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How to Overcome Tough Times and Trust The Universe

peace and Finnick waters diving deep
once again beautiful deep divers we are
here but are you going through a tough
challenging situation right now and
you’re like Ralph
there is absolutely no escape from this
I’m screwed
is that you well alas deep divers out of
this video you are gonna have all the
tools to overcome tough times and trust
the universe and Wayne even had
breakfast yet can I get a hello they’re
so wonderful deep divers let me share
with you what’s completely changed my
in regards to dealing with tough times
and learning how to trust the universe
you see deep dive is let’s face it none
of our lives are perfect even though we
love to pretend they are no they’re not
you see deep dive is every single person
you see on planet earth is dealing with
some crazy or you would have no
idea about right they’re just good
actors you see deep dive is when I’m
going through tough times I tell this to
myself I’m like Ralph it’s bad right now
don’t make it worse deep divers what
happens to so many of us exam problems
maybe relationship issues financial
issues family drama a lot of us we’re
dealing with so much and whenever we
find ourselves in a tight spot a bad
situation we make it well you guessed it
even worse and now it’s really bad right
you see you made it bad to worse you had
99 problems and now you are the
hundredth one and now all you can do is
focus on
problems you see what’s helped me along
my journey deep divers is to focus on
solutions not problems so whenever I’m
going through a tough time I always ask
myself this deep divers how is this
gonna help me how is this gonna soothe
my soul or is it gonna make things worse
what is the next best move you can make
des by all of the craziness all around
you do yourself a favor what I love to
do whenever I’m going through tough
times to overcome them you got to hug
yourself right now like that’s good
that’s really good that’s that’s great
hug yourself love yourself if you can
practice self-love during tough times
those tough times are no longer gonna be
tough they are going to be bearable they
become unbearable when we neglect
ourselves when we beat ourselves up when
we get mad at ourselves when we can’t
forgive ourselves for a mistake a past
deed or action you see deep divers when
I’m going through tough times I’m like
Rafa I love you so much I just want to
marry you right now I get really
emotional really like start feeling
myself and all of a sudden I have
transformed that tough experience to
something more pleasant deep divers
every single day things are happening
that’s right things are happening good
things ugly things bad things yes but
ultimately it’s just things happening
what makes something good or bad is our
slow motion this side mmm
is our attitude is our perception is our
perspective how are we looking at
situations people and things because
those are the same eyes looking back at
us I hate this world Ralph well guess
what the world hates you too you are the
so get loving it deep divers realize
this today every day may not be good but
my oh my there is something good in
every day you see what’s helped me along
my journey deep divers so much stuff has
happened to me
setbacks unemployment relationship
issues family issues I bounced back
though how did I do that because I found
one thing that put a smile on my face
and you guessed it it was the cat down
the road yeah right find one thing that
makes you laugh right now what happens
and this is a very strange psychology
right when things are going tough for
you when things are going from bad to
worse we’re like I can’t enjoy life
right now because I’m going through a
challenging situation it’s bad or alph
it’s ugly so we become a vibrational
match to those negative experiences
because we deny ourselves the right to
allow better energy to come in mmm
what slow motion this side so we have to
become alchemists and become a
vibrational match to that which we want
to attract into our lives
deep divers to overcome tough times and
trust the universe tattoo this on your
forehead and I’ll pay for it this too
shall pass oh yes I don’t care how bad
it looks how bad it is right now it
won’t last forever just like seven day
vegan challenge a lot of people eating
the plant-based diet
stuffing a whole bunch of grapes in
their mouth full of resveratrol good for
your heart and that also won’t last
forever because hey where did the grapes
go you ate them that’s where they went
right nothing lasts forever you see
something has to end but nothing lasts
always remember that deep divers how to
overcome tough times and trust the
universe realize you want the only one
what happens when we are going through
trials and tribulations we become
incredibly egocentric we feel that our
problems are bigger than anybody else’s
rather if you only knew what I was going
through we always feel that we are
carrying the heaviest load in the entire
universe well I’ve got news for you that
isn’t true
you see every person on planet earth has
a different load a unique load different
challenges and obstacles it’s just that
we all react in a totally different way
based on our attitude deep divers to
overcome tough times and trust the
universe just wait give it time
everything will eventually fall into
place we live in a very mysterious
universe good can be bad and bad
can be good let me explain I bought a
new car electric car right oh it’s a new
car baby so excited few weeks later my
car was parked I go to it I’m like oh my
gosh what happened to the bumper massive
dent in it I’m like oh no universe like
why are you doing this to me I’m a good
person i i eat grapes everyday universe
didn’t want to hear any of that stuff
it’s like ralph you got a dent deal with
it had to call insurance how much is it
gonna cost oh my gosh something good
one day deep divers i lost my keys okay
another experience i’m like this is such
a bad experience why is this happening
to me i was locked out for hours and it
was cold outside and then when I was
locked out I actually met someone we
started to talk and then eventually we
came really good friends we became
really good friends so it’s funny how
life works sometimes the good can turn
out bad and the bad can turn out good
now check this out deep divers we
couldn’t go another level to overcome
tough times and trust the universe I
love to develop a neutral mind state
where I don’t judge experiences as good
or bad things are just happening and
therefore when you develop that kind of
mastery you can turn a bad situation
into a good one because of the power of
your attitude because of the power of
your response when you are going through
a tough time just whoa breathing in that
good ass prana baby that’s all you got
to do take care of what you can control
stop focusing on
what you can’t mmm slow motion this side
mmm deep divers to overcome tough times
and trust the universe you already in
pain you are already in frustration you
are already in hard times at least learn
from it at least get wiser from it at
least grow from it
and that’s how you overcome tough times
and Trust the universe you’re like if
I’m going through all of this craziness
I might as well learn from it exactly
make the best out of it
that’s how you become an alchemist the
secret of alchemy is when you allow
yourself to transform negative energies
into positive ones never allowing
external events to govern your internal
condition deep dive is if you are going
through tough times phone a friend hey
help me out Ralph I don’t have any
friends okay put the phone down next
realize this though deep dives you are
never alone there is always one person
who is willing to listen to you who can
offer you a new perspective don’t feel
you have to go through all alone reach
out and you will find help deep divers
to overcome tough times and trust the
universe realize that your story is not
over it doesn’t have to end like this
say that deep dive is every single day
it doesn’t have to end like this because
in my story I become the hero and then
you’ll just say Phil so gets me a live
baby can I get a hello beautiful deep
divers you are amazing you are
we’re just whoa breathing in that
das prana baby have a beautiful day
infinite waters diving deep once again
stay well stay healthy peace you
overcoming tough times like this baby
just floating just float float like a
cloud just float flow through life peace [Music]

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