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Top 10 Shocking Doping Scandals in Sports

these athletes wanted to take their game
to the next level even if that meant
cheating welcome to and
today we’re counting down our picks for
the top ten doping scandals in sports
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this list we’re only looking at athletes
who admitted to using or were proven to
have used performance-enhancing drugs at
some point in their careers so athletes
like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens who
were accused of steroid use but never
found guilty will not be included number
10 Jose Canseco
while Canseco is also remembered for his
colorful personality and the time his
head was used as a launching pad for a
Carlos Martinez home run the former MLB
sluggers name has since become
synonymous with something much more
sinister steroids can Seiko released a
tell-all book in 2005 called juiced wild
times rampant roids smash hits and how
baseball got big in which he named a
number of current and former baseball
players himself included that had used
steroids during their careers
Canseco was one of the first players to
openly discuss his struggles with
steroid use and his book is now seen as
the catalyst for the major steroid
scandal that later rocked the baseball
world number nine Justin Gatlin as
you’ll see later many track and field
athletes have turned to
performance-enhancing drugs at some
point in their careers Gatlin is just
one in a long line of track stars to
have tested positive for a banned
substance the American sprinter would be
banned for two years in 2001 after
testing positive for amphetamines
reduced to one year after an appeal
Gatlin found himself in hot water again
in 2006 when he tested positive for
testosterone leading to an 8-year ban
though it would also be appealed and
reduced to four years gallon has fared
quite nicely since his return to
sprinting however winning medals at the
2012 and 2016 Olympic Games number 8
Marion Jones few stories at the 2000
Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia were
greater than that of Marion
Jones the American track and field star
took home three gold medals and two
bronze cementing her as one of the most
accomplished female athletes of all time
however CJ hunter a fellow Olympian and
Jones ex-husband admitted that he’d seen
his then-wife
injecting herself with steroids prior to
competing in the Sydney Games Jones
initially denied the allegations
even testifying that she was completely
innocent however in 2007 she finally
admitted to using performance-enhancing
drugs and was stripped of her medals and
given a six-month jail sentence number
seven Mark McGwire 1998 was an
incredible year for baseball two
heavyweights Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa
captured the world’s attention as they
both attempted to break Roger Maris’s
long-standing single-season homerun
record of 61 McGwire would ultimately
win the race with a total of 70 homers
however all of his records would be
forever tainted after admitting in 2010
that he used peds throughout his career
the slugger had previously been accused
of using steroids by former teammate
Jose Canseco in his 2005 tell-all book
number six Ben Johnson Canadian sprinter
Ben Johnson was poised to take home the
gold at the 1988 Summer Olympics in
Seoul he was coming off a record-setting
performance at the 1987 World
Championships in athletics and had won
two bronze medals at the previous
Olympic Games so nobody was surprised
when he won the 100-meter dash with a
ridiculous time of nine point seven nine
seconds there was only one problem
Johnson had been doping just days after
his win it was revealed that Johnson had
tested positive for steroids
Johnson was quickly stripped of his
medal and relegated to the infamous ring
of famous sports cheaters number 5 Maria
Sharapova the tennis world was turned
upside down in 2016 when one of its
biggest stars admitted to failing a drug
test at the Australian Open Sharapova
had long been considered one of the
greatest active female tennis players
with a seriously impressive trophy case
to back it up however the former world
number one suffered a fall from grace
when she revealed that she taken
meldonium prior to the 2016
tournament following this the
International Tennis Federation
suspended Sharapova for two years though
it would eventually be reduced to 15
number four Brock Lesnar one of a select
few who’ve been able to achieve success
in the worlds of professional wrestling
and mixed martial arts Lesnar has been a
staple in both since the early 2000s
however in 2016
just days after defeating Mark Hunt at
UFC 200 Lesnar failed to separate drug
tests having tested positive for the
banned substance clomiphene in the wake
of these discoveries Lesnar was stripped
of his victory and handed a one-year
suspension by the Nevada State Athletic
Commission as well as a two hundred and
fifty thousand dollar fine you know what
they say don’t do the crime if you can’t
do the time number three Russian
state-sponsored doping as we’ve seen so
far doping scandals are usually sports
specific and tied to a particular
athlete however there are exceptions the
most notable of which was brought to the
world’s attention in 2015 when the world
anti-doping agency released an
inflammatory report accusing Russia of
participating in state-sponsored doping
not one athlete or coach or team but the
entire country between 2011 and 2015
more than 1,000 Russian athletes from
various sports were found to have taken
performance-enhancing drugs as a result
167 athletes were banned from competing
in the 2016 Summer Olympics while the
entire Russian Paralympic team was
refused entry no that’s sending a
message number to Alex Rodriguez
throughout the 2000s you’d have been
hard-pressed to find a baseball
superstar bigger than Alex Rodriguez he
won three American League MVP trophies
playing for the Rangers and Yankees and
a World Series championship in 2009
however like many of his contemporaries
Rodriguez was harboring a secret and one
that would permanently taint his image
in 2009 a shortstop admitted to using
performance-enhancing drugs but that was
only the beginning of a rods doping saga
in 2013 it was discovered that Rodriguez
had ties to biogenesis of America a
health clinic that provided him with
human growth hormones
for this he received a 211 game
suspension and a permanent asterisk
beside his name before we unveil our
number one pick
number one Lance Armstrong once upon a
time Lance Armstrong was the envy of the
sports world he was a champion winning
the Tour de France seven times in a row
a survivor battling back from a
near-fatal testicular cancer diagnosis
in 1996 and a PR dream with sponsors
begging him to endorse their brands fast
forward to today and the name Lance
Armstrong is synonymous with one thing
doping the infamous former cyclist had
long been accused of taking steroids
with doping allegations stretching all
the way back to his first tour defrost
victory in 1999 however it wasn’t until
a 2013 interview that Armstrong finally
admitted his guilt disgraced Armstrong
was stripped of his titles and slapped
with a lifetime ban do you agree with
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