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Top 10 Shows We Wish Had a Choose Your Own Adventure Episode

the same TV series you know and love but
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videos for this list we’re looking at
shows that we think little creativity
could work with in the interactive
choose-your-own-adventure television
format used by Netflix for the 2018
black mirror special Bandersnatch note
will only be considering current series
number 10 American Horror Story sit down
you make me nervous this long-running
hit horror anthology series has
typically wiped the slate clean each
season and yet a few uneven seasons
aside it’s consistently proven itself
capable of drawing its viewership back
in with a compelling new premise and
cast of characters to match armed with
this experience we think that
co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
are perfect candidates to craft an
interactive television adventure whether
it were a standalone episode or a mini
season consisting of a few episodes
choose your own American Horror Story
would surely make for the sort of scary
and sexy experience that would attract
viewers number nine South Park
I’m gonna be playing Red Dead Redemption
for the next 18 hours this often
controversial but hugely influential
animated series has been pushing the
boundaries of television for over two
decades and shows no signs of slowing
down always relevant because of its
focus on contemporary politics celebrity
news and pop culture self-park has
consistently delivered some of the most
scathing commentary on television
usually in the weirdest ways imaginable
oh yeah that was me masters of shock and
awe the good folks behind South Park
could surely crafted
choose-your-own-adventure experience
unlike any other and by forcing the
viewer to choose the direction the
narrative takes they could make their
audience complicit in the offensive but
insightful debauchery like never before
number 8 the flash the challenge with
adding a choose-your-own-adventure
episode to an established series is that
you can’t allow the
so it’s varying paths to come into
conflict with the overarching plot of
the show thankfully this CW series is
very well-versed in the art of
navigating multiple timelines and
with each season of the flash things
have seemingly gotten more complicated
and convoluted for Barry Allen
but the showrunners have always managed
to keep it straight so what if for just
one episode viewers helped Barry make
his way through the multiverse as long
as he manages to save the day and set
things right by the start of the next
episode it could totally work number
Doctor Who over the course of its many
many seasons this beloved franchise has
tackled all manner of mind-bending
strange and wonderful concepts seriously
what other series can get away with
constantly recasting its lead and have
that actually be part of not only the
narrative but also the show’s overall
appeal as such we have the utmost faith
in the think tank behind Doctor Who to
put together a superb choose your own
adventure type episode he’s into an X
I’m really excited you won’t be if it’s
a bomb don’t kill the 5-gram maybe
certain paths could even lead you to
encounter past iterations of the doctor
for the dedicated fan base we think that
an interactive episode would be quite
the treat number 6
stranger things how is this important
right now I’m sorry with the sudden and
devastating implosion of Telltale Games
The Walking Dead style stranger things
game is unlikely to happen netflix has
confirmed that they’re committed to
making it a reality but without the
involvement of telltale it will likely
be a different beast from what most
people imagine as a consolation we’d
like to suggest a standalone interactive
episode of stranger things we know of a
few characters who’ve been to the upside
down but what if another unknown child
found their way there and we got to play
number five Game of Thrones there is
only one wall that matters the Great
Wall and it is here we know this is a
bit of a tough one to imagine with 2019
s eight season set to be the last in the
there’s no way to shoehorn an
interactive episode into the story with
that being said there are reportedly
multiple successor shows in development
meaning there’s still plenty of
opportunity to explore the Seven
Kingdoms and Beyond it occurred to you
she might not have been a reliable
source of information as part of this
expanding television universe we’d love
to see a standalone interactive episode
set within the timeframe of the original
series it could follow a lesser
character from an earlier season and
decide their fate we’d also love to
revisit any of the major battles from
the perspective of one of the soldiers
maybe the Battle of the bastards and
we’ll put this mess behind us number
four The Walking Dead admittedly the
critically acclaimed Walking Dead game
produced by telltale is just about as
satisfying an interactive The Walking
Dead experience as a fan could ask for
yeah I think so too and yes the TV
series has fallen on hard times in later
seasons but if given the chance to take
control of a live-action interactive
episode of The Walking Dead
would you really pass up the opportunity
we wouldn’t yeah really I yeah something
like that could happen
if you’re tired of the old narrative
tropes the show’s begun to lean on a
standalone episode following a lesser or
unknown character could very well be an
opportunity to fall in love with this
terrifying world of survival all over
again number three
Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern
take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s
enigmatic detective is one that’s really
resonated with fans the world over this
iteration honors the characters
reputation as an unparalleled solver of
mysteries while also in viewing homes
with uniquely eccentric charms etc it’s
Martin Freeman’s Watson is similarly
pitch-perfect as such this series has
developed a dedicated fan base it’s
always itching for more movie length
episodes the series has already shown
itself willing to experiment by setting
a special episode in Victorian London
next we’d like to see the showrunners
invite viewers to help Sherlock solve
one of his cases in an interactive
format given that episodes already tend
to be relatively self-contained this
could work quite well number two Rick
and Morty there’s never really been a
show quite like Rick and Morty about
brilliantly written and carefully
balancing outlandish comedy with
surprisingly complex philosophical
themes it’s a series that pushes various
boundaries at once it manages to
entertain and disturb simultaneously and
with episodes like Rick’s T minutes and
Rick potion number 9 Dan Harmon has
shown viewers that he’s more than
willing to get experimental and
challenge assumptions about animated
comedies given the show’s propensity
towards absurdity and reality bending
plot points we think that Rick and Morty
is uniquely suited for an interactive
episode for an extra trippy element
maybe viewer involvement could even be
built into the narrative making Marty
and Rick aware of our presence and
resentful of it before we unveil our
number one pick here are some honorable
mentions really do not have time for
this he started it
it’s a lie the coop isn’t our territory
what what are you singing about oh I’m
over Tommy fumbles I’m all about my man
Nick Oh gross
well buzz what’s up baby are you snoop
how are you doing I’m good my head that
shit what up I’m still pretty fucked up
from yesterday man you killed that shit
I guess it couldn’t hurt the soup is
from bicycling magazine
it’s called homemade paste for patching
a flat tire number one supernatural we
thought we could learn something yeah
get some ideas for our new show
what kind of show it’s it’s it’s a
brother act yeah few TV shows have had
as long or as successful a run as this
CW series its fanbase is one of the most
dedicated out there on the air since
2005 Supernatural staying power is such
that it’s hard to imagine the television
landscape without it as a thank you to
the legions of devoted fans out there we
think the show runners should give
viewers the chance to get up close and
personal with Sam and Dean Winchester
allowing them to help in the decision
making process as they overcome a
monster of the week the episode would
have to avoid touching on the show’s
overarching plot but we think fans would
be just fine with that compromise do you
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