seems that for all its
silliness Shazam also does good work
with its more grounded premise that of a
troubled foster child finally finding a
place to belong film critic Courtney
Howard praised the film for its central
relationships highlighting the fact that
it genuinely earns the emotional moments
it delivers hello
number 6 it nailed the tone I’d like to
let’s be honest the DC character
formerly known as Captain Marvel now
going by Shazam is not the most grounded
or serious of superheroes he’s a young
boy who turns into a grown man using a
magic word
at which point he’s imbued with the
godlike powers of an ancient wizard add
to that the whole family film angle and
some fans were understandably concerned
that the film would lose itself in its
own absurdity or child friendliness
thankfully it seems to have struck a
perfect balance critics say it’s silly
but not dumb
it’s fun while still managing to have
some serious stakes in short Shazam is
its own film what are your superpowers
superpowers dude I don’t even know how
to pee in this thing number 5 throwback
to movies of the 80s and 90s but I don’t
know your name sir sure sad for you
spinning out of the whole
family-friendly angle it is seen that
Shazam is something of a blast from the
recent past it has an element of
youthful joy to it reminiscent of 90’s
family comedies genre of cinema that has
largely disappeared from theaters Peter
Cerreta of / film comm compares it to
both home alone and big while Shawn
Gerber of superhero calls it a
film that quote would have been right at
home in the Amblin era for those of you
not familiar with the name emblem
brought you such films as The Goonies
Back to the Future and et you know all
those cherished family movies that
people are still rewatching decades
sorry about your window you’re welcome
for not getting wrong number for acting
I am a bona fide superhero and I want to
look like this
Zachary Levi is best known for his
television work as the titular hero of
NBC’s Chuck he became a part of the MCU
when he took over the role of Fandral
but never really got much screen time
it’s safe to say that after Shazam Levi
is gonna be operating on a whole new
level of popularity because based on
early reviews he seems to have
absolutely killed it as the caped
superhero Eric Eisenberg of cinema blend
goes so far as to say that it’s quote
the role that Zachary Levi was born to
play it’s worth noting that Jack Dylan
grazer has also earned plenty of praise
for his performance as Freddie number 3
Easter eggs references DC might be
moving away from an MCU style roadmap in
favor of more standalone stories but
this film apparently still contains more
than a few nods to the existing
continuity of the DC EU we already knew
that Batman and Superman would be
getting some lip service Batman even
makes an appearance in the trailer when
he helps Shazam and his fight against
dr. sivana okay he’s just a doll but it
still counts according to early reviews
even more Easter eggs and references
await eagle-eyed viewers and quote
hardcore fans number 2 humor we’ve
already touched on this a few times but
it really warrants its own entry
Shazam’s biggest victory seems to be its
humor which as the trailers promise is
fundamental to the movie style and tone
of course an incessant stream of jokes a
funny movie does not make the jokes
themselves actually need to be funny
thankfully nearly every reaction to
early screenings makes a point of
drawing attention to the film’s humor in
one way or another as a highlight
yeah you electrocuted a bus and almost
kill these people and then I caught it
Shazam that’s a boy in a super-powered
man’s body is in an inherently funny
situation and we’re glad to hear they
capitalized on that okay
stop I’m a superhero number one it’s
among DC’s best offerings to date my
name so my powers may flow through you
after the strong showings of Wonder
Woman and Aquaman
it seems the DC has finally found its
footing with Shazam however they might
just have a hat trick on their hands to
be fair based on name recognition and
star power it may not do the same
numbers at the box office as the
aforementioned films but all signs point
to it being a big success with critics
and cinema goers alike geeks of color
called it quote one of DC’s best while
et now host ash cross and called it her
favorite DC film quote by far given
everything we’ve seen and heard consider
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