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Top 10 Most Controversial Internet Memes of All Time

it’s never just fun and games anymore is
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internet memes and viral videos before
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this list we’re taking a look at
insanely popular memes that have been
the cause of many heated debates have
shocking or offensive nature or have
just had a wacky and unintended outcomes
whether it’s an image on its own or
accompanied with an appropriate caption
a video or a challenge gone viral its
eligible number 10 Arthur it didn’t fly
for one second it’s not my fault if you
nothing is safe in me mind not even
innocent kid shows we guess if you look
hard enough you can find alternate
interpretations for almost anything
that’s exactly what some users did with
Arthur freezing at just the right moment
frames were taken out of context and
violated with often inappropriate
captions tarnishing the family-friendly
image of the show we have a very
arthur full of rage and generally
unlikable let’s just say the creators of
the show and the network weren’t too
happy with some of the memes I’m not a
are too AM NOT are too quiet number nine
humongous sometimes you do too much to
prove a point and it ends up hurting
your cause
mungus after giving an interview Seattle
resident Rudy Pantoja was filmed by
black lives matter activists xarna Joshi
he proceeds to tell her that his name is
which Joshi may or may not have intended
as a reference to his penis
whatever the case joshi began to shout
that hew had just sexually harassed her
how dare you how dare you you’re
disgusting person naturally the video
went viral and there was a lot of
negativity directed towards Erna who
many viewers felt had attacked the guy
and then willfully misinterpreted his
annoyed response number eight the ALS
ice bucket challenge performing a
challenge for a good cause is admirable
just as long as that’s why you’re doing
it the challenge was to dump a bucket of
ice water on your head it raised
awareness to a mio traffic lateral
sclerosis with millions of videos of
people dumping ice on their head
while the campaign was a success and
raised a lot of money it’s said that
some challengers opted not to donate at
all making the video seemed self
congratulatory rather than informative
there were also health risks involved
and many news stations criticized the
significant amount of water wastage
number seven Alex from Target sometimes
you can’t even bag groceries without
your life changing from Dallas Texas
please welcome Alex from Target case in
Alex from Target can a guy just do his
job without becoming an internet
sensation and amassing over 600,000
followers on Twitter after the first
picture of him became viral he soon had
hordes of girls visiting him at work
following him and stalking him
impossible to be on everyone’s good side
Alex acquired many haters and they’ve
been sending him very concerning
messages one reads Alex from Target I’ll
find you and I will kill you they
harassed his girlfriend and even leaked
his parents private information
Alex unasked-for Fame started out
totally innocently but trolls and haters
can create a dark side to anything you
feel like it was a lot yeah number six
Star Wars kid undoubtedly entertaining
and genuinely funny to watch G slay
look to be having a good time imitating
a Jedi Knight unfortunately we all know
by now that the world ended inhabitants
can be cruel and the outcome of the
video became one of the earliest and
most prominent cyberbullying cases to
date miss lane was bullied by thousands
of people online and even by his own
classmates it’s a helpful reminder that
while things look fine on the surface we
don’t know what’s going on behind the
scenes number five
Harambee a day of panic and desperation
at the Cincinnati Zoo
Harambee was a gorilla at the Cincinnati
Zoo who was shot out of concern for a
three-year-old boy who had made his way
into the gorillas home while the death
of Harambee was undoubtedly a tragedy
the memes surrounding it went on and on
almost immortalizing the gorilla in our
computers and phones as a child while
most of the means either praised or paid
respects to Harambee some questioned why
he had to be shot and what led to his
death to begin with these questions
sparked debate about whether or not his
death was justified and what could have
been done to prevent it
any girl expert should know that gorilla
was not acting violently towards that
child number four tide pod challenge
please don’t do this
please this game encourages
able to eat laundry detergent capsules
as per the name this is for doing
laundry not for human consumption well
this was joked about online since as
early as 2013
it wasn’t until late 2017 and into 2018
that this challenge began a life of its
own many teens young adults and so on
started recording themselves biting into
and swallowing Tide Pods and endangering
their lives in the process
tied itself responded with an official
video discouraging the practice in an
effort to stop the many cases of
intentional poisoning that resulted some
stores subsequently locked up the
products while social media networks
took down all related videos use
pipelines for washing not eating number
three Logan Paul’s suicide forest video
it’s it’s it’s been tough because
ironically I’m being told to commit
suicide myself which really well this
certainly wasn’t the first controversial
video that youtuber Logan Paul has
posted it’s arguably the worst at the
end of 2017 the older Paul brother
uploaded a video showing his discovery
of a man who had recently hung himself
well you never understand next to a dead
guy the finding was made in the Japanese
forest called Aokigahara dubbed suicide
forest because of the number of suicides
that have occurred there raking in over
6 million views in a day the viral video
understandably received immediate and
ferocious backlash from politicians
celebs and fellow youtubers with people
calling for the deletion of Paul’s
channel after he took it down and
publicly apologized YouTube itself
condemned the act which many saw as
making light of suicide and mocking the
victim I’ve made a severe and continuous
lapse in my judgement number two hashtag
cutting for Bieber the 19 year old
turned himself in for a case in Toronto
in Canada after the hashtag took off to
stop the popstar from smoking marijuana
countless teens cut themselves and
uploaded it online hoping it had
convinced Justin to stop the worst part
about the hashtag is that it started as
a prank posted on 4chan whoever posted
it underestimated just how much Bieber’s
fans really
love him Bieber already had his fair
share of haters so this did nothing to
help this case you’re all getting
tickets to those before we unveil our
top pick here are some honorable
Gary Gary Gary Gary number one Pepe the
Frog why do all good things have to be
twisted and molded into something
offensive he won’t be around for much
longer because his creator has decided
to kill him off Pepe the Frog started as
a harmless non-controversial meme that
has since become a shell of its former
the great thing about the meme was that
it was a blank slate
it had limitless interpretations and
anyone could adopt it and add their own
spin to it thus creating thousands or
more variations of Pepe across the
internet of course some of them are
going to be controversial
now you’ll find racist sadistic and
anti-semitic Pepe is all over the world
wide web and it has become inextricably
linked with the alt-right movement why
would you identify a character like this
to hijack do you agree with our pigs
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