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Top 10 How to Train Your Dragon Franchise Moments

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taking a look at the most memorable
scenes from the first two How to Train
Your Dragon films as well as the
television series DreamWorks dragons if
you’re not all caught up keep in mind
that will be going into spoiler
territory number ten
romantic flight How to Train Your Dragon
actions speak louder than words so when
Astrid refuses to listen hiccup tries to
show her how amazing toothless’s
although hiccup would rather take a
gentle approach toothless decides to
take them on a thrilling rollercoaster
ride full of twists and turns in the sky
toothless eventually slows down however
with the majestic clouds above and John
Powell’s soothing musical score setting
the DreamWorks animators authentically
capture the sensation of flight
throughout the how to train your dragon’
series and the scene is a perfect
example the characters and the audience
get lost in the moment as day turns in
tonight in the blink of an eye
he’s amazing number nine mother and son
flying together How to Train Your Dragon
2 although they’ve been separated for 20
hiccup and his long-lost mother almost
immediately form a bond through their
knowledge of the dragon world this
amounts to one of the franchise’s most
beautifully animated segments as Valga
shows hiccup how to feed a clan of
dragons and hiccup shows his mother his
flying skills while the aerial sequences
are as exhilarating as ever the scene is
at its best when hiccup and Valco take a
moment to reflect on the time together
they missed out on whole this time you
took after me intan where was I their
facial expressions cover various
emotions in a matter of seconds ranging
from loss to forgiveness to the hope
that their relationship can finally take
number 8 Viggo sacrifice DreamWorks
dragons the antidote Viggo where is the
antidote of all the characters
introduced throughout DreamWorks dragons
Viggo Grimm born goes through one of the
most intriguing and stirring evolutions
at one point leading the dragon hunters
Viggo constantly outwits hiccup and
company even after he’s betrayed by his
own kind
it appears Viggo is ready to throw
hiccup under the bus to get back in
their good graces but Viggo deceives
Yohanan Croghan having developed a
newfound respect for dragons and their
riders I would never harm such a
magnificent creature with multiple
arrows in his back already Viggo makes
the ultimate sacrifice so hiccup and
toothless can escape oh this is it for
me the end of the game with a Skrill
dragon by his side the former villain
charges into battle knowing full well
that his fate is sealed
number seven family reunion How to Train
Your Dragon 2 dad did you put the sword
away please
even before they have a proper
conversation it’s clear that hiccup and
his estranged mother have a deep
connection although hiccup quickly
accepts Valka stoic has a reputation for
being more temperamental and
closed-minded so when he sees his wife
for the first time in two decades
nobody’s sure how he’ll react I know
what you’re gonna say stoic how could I
have done this Valka in particular seems
convinced that she’ll be met with rage
and resentment for letting stoic think
she was dead
instead stoic demonstrates that nothing
is more important to him than family
greeting Valka with love and affection
yes beautiful day I lost you in the
midst of this tender romantic moment
Gobber manages to lighten the mood by
providing insight into his sexual
orientation this is why I never married
this and one other reason number six for
the dancing and the dreaming How to
Train Your Dragon to stoic presents
himself as a stone-cold warrior but we
get to see a softer side in this scene
unsure if things can ever go back to the
way they were Falco puts up an emotional
wall that stoic must break through stoic
glowers velka’s defenses by singing a
touching tune forever rooted in their
romance the song starts off slow a stoic
eases valcon into the moment which is
almost ruined by Gobber just when it
looks like there’s no reaching her
Belka enthusiastically joins in soon
enough the calm music evolves into a
jolly song and dance as upbeat as the
song is this is sadly the last happy
moment hiccups parents share with each
other no need for drastic measures
number 5 forbidden friendship How to
Train Your Dragon 2 could have sworn you
hair while still akin Velka have a
movin’ love story the bond between
hiccup and toothless has always been at
the heart of this franchise it all
started when the young Viking captured
the Night Fury finding that the wounded
dragon isn’t just the savage beast
hiccup attempts to make peace by
offering him a fish toothless returns
the favor by sharing his slimy meal
which hit
reluctantly chokes down while still
hesitant toothless warms up to hiccup
after he in it Burton Lee teaches him
how to draw even trusting the boy enough
to let him place his hand on his head
relying on visuals over dialogue we see
the seeds of friendship blossom into
something truly meaningful number four
the Red Death how to train your dragon
you don’t have to go up here or Vikings
it’s an occupational hazard although
this series is full of quiet atmospheric
moments it also possesses some of the
most rousing action sequences modern
animation has to offer the original film
builds to a heart-racing battle against
the Red Death in which dragons and
Vikings must join forces after sharing a
few loving words with stoic pick up and
toothless swoop in to distract the enemy
while the Red Death is much bigger
our heroes managed to be faster and
craftier using the shadowy environment
to their advantage this end the Colossus
charging to his demise but hiccup nearly
falls to a fiery fate as well
fortunately toothless dives in and
shields hiccup from the blast saving
number three first flight How to Train
Your Dragon it’s ironic that hiccup
loses part of his leg in the end seeing
how he was responsible for damaging
toothless’s Finn pickup attempts to
correct his mistake by constructing
toothless a prosthetic fin which they
tests out on their first flight together
the ride isn’t without a few bumps but
they ultimately find their footing once
hiccup learns to trust his own instincts
as is the case with the film’s other
airborne sequences the state-of-the-art
animation really makes us feel like
we’re up in the air with our heroes
allowing us to be part of the experience
the sequence is only made more immersive
number 2 Stoics death How to Train Your
Dragon 2 let me show y’all so killing
off a major character in a family film
is already a risky move but Stoics death
is only made more shocking and tragic
when you consider the way he dies the
first battle against the bewilder beast
echoes the Empire Strikes Back as the
Alpha is defeated and Drago takes
control of all the groan dragons
Drago decides to kill hiccup in the most
diabolical fashion possible having the
bewildered beast hypnotized toothless
into doing the deed unable to get
through to his best buddy hiccup is
nearly annihilated until his father
leaps in to take his place
it may be marketed to kids but this
franchise treats everyone in the
before we unveil our top pick here are a
few honorable mentions well this seems
pretty perfect to me yeah yeah I guess
it does
while other places have ponies or the
this is Hamish this real son that’s not
treasure to a father it is I never meant
to make you feel like you had to do
I know that you’ve taken your rightful
place at the table of gangs for a great
man has fallen number one
toothless versus the bewilder Beast How
to Train Your Dragon 2 you are my best
friend but reconnecting with toothless
hiccup gears up for a final
confrontation against Drago and his go
wilderbeest legendary cinematographer
Roger Deakins acted as a visual
consultant on every How to Train Your
Dragon film but his experience is
particularly apparent in this climax the
gorgeous CGI animation springs to life
as hiccup and toothless or through an
assortment of obstacles culminating with
the Night Fury challenging the behemoth
the musical score matches both the
gravitas of the action and the size of
the bewilder beasts of course size isn’t
what matters in the end
as hiccup triumphs over the wilderbeest
with aid from the other dragons becoming
the new alpha this is animated fantasy
at its most epic you never cease to
amaze me bud do you agree with our picks
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