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Top 10 Must See Trailers of April 2018

sixteen point five million dollars in
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superheroes and popular franchises reign
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be counting down the top ten trailers of
April 2018 before we begin we publish
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released throughout the month of April
number 10 Hotel Artemis sterling kay
brown is an actor to watch in 2018
thanks to a star-making role on the hit
series this is us a moving performance
and Black Panther has since introduced
him to more action-oriented viewers and
now he’s flexing that popularity in this
action thriller alongside the likes of
Jodie Foster sofia boutella and the
great Jeff Goldblum who’s popping up a
lot these days the hotel Artemis despite
its appearance as a shabby vintage hotel
actually serves as a high-tech
underground hospital for criminals when
circumstances bring armed conflict to
the usually neutral by rural
establishment all hell breaks loose
suffice it to say this ensemble film
number 9 Donkey Kong Country tropical
freeze if you’ll recall tropical freeze
claimed the number 5 spot on our list of
top 10 Donkey Kong games which in a
franchise this prolific is high praise
indeed now the hit game has earned
itself a port to the Nintendo switch it
promises all the fun of the original
2014 Wii U game but with the addition of
a new playable character funky Kong and
an easy setting dubbed funky mode which
is sure to appeal to more casual gamers
if you’ve lost touch with the Donkey
Kong franchise over the years consider
this the perfect time to reconnect 1
look at this trailer we’ll have your
inner child barrel rolling with joy
number 8 Johnny English strikes again
Rowan Atkinson’s unforgettable character
mr. bean has earned the British actor
the title of pop culture icon and an
internal place in our hearts but in
terms of notable roles his turn as
Johnny English similarly inept and
bumbling secret agent is a close second
and this third installment Johnny
English strikes again
in returns as the lovably incompetent
mi7 agent this time charged with saving
his fellow secret agents from a
dastardly hacker who has uncovered the
identities of britain’s leading spies no
one must have the slightest clue with
him it promises to be a fun ride for the
whole family and a welcome return to the
big screen for one of the greatest
physical comedians in the biz number
seven Marvel’s spider-man in 2016
spider-man joined his fellow Avengers as
part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
and then in 2017 started arguably the
best live-action Spidey flick since oh
around 2004 armed with the newly
restored faith in the characters
commercial direction we’re hoping that
Marvel spider-man can similarly deliver
on the videogame front the trailer for
the game shown at e3 2017 made a big
impact with some fans going so far as to
draw comparisons to fan favorite Spidey
game spider-man 2 though this 30 second
trailer is brief the snippets of footage
shown are nonetheless enticing as is the
pre-order promise of alternate suits who
wouldn’t want to play a spider punk
number 6 killing Eve Sandra o became a
bonafide television star with her role
as Christina yang on the hugely
successful ABC medical drama Grey’s
Anatomy with her new series killing Eve
she’s once again making waves in the
world of network television this BBC
America series follows Sandra Oh’s Eve
pilaster II an mi5 officer pursuing a
brilliant sociopathic killer known as
villain l and the complex dynamic that
plays out between the two women from
episode 1 viewers were hooked sparking a
whole lot of interest when BBC America
released this short but moody and
intriguing teaser trailer for episode 2
new episodes Sundays at 8 p.m. as if we
could forget number 5 solo a Star Wars
story this Star Wars anthology films
production was plagued with all kinds of
rumors which coupled with a
fourth-quarter change of director had
many folks willing to write this movie
off as a trainwreck before even seeing
the first trailer I’m a driver
I’m a flyer I waited a long time for a
shot like this but with every new bit of
footage we’re given more and more reason
to hope for yet another fun trip to a
galaxy far far away and this trailer we
not only get a better sense of the story
but a clearer sense of the tone which
soon everyone will betray you this
really feels like a tense high-stakes
ensemble heist film the trailer even
gets a couple of genuine laughs and
teases some absolutely astounding action
great number for Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 has teased us with a
lot of great trailers over the last year
and the exciting reveals just keep on
coming and the most high-profile
trailers we’ve been introduced to new
pixar themed worlds but with this one we
step into the uniquely retro classic
Kingdom in this special world for which
details are still relatively scarce
players will have access to a variety of
2d minigames inspired by early LCD
handheld games like those made by Tiger
Electronics back in the day as well as
the Nintendo line of Game and Watch
titles as this trailer proves Square
Enix clearly isn’t short on novel ideas
or fun concepts number three
Jurassic world fallen Kingdom based on
the footage we’d seen up to this point
the Jurassic world sequel was seemingly
all but saving dinosaurs from the
ill-fated is the new block but with the
release of this final trailer the plot
just got way more complicated we learn
about a sinister plot to sell dinosaurs
to the highest bidder and meet the
film’s big bad Dino
a genetically engineered super killer
with claws that would give Elm Street
Freddy or Wolverine nightmares not only
does this promise a dino adventure of
massive scale but it also teases a team
up between Grady and blue as well as
some seriously creepy horror movie
put it back in the box number two
Incredibles 2 we as viewers had to wait
a full 14 years for a follow-up to this
fan favorite Pixar film but in the world
of our titular family we’re picking up
right after the events of the first
movie and this hilarious and
exhilarating trailer we get that classic
Incredibles balance between domestic
family life and super heroics but this
time it’s mr. incredible who’s staying
at home with the kids and with a newly
power Jack Jack no less elastic girl for
her part is charged with getting out
there and bringing superheroes back into
the limelight the action looks awesome
the jokes are funny as always and the
characters every bit as charming as we
remember thank you young man before we
unveil our top pick here are a few
honorable mentions I’m Jim Cameron join
me in some of the genres greatest
filmmakers storytellers and artists as
we dig into the science fiction we love
whoever did this of all chart skill set
it with the agency family busy Star Trek
very good
there is today an alien land within our
waters these are people suffering that
have to change number one Deadpool –
honestly with each new Deadpool trailer
we find ourselves asking how could this
possibly get any better and then they go
ahead and release new footage that
somehow despite seemingly insurmountable
odds makes us even more excited about
this film in this final trailer it’s all
about bringing together the team and boy
oh boy has our Merc with a mouth ever
assembled a unique squad from Terry
Cruz’s muscle-bound bedlam to shatter
stars ridiculous
comics accurate costume from the 90s
we’re looking at a super-duper team for
the ages Domino in particular seems
primed to be a standout character with
Wayde breaking the fourth wall left
right and center it’s kind of a perfect
Deadpool trailer yeah your bullets
they’re really fast do you agree with
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