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Bring your WHY to life

so one frequent question that we get is

now that you found your why what do you

do with it how do you use it well one of

the things you want to do is keep it all

around you one of the things that I’ve

done is I actually would write my why on

my desk next to my bed so that was

reminded of it that’s number one but

also start talking about it I start

meetings with it when I sit down with a

meeting I say before we start this

meeting I’d like to tell you why I took

this meeting or why I called this

meeting and I referred to my why and say

how I believe that this potential

partnership or this potential

relationship could help me advance my

cause could help me advance my why it

works every time it’s extremely valuable

in resumes and interviews as well when

somebody says so why do you want this

job you say let me tell you why I do

everything and maybe tell a story from

your childhood or one of the stories

that you told in the wide discovery

process to communicate your point I used

to do that on all my interviews I still

do it now I start meetings I start talks

I start all kinds of things with it and

it gives people a context for who you

are and where you’re coming from it’s a

huge advantage on resumes as well I’ve

never really understood at the top of

resumes when people write purpose and

they say to get a job and a top

performing law firm and blah blah blah

whatever they write of course that’s why

everybody’s applying for the job rather

use that space at the top of your resume

to explain who you are basically why you

do what you do it gives context to all

the other jobs you’ve ever had it gives

context for who you are and it helps us

stand out in the crowd of people who

have similar experiences to us it also

helps us understand sometimes where

relationships fail where we sometimes

did things or said yes the things that

in our guts that felt wrong but if we

compare to our while.i

we realized that we should never have

done it in the first place so use it

front and center speak about it tell the

stories use the stories as metaphors to

explain who you are talk about it constantly start meetings with it

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