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Top 10 Hilarious John Mulaney Moments

this tall child has got the street
smarts to succeed in the cutthroat world
of stand-up comedy welcome to Mulaney moments I think
they’re just like whoa that Paul child
looks terrible
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for this list we’re looking at the best
and most memorable moments from this
comedians career so far and I know that
was on your list we’re only including
material that he performed himself so
the Stefan bits he wrote for Bill Hader
on Saturday Night Live unfortunately
won’t count and no you won’t find
anything from a sitcom either because
well you know you can finally tell my
parents that my jokes are gonna be on TV
number 10 spider-ham and outtakes
spider-man into the spider verse this
could literally not get any weirder it
can get weirder I just washed my hands
that’s why they’re wet no other reason
the animated film of 2018 was by all
accounts spider-man into the spider
verse and John mulaney’s role in it was
at once surprising and a stroke of
genius he voiced spider-ham a criminally
underrated member of the comic book
universe do animals talk in this
dimension cuz I don’t want to freak him
out since Mulaney is basically an
old-timey Looney tune brought to life
but what’s perhaps even funnier is the
story he told Jimmy Fallon concerning
the secrecy around the project when he
first got involved he wasn’t fully aware
of what he’d signed on for which is how
a lot of kidnappings begins so when he
was told to have fun with it
he took perhaps too many creative
liberties but no worries
we got outtakes and how the is he gonna
do that and how exactly is he gonna do
number nine andrew is totally gay big
mouth you may not be into stand-up
comedy but you’re almost definitely into
Netflix and if that’s the case you’re
aware of big mouth Netflix is animated
comedy about puberty and all the
awkwardness that comes with it working
alongside his frequent partner in crime
Nick Kroll more on him later
Mulaney plays seventh grader and one of
the central figures on the show Andrew
globerman along with a range of other
characters hell is there no child ghosts
confidentiality anymore early in season
one there’s a memorable episode where
Andrew questions his sexuality and it
all culminates in an over-the-top
spot-on queen style musical number which
features the ghost of Freddie Mercury
plenty of phallic imagery and of course
number eight too much tuna featuring
Paul Feig Kroll show this is a brand
show sipping coffee
like we said John Mulaney and Nick Kroll
are frequent collaborators and one of
their most surreal unpredictable
inspired well one of their most
hilarious bits sees them taking on the
personas of george st. geegland and Gil
faizon charmed I’m sure
to aging Upper West siders who always
wear turtlenecks and never pronounce
things right reading for the role of CBS
this on their prank show too much tuna
the duo serves up absurd questions
that’ll make you laugh and cringe in
addition to the APRA mentioned excessive
amount of tuna the elephant in the room
think it’s okay look down okay going
from the comedy club circuit to Kroll
show and even to Broadway there have
been many highlights from this pairing
the episode featuring Paul Feig is just
one of them number 7 John Mulaney and
Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live and in
real life the third article that comes
up this is real it says who is John
Mulaney Pete Davidson’s friend hey even
they admit this pairing is a bit
unexpected when we walk around it looks
like an NBA coach and like like a like a
troubled rookie but Mulaney and Davidson
are a classic Odd Couple
hey there’s a sitcom idea you can tell
these guys are genuinely friends their
banter is perfect and the way mulaney’s
straight-laced demeanor plays off
Davidson’s more loose style is great and
why would someone on a whim choose from
order him whether they’re attending a
Steely Dan or Bob Dylan concert together
swapping outfits wearing matching shirts
with mulaney’s wife on them or appearing
on SNL to espouse the virtue of their
new favorite film do you remember when
Clint Eastwood berated an empty chair at
the Republican National Convention it’s
like if that was a movie it is a ride
for audiences honestly how could anyone
not love this bromance I think he may
have dumped me for Pete Day but oh no
that’s no sorry Nick Kroll number six
Delta Airlines John Mulaney
new in town and they go you’re a little
fat girl aren’t you and I go no and they
go say it and I go I’m a little fat girl
we’ve somehow made it this far without
even mentioning Mulaney stand up and
honestly that’s almost criminal he has
so many quotable bits um new in town but
one of the funniest and sadly one of the
most relatable is from his second
stand-up special new in town no in fact
he starts by adorably outlining how his
life has improved since he started
dating his girlfriend whom he has since
married or in Mullaney speak he has
bought that cow roping in cows and
getting milk out of them was never
anything you were known for John like
for example without his lady by a side
he is a total pushover and will let some
random garbage airline let’s just make
one up let’s call it like Delta Airlines
so I booked a ticket walk all over him
next time you experience travel troubles
you will a think about this bit and nod
ruefully yet knowingly and B sing the
following to yourself because we’re
Delta Airlines and life is a nightmare
number five movies with John Mulaney
various okay here’s the pitch John
Mulaney recounts all movies seriously
that’s it we’ve already seen him discuss
the mule with Davidson on SNL but
Mulaney must be a cinephile because he
has this tendency to take a famous movie
and basically retell the story in a way
that’s both insightful and hilarious
but he does have this best friend who’s
you know a disgraced nuclear physicist
he actually did it twice in his 2015
special to comeback kid first he takes
Back to the Future to task trying to
imagine what the creators were thinking
when they devised that premise
now you say they go to the Past how
about we call it back to the past no no
no a Back to the Future right but they
go to the past yeah
then he essentially recreates the
climactic scene of the fugitive as a
sort of cut away during a kick-ass story
about Bill Clinton so Kimball finds out
about all of this and of course he’s
furious and he bursts in the ballroom
and he goes just switch the samples both
bits are some of his best work and
that’s why Mulaney on movies needs to
happen and it needs to happen now I hear
they’re making a sequel to I Tanya it’s
called I Nancy it’s about a nice lady
who gets her knee bashed in by some
trailer park assassin and then 25 years
later has to see a great award-winning
movie about how she’s not the victim
number four his law and order obsession
various seriously he talks about it
if you’ve ever seen John Mulaney perform
you’re probably aware that he loves
crime dramas specifically he is a super
fan of the Law & Order franchise guy who
while being questioned by homicide
detectives will not stop unloading
crates throughout his stand-up he’s
talked about Law & Order tropes the
horrific things people say on SVU that
time Dean Cain was a rapist on the show
he’s even got a bit about how much he
loves ice-t yes
he’s a pedophile you work in the Sex
Crimes Division but he loves no law and
order star as much as Jerry Orbach and
his extravagant rom-com idea about the
two people who received or box eyes
after he died
takes his love of the franchise to
another level no cinema presents love at
first sight
this summer love is spelled with two
eyes honestly Mulaney could probably do
a full hour of law and order material
and we would be fine with that and he
would just keep talking and it would
slowly fade out and say executive
producer Dick Wolf number three diner
lobster Saturday Night Live Mulaney was
an SNL writer for years and he got to
revisit his old stomping grounds as
hosts in 2018 one of the benefits of
being the host instead of a little rat
writer is that you can bring back old
skits that you wrote and love that never
saw the light of day that is how we got
diner lobster in this sketch a diner
customer played by Pete Davidson
shockingly orders the lobster and what
follows is an extravagant and prop heavy
musical sequence that rips on the
this surprisingly spot-on parody is as
funny as it is absurd and its popularity
earned it a spiritual successor when
Mulaney returned to host in 2019 with
bodega bathrooms and plantain chips
number two there’s a horse loose in the
hospital John Mulaney kid gorgeous at
Radio City Music Hall it’s never
happened before no one knows what the
horse is gonna do next
least of all the horse mulaney’s 2018
stand-up special kid gorgeous want him
up lime time Emmy Award for outstanding
writing for a variety special and trust
us when we say it was well-deserved
despite what his wife says she said to
me I just can’t fly across the country
to watch you lose there are many
standout moments like his memories of
Detective jayjay bitten binder street
smarts street smarts but mulaney’s
uncharacteristic take on politics sticks
out the most and no we’re not talking
about his building a gazebo in the
middle of the Civil War bed ever welcome
through the park with your betrothed
then it starts to rain but you still
want to hold hands well may I introduce
you to and my condolences again to
everyone that gazebo without ever
mentioning his name he compares Donald
Trump’s election to a horse being set
loose in a hospital and it’s perhaps the
best assessment of the political
situation we’ve seen leave it to Mulaney
to find a way to talk politics without
talking politics there’s gonna be a
horse in the hospital I’m gonna say the
n-word on TV and it’s like those don’t
match up at all before we unveil our
number one pick here are some honorable
does it work this is not what I asked
you asked repeat homes this is Pete
Holmes I could not have asked for Pete
Holmes because I do not know who Pete
Holmes is it’s New York’s around
and the heart is runed the word is
ruined no huh so you don’t want it at
all we both responded to this one
you both like this I kind of did yeah oh
who is that sitting next to you is that
your husband hi sweetheart
hello hello beautiful who are you
wearing honey oh yeah oh you also do
movies number one the salt and pepper
diner the top part the fourth time it
plays you’re either thinking whoa
someone just played what’s new pussycat
four times or at least someone played it
twice and it’s a really long song
prepare to have Tom Jones stuck in your
head for the rest of eternity
you know it’s a testament to just how
funny John Mulaney is that our number
one pick is a bit from his first ever
stand-up special at the top part he
tells a story from his childhood about
how he and a friend went to a place
called the salt and pepper diner and
essentially terrorized the patrons of
this fine establishment by putting $7
into the jukebox and playing what’s new
pussycat by Tom Jones as many times as
they could afford wawas new pussycat he
no there were flags everywhere with a
brief and diabolical intermission if
it’s not unusual
Dedham not our euro and the sigh of
relief it’s a simple story but the way
Malini tells it will have you falling
off your chair with laughter and
believing those claims that he is the
best joke writer of his generation they
unplugged the jukebox after 11 plays and
that was the best meal I’ve ever had
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