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How to LOVE YOURSELF In 2019

deep divers will you raise with the
belief that self-love was a bad thing
you’re a narcissist well I’m here to
tell you that is completely untrue so
continue to sing in front of the mirror
I’m too sexy for this mirror too sexy
for the cat down the road too sexy for
peace and Finnick waters diving deep
once again beautiful deep divers we are
out here in nature baby another great
day I’m sending you tons of good energy
take that take that take that
we’re just whoa breathing in that good
ass prana baby how to love yourself love
yourself 100% right now it’s the time to
love yourself like never before someone
wrote to me ralph i love your videos
please talk about how I can love myself
without being seen as a selfish person
please talk about how I can love myself
without guilt well that’s what we’re
gonna dive into how to love yourself
100% this year and we Nev anhydrite
first yeah can I get a Hello so
wonderful deep divers let me share with
you what’s helped me along my journey to
love myself I say this that self-love is
the secret to becoming your greatest
version everything starts with self-love
however we have been raised to believe
that we have to love our neighbour
before we love ourselves when in
actuality we have to love ourself first
and then we can love other people
because if you don’t love yourself
you won’t even be able to love other
people authentically so self-love is the
Alexia of everlasting life it makes you
look so young and feel so good and do a
little samba baby so growing up as a
teenager I was struggling to love myself
because of beauty ideals you got to have
a six-pack
there’s a lot of pressure growing up
isn’t there ladies gotta have a big
booty isn’t that fellas gotta have big
I was always fit but I realized that
gosh parents want me to be like this
friends want me to be like that Who am I
a lot of us are struggling we are
struggling with this right now we find
it hard to love ourselves because we are
living according to society’s
expectations of how we should live and
that has to stop right now I’m here to
tell you it is healthy to love yourself
and there’s a difference between
self-love and being a narcissistic
person self-love does not mean you are a
narcissistic person it means you are a
healthy person self-love is when you
love yourself you’re so comfortable in
your own skin
however you are happy for other people’s
success however if you are not cystic
person you want the spotlight for
yourself and you aren’t happy for other
people so self-love we have to establish
this is crucial it is essential for
becoming your greatest version so along
my journey I started to realize the best
way for me to love myself was to realize
charity starts at home as a Pisces I
love to help other people and I still
love to help other people to this day
but I’ve learned that I had to fill my
own cup first if you can realize that
the best love is self-love give yourself
the love you are so willing to offer to
other people hmm-what slow motion this
side and that’s how to love yourself
100% give yourself the love you are so
willing to give to other people realize
you’ve got to make time for yourself you
got to go for a walk with a dog with a
cat down the road take time off go on
holiday rejuvenate yourself replenish
your energy get your mind right
that’s what self-love is forget about
trying to save the world forget about
trying to fix everyone else’s problem
that isn’t your job you’ve got to take
care of you first and then you can help
other people the reason why I can
inspire millions of people
is because I’m practicing self-love
I’m making time for self-care right how
to love yourself 100% this year and
beyond if we can realize this less self
hate more self praise instead of hating
yourself everything you want start
loving yourself everything you are so
what I call this is what I tell all of
my clients one floor at a time love one
floor at a time love what I call your
perfect imperfections we all have things
sometimes we don’t like about ourselves
well it’s time to love those flaws and
realize that even if you try to hide
them they are still a part of you when
we talk about loving yourself is not
just loving what’s so great about
yourself it’s also it’s also about
loving what needs to be healed within
you what slow motion this side give
yourself credit for coming so far
against door logs you made it how to
love yourself 100% this year without
guilt without being seen as without
without being seen as a so-called
selfish person I’m in Whole Foods I meet
a guy Ralph infinite waters
and he says this and I love it Ralph
Ralph if I’m not full of myself who else
am I supposed to be full of right it’s
okay to fill your own cup and be selfish
and at the same time still help other
people so we have to get that clear how
to love yourself 100% less guilt less
shame of being who you are we are all
different some people are extroverts
some people introvert some people like
to show off their body some people don’t
that’s all healthy if that’s you well
that’s you learn to embrace all parts of
who you are your body your mind your
soul without apologizing for who you are
less shame more self-acceptance that’s
how to love yourself 100% I really began
to love myself deep divers when I found
my one true voice I’m speaking my heart
and mind every single day I’m allowing
myself to be vulnerable because
vulnerability is strength too that’s how
to love yourself 100% you didn’t come
here to be a perfect person you came
here to be real real to yourself
authentic to your true emotions how
you’re feeling at this point in time so
stop silencing yourself stop saying yes
the people when you really want to say
no learn how to find your one true voice
stop being silent all the time and
really realize it’s all about
self-expression self-expression as your
self-expression increases so will your
self-love if you are suppressing how you
feel you’re not loving yourself
so more self-expression equals more
self-love I’ve spoken about everything
under the Sun and Moore’s to come I’m
not afraid of anything I love to do it
and that’s why I’m full of confidence
and I love myself a hundred percent
seven day vegan challenge how to love
yourself 100% now this has helped me
tremendously on all life forms when you
are eating broccoli kale spinach okay
lentils you are also saving the life of
an animal over a hundred and fifty
billion animals are killed every single
you see practicing self-love is linked
in to honoring all life forms and that’s
why I’ve been a vegan for over 14 years
that’s why I’ve been a vegan for over 14
years because I couldn’t love myself
when I’m like I’m killing another animal
I love to cut down the road I love the
dog down the road do you love your dog
imagine someone eating your dog that
will be terrible exactly well a cow is
just as important as a dog it’s still a
sentient life form
so what really helped me to love myself
was to say actually believe it or not
and the Moores actually have feelings
and the more I began to honor other life
forms I actually began to have more
self-respect more self-love
and now before you know it I’m really
loving myself a hundred percent because
I’m taking care of my body I’m eating
better more fruit more veg and that’s
how to love yourself 100 percent without
guilt surround yourself with people who
help you love yourself with people who
accept you for who you are
they don’t always want to change you
they’re not judging you they accept you
they take you as you are these are the
kinds of people we have to be around
I’ve got a lot of deep divers a lot of
deep divers always looking out for me
always looking out for Ralph smart they
accept me they accept me I accept you
deep divers that’s how to practice
self-love that’s how to love yourself a
hundred percent look at your environment
say say to yourself am I being kind to
myself by being in this environment is
this helping me love myself more or is
it helping me hate myself we have to be
in environments that nourish our body
mind and soul and then we will love
ourselves every single day what are you
doing do you love your work your
lifestyle because if you don’t you’re
not practicing self-love I absolutely
love my life right now so that’s a form
of self love that’s a form of self-love
because I’m doing what makes me happy
every single day I’m not complaining oh
I don’t like this job no just over broke
no I don’t have a job I have a lifestyle
I love and that’s how to love yourself
100% without guilt and then deep divers
well you just say Phil so get to be a
live baby can I get a hello
a beautiful deep divers were just whoa
breathing in that good oz prana baby
shout out to everybody who’s breathing
in the good oz prana shuts good oz prana
check out the amazing shirts
Ralph smart dog calm slash clothes check
out the new amazing book on Amazon feel
alive by Ralph smart get daily
inspiration on instagram at infinite
waters ask questions they’re deep divers
have a beautiful day infinite waters
diving deep once again stay well stay
healthy peace you I love myself say it
[Applause] you

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