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Top 10 Memorable Game Awards Moments of All Time

you know we gotta hand it to Jeff Keely
in just a few short years he’s taken
this show from being the VJs weird
stepchild to the most respected award
ceremony in the video game industry
welcome to Ords moments of
all time I have to pay a
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videos we’ll be looking at moments that
shocked and surprised us or stood out in
number 10 Kiefer Sutherland’s
off-the-cuff speech I cannot tell you
what an honor it is to be here with you
all this evening and I’m not gonna use a
teleprompter I just want to talk to you
for a few seconds near the beginning of
the award shows very first broadcast
television star and Solid Snake voice
actor Kiefer Sutherland came on stage to
introduce hideo kojima to debut footage
for Metal Gear Solid 5 the game that I
was so privileged so privileged to be a
part of is Metal Gear Solid 5 before
doing so Sutherland gave a passionate
unscripted speech on his feelings
regarding the gaming industry and how
long it has taken for them to be taken
seriously and in my experience over the
last 10 years working in this industry
you guys have taken technology from zero
to a thousand in in the shortest amount
of time so I think you all deserve an
unbelievable round of applause for that
it was a fitting moment to open the show
if slightly surprising due to it being a
Hollywood actor delivering the words
rather than an industry icon nonetheless
the actors heartfelt words were a
fantastic start to the show and ring
true with the audience of gaming
industry veterans and fans but I don’t
think so I see this unbelievable
synthesis happening where I think film
and television and gaming will actually
all come together
and what has to be the strangest moment
in the game Awards short history a
partnership deal with Schick razors
resulted in this robotic monstrosity
being introduced by Kyle Bosman during
the 2016 show six hide robot this giant
razor Android was brought in as a
sponsorship deal and also came with a
few short clips of a Mortal Kombat style
fighting game pitting the hyderabad
against another razer called a Lube
strip the game Awards has done a fairly
good job of avoiding the cringe inducing
segments of past video game awards shows
but this was definitely not one of their
finer moments we gotta go hide robot is
gonna school me not affect my skin from
irritation number 8 Ken and Roberta
Williams win the inaugural industry icon
award tonight were proud to honor two
visionaries who entertained and inspired
countless of players and developers
perhaps one of the most notable segments
for the game awards is the industry icon
an award given to those who leave a
long-standing impact on video games as a
whole that is still felt today Ken and
Roberta Williams founders of Sierra
entertainment where hallmarked as the
show’s first industry icons they were
pioneers of the adventure genre becoming
giant figures in the earlier days of the
industry with the development of the
classic King’s Quest Sierra games
tackled all genres like comedy with
Space Quest thriller with Gabriel Knight
role-playing adventures with quest for
glory and other pursuits and with
Leisure Suit Larry
despite not being household names the
game awards electing to give Ken and
Roberta the honor was a surprising and
powerful moment one that helped solidify
the show as being something to take
seriously in the gaming industry a few
days later she said we got to go to
dinner and she took me to dinner and
spent the evening describing her vision
for what a game could be number seven
Reggie fees amazed eulogy of satoru
iwata earlier this year our industry
lost one of its greatest leaders I’m
talking about Satori whatta from
Nintendo when former Nintendo CEO and
game programmer Satoru Iwata passed away
in 2015 the Game Awards aired a touching
video package before giving Nintendo of
America president Reggie fils-aime the
floor to eulogize the legendary gaming
figure Satoru Iwata is one who clearly
was unique in the fullest meaning of the
Reggie speech was emotional and
impactful honoring the memory of Iwata
while educating many who didn’t know him
about his life and achievements for mr.
Iwata it was not enough to repeat the
words of Nintendo’s mission to surprise
and delight with the unexpected
he lived those words Reggie has always
been a gifted speaker and it’s unlikely
Nintendo could have chosen a better
person to deliver this eulogy yato was a
towering figure in the history of
Nintendo and the industry at large and
we won’t forget this fitting tribute to
his life he was my boss and he was my
mentor and he was my colleague but most
of all he was my friend and I’m a better
person for it
number 6 game of the year orchestral
for the 2017 show the game awards had a
full on stage orchestra to play amazing
game themed renditions throughout the
night but they’ve saved the best for
last before announcing the game of the
year winner they played a medley of
songs from all the games that were
nominated and the result was a beautiful
and incredibly fun performance to cap
off the show’s best incarnation so far
legend of zelda breath of the wild would
take away the top award of the night but
each game felt appreciated through the
excellent music performance well soon
find out if the show plans to bring back
the orchestra for the 2018 edition of
the awards and we’ve definitely got our
fingers crossed
number five Eiji Aonuma wields the
another highlight from the 2017 awards
came when breath of the wild producer
Eiji Aonuma arrived on stage to announce
the game’s new downloadable content
titled the champions ballot one day
princess to face my fate the Gupta as a
cinematic plate on the screen how Numa
appeared dressed as link pulling the
Master Sword from his cradle and
swinging it around before raising the
blade to introduce the trailer
partially funny and partially inspiring
this brief appearance of the longtime
Legend of Zelda producer had some sort
of effect on nearly everyone it’s been
about nine months since Legend of Zelda
breasted the wild was first released and
I’m happy to see people around the world
continue to discover the game and its
many secrets and adventures it would end
up being a huge night for breath of the
wild but our favorite Zelda moment of
the evening came from this fun piece of
cosplay number four Death strandings
insane second trailer once there was an
explosion a bang which gave rise to life
as we know it and then came the next
explosion having already revealed two
strange trailers for his new game death
stranding including one at the 2016 game
Awards had a Okajima took to the stage
in 2017 alongside Norman Reedus with an
even more insane trailer for the game to
say death stranding got everyone talking
would be an understatement as the
8-minute trailer somehow gave us more
information about the game while
simultaneously raising even more
questions surrounding it the trailer
features a fetus inside of Norman Reedus
throat which is definitely something we
never thought we’d ever see let alone
after this wild spectacle it’s hard not
to be excited for whatever kind of game
death stranding ends up being I think I
now have to go on the internet and try
to figure out what I just watched them
number three
Ryan Green’s acceptance speech that
dragon cancer
that dragon cancer is a 2016 interactive
autobiographical game directed by Ryan
Greene whose son Joel was diagnosed with
terminal cancer before his first
birthday you let us tell the story of my
son Joel and won the games were impact
award in 2016 and in what has to be the
most emotional moment in the show’s
Ryan accepted the award delivering an
impassioned and personal speech that
didn’t leave a dry eye in the house and
in the end it was not the story that we
wanted to tell but you chose to love us
through our grief by being willing to
stop and to listen and to not turn away
seeing this family get professional
recognition for their hard work and
everything they overcame to release this
game and tell their story makes it a
moment that is impossible to forget and
I have hope
that when we are all willing to see each
this act of love and this act of grace
can change the world
Thank You number two Jeff Keely dishes
the dirt on Konami and everybody who
worked on the game I will accept this
award and thank you from the bottom of
our hearts Game Awards creator Jeff
Keely has an own friendship with Hideo
Kojima so when Konami decided not to
allow the legendary developer to travel
to the u.s. to accept any awards for
Metal Gear Solid 5 Jeff wasn’t going to
let that slide as you noticed Hideo
Kojima is not here with us tonight I
want to tell you a little bit about that
after Konami instead sent Kiefer
Sutherland to accept the award for best
action-adventure game
Kili took the opportunity to reveal the
reason Kojima wasn’t at the show Konami
told him he couldn’t come as part of his
employment contract it’s inconceivable
to me that an artist like Adia would not
be allowed to come here and celebrate
with his peers and his fellow teammates
all would work out however as Kojima was
invited to receive the industry icon
award the following year I think what
happened to Hideo Kojima last year was a
tragedy but he never complained he just
sat in an isolated room for months Locke
looked inside himself and focused on his
art before we reveal our top pick here
are a few honorable mentions
that has been my first ever acting job
I’ve never done anything like that at
all in my life and I just want to thank
Ninja Theory my team so much for
supporting me and being patient with me
and giving me this chance to prove that
I can do it and send in Psychonauts
I’ve got a special surprise for everyone
in the house tonight if you look under
your seats everyone gets a copy of the
original Shaq full game from 1994 just
playing number one
Joseph bears passionate rant I’m telling
you this okay there are eggs there are
like passionate people that are crazy
people and there is me I’m so passionate
to be here sometimes award shows can
feel over scripted and dolf other times
they remind you what can happen during a
live broadcast when Jeff brought
developer Joseph fares onstage to show
off his new game a way out fares well
let’s just say he let his outgoing
the always calm Kili attempts to keep
fares on track but a sailor mouth
developer goes on for a long time before
showing the trailer for the game the
best part about fares is that everything
he says is harmless and genuinely he
seems like a guy who is just passionate
about games I’m a passionate man nobody
would ever even if I do triple AAA
independent game but even if I do that
it will always be the game I want it to
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