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Top 10 Music Videos of 2017

these videos killed the radiostar and
looked great while doing it two plus two
is four minus one that’s freaking mess
everyday the truth welcome to and today we’ll be
counting down our picks for the top 10
music videos of 2017 before we begin we
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this list we’ve selected our favorite
music videos of 2017 productions that
stand out in both style and substance
number 10 total entertainment forever
father John misty Betty Taylor Swift if
in that inside the oculus rift directed
by Adam green this comedic video mixes
the historical with the absurd and we’ll
leave you saying what indie musician
father John misty lyrics do little to
explain the papier-mache fueled fever
dream taking place on screen as Kurt
Cobain played by Macaulay Culkin is
whipped and crucified by madmen wearing
McDonald’s inspired uniforms
video explodes with color and creativity
and features plenty of cameos from
famous faces like George Washington and
Garfield’s own Jon Arbuckle with so much
going on total entertainment forever
more than lives up to its name and
definitely warrants multiple viewings
historians find us to be in a home look
into a hose
skin and bone
number nine bad liar Selena Gomez I was
walking down the street the other day
trying to distract myself but then I see
your face
oh wait that’s retro styles rule in this
Jesse Perez directed video which
features fashion hairstyles and
mustaches straight out of the 1970s
gomez gets to show off not only her
tried-and-true singing voice but also
her acting versatility portraying a shy
high school girl the girl’s mother a gym
teacher with Farrah Fawcett hair and a
male high school teacher with a stache
that’d make Burt Reynolds jealous high
school setting appeals to Selena’s
younger fans while it’s nostalgic
costumes and set designs are sure to
make older viewers reminisce about their
own teenage years in other words this
video has something for everybody
number eight that’s what I like Bruno
I got a condo in Manhattan less is more
in this relatively simple production and
Mars does what he does best he performs
with a capital P but to add a little
extra flair Mars and co-director
Jonathan Lea sprinkle in some animation
to compliment the lyrics there’s nothing
to visually complex
nor does Bruno go over the top of his
routine it’s just a celebration of what
makes him tick a visual omage to the
simple joys of life while some pop stars
try hard to be relatable
Bruno pulls it off effortlessly thanks
to his charm and charisma and shows that
a little creativity goes a long way if
you’ve got the talent to back it up
number seven
Saturn’s bars spirit house gorillas
featuring Topcon surrealistic production
gorillas take us from a creepy haunted
house to outer space all with their
signature visual panache directed by
Jamie Hewlett Saturn’s bars features
plenty of perplexing visuals including
tentacle monsters talking pizza and
space nudity but its attention to detail
makes it one-of-a-kind and if the
dreamlike short film seems like too much
to take in all at once
have no fear there’s another version of
the video that uses YouTube’s 360 video
feature and gives you the freedom to
move the camera yourself and appreciate
the horrific imagery in all its glory
Ellis visit thing info
number six boys Charli XCX directed by
the artist herself with the assistance
of Sara McColgan this video is about you
guessed it boys boys eating food boys
lifting weights boys playing with dogs
boys holding babies if it looks fun
and/or sexy these boys will do it
conceptually Charlie wanted to flip the
male gaze on its head and was reportedly
inspired by a thought she had about Joe
Jonas eating really sexily as far as
artistic inspiration goes it doesn’t get
much better than that and boys is a fun
look at the lighter side of male
number five
moonlight jay-z not your traditional
music video this Allen yang production
starts off with an almost shot-for-shot
recreation of an episode of friends only
with an all-black cast I’m so
comfortable me too I’m a little too the
satire features some great comedic
performances by Jerrod Carmichael
Hannibal Buress Issa Rae Tessa Thompson
and many others just like jay-z’s video
for the story of OJ the short film
delivers an important message about race
in popular culture with specific
references to the 2016 Oscar Best
Picture mix-up of moonlight and lala
land you know a video is good when it
makes you laugh groove and think and the
Academy Award for Best Picture lalala
number four sign of the times
Harry Styles crime it’s a sign of the
time while pop stars can occasionally
seem pretentious there are moments when
it works to their advantage in this
breathtaking music video Harry Styles
teams up with director un Nam when also
known as woodkid for a personal and
creative statement from the sweeping
cinematography to the evocative
close-ups sign of the times feels truly
as majestic as the song that accompanies
for someone trying to reinvent their pop
culture persona Harry Styles succeeds
wildly highlighting both his potential
as a solo artist and his willingness to
transcend his boy band ruse
number three look what you made me do
Taylor Swift I don’t like your little
games Taylor Swift is dead long live
Taylor Swift when the country Idol
turned popstar dropped her new music
video look what you made me do it
received forty three point two million
views in 24 hours and it’s not hard to
see why directed by Joseph Kahn the
video features obvious and subliminal
messages about Taylor’s past present and
future and fans pored over the video to
decipher them all the old Taylor may be
gone for good but judging by the success
of this video and her new album
reputation we’d say the new Taylor is
off to a pretty good start
you do look what you just made me do to
Wyclef Jean’s young thug when Ryan stack
agreed to direct this music video
he was probably expecting to meet the
actual artist but due to various
scheduling issues
young thug never arrived on set for the
hundred thousand dollar production
forcing stack to improvise one of the
more creative hip-hop videos you’ll ever
see from beginning to end
stack chronicles the original intent of
Wyclef Jean and shows what he managed to
ultimately wrangle together
it’s a snarky hilarious meta commentary
on the medium of music videos and a
perfect example of what to do when life
gives you lemons or in this case when
life refuses to give you young thug
before we unveil our top pick here are a
few honorable mentions talking must
sleep at night making myself crazy
now I’m infatuated
here we go I’ll give I’ll give Oh number
one element Kendrick Lamar
I’m willing to die for this shit I
didn’t cry for this shit might take a
life for this shit put the Bible down
and go out for a knife for this shit
directed by Jonas leans to them and the
little homies also known as Kendrick
Lamar and Dave free and inspired by the
work of civil rights photojournalist
Gordon Parks element makes troubling
concepts look beautiful using their
making they don’t tell mistake it I got
him by a landslide we talk about racism
you know this that would be a tad just
look at the laces whether it’s
portraying shocking violence or solitary
moments the video has a poetic quality
matched only by Lamar’s hard-hitting
lyrics with element Kendrick once again
proves that is not just a musician but
an artist with a lot on his mind and a
talent for putting it into words
mostly I don’t say most of y’all be
advised last Opie I tried to lift the
back goddess but it’s the difference
between black goddess and wack goddess
it’s a stunning music video just like
his other 2017 hit DNA do you agree with
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