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Happy New Year #BelieveNation!!! – #LifeWithEvan

what’s that believe nation we’re coming
up on the end of the year and we’re
gonna take you on what’s become a bit of
an annual tradition for us we’ve got
Hayden’s cousins in the trio and we’re
going to take you on what we do every
year run Christmastime a new year
every year this family does this to
raise money for a hospital see sick kids
that’s a hospital kindness I don’t know
what Nina just bought but we’re doing
something for charity what did you buy
that could be milking cookies this is
new so they they take over the
neighborhood haven’t know how happy the
neighbors are about this every year to
raise money for Sick Kids
what do you think of this place Lena
we’re gonna make our condo like this no
no to get all these lights in our condo
why not believe nation can all come pay
us a visit
happy new year all right
let’s see what’s in the box Oh
milk and the cookie Wow how are you
gonna split that milk and one cookie
between four kids
Annina and a hungry oven that’s a five
golden rings
you say thank you did you say thank you
okay cheers everybody happy that’s about
it go cookies for new year
peppery new tradition look at this place
guys it’s crazy
are you the effort the love awesome
even the airplanes are taking flight
pods over here to show off the place
how’s the milk Aidan you’re gonna share
it no is that how we start the new year
I don’t know if you want Hayden’s
backwash though
okay everybody in believe nation we all
have a special message for you for New
Year’s Hayden what do you got you
believe you can do it you totally took
mine okay what do you have Catherine do
good deeds and you get presents okay
Jeffrey what do you got breakfast
believe Christmas with the DAP all right
Stephanie stick to Nia what’s your news
and resolution get more flexible can use
10 you cut your toes that’s pretty
that’s not bad I can’t touch my toes
look that’s it that’s as far as I go
actually that’s not bad
happy new year okay Nina what do you got
what’s your news with no what’s your
message there’s something good for the
other person like what they do all right
yeah okay Nina you got to step up your
game we have to top it like this next
year as for me guys it’s been an awesome
year just thinking back and everything
that has happened it’s crazy we hit my
million subscribers we got the new book
out brought on new people onto my team
the impact is growing and just so
blessed to live able to do this with you
guys and continue on the journey and
seeing the comments come in seeing the
feedback from the book come in all the
time really fills me up and so I promise
you I’m going to continue to push hard
in 2018 and bring my best I want to have
a bigger impact in the fight play you
know a half a percent or 1 percent in
your growth it makes me incredibly happy
and I hope that you pick up your game
this year that you do something big
something special Nina’s gonna do
something big and special too
thank you probably love all the support
have an awesome end to your year and
that’s it thank you guys for watching
and whatever you want as much bye say
bye everybody see you guys next year
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