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Top 10 Cringiest E3 Moments

tis the season of malfunctioning demos
and very awkward presentations
welcome to and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10
cringe East a three moments for more
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this list we’re taking a look at some of
the weirdest moments across 83 history
prepare yourself for some aggressive
marketing weird situations and very
embarrassing performances number 10
Nathan Drake gets stage fright
Sony III 2015 we understand that demos
sometimes go haywire
after all you’re showing an unfinished
game so pickups are bound to happen
right unfortunately Naughty Dog was put
on the list for one of the most
embarrassing moments we’ve seen happen
with a demo as soon as the demo for
after a brief cutscene ended audiences
sat through 30 seconds of Nathan Drake
doing nothing before being shown a title
card seems like Naughty Dog can take a
joke though as uncharted 4 rewards you
with the trophy for recreating this
blooper hey get on you boys number 9
Xbox really loves Porsche Microsoft III
2017 this year we announced a six-year
partnership with Porsche now that the
Forza Motorsport series has annualized
its presence at e3 is getting a little
unnecessary last year’s e3 presentation
showed that the proof is in the pudding
here what was supposed to be a
promotional time for 40-some motorsport
7 quickly devolved into a bloated ad for
Porsche Forza is one of the largest
racing communities on the planet
apparently through our passion for fourt
so we the gamers made this happen
and supposedly made history whoa a car
is having its worldwide premiere at an
Xbox briefing cool guys we want to know
when the newest games are coming out
that cars nice but come on through your
passion for racing the digital and the
real worlds are merging in an
unprecedented way I’m rate Kinect child
actors Microsoft III 2010 and 2011 with
Kinect you interact with your Xbox 360
just like you interact with things in
the real world if the lack of innovation
behind the Kinect didn’t
if you away then this presentation
probably did at the time these briefings
occurred Microsoft was trying everything
to drive connect sales and if that meant
showing off kid-friendly titles then so
be it at e3 2010 we were given a
grueling demo of kinectimals which
managed to make two minutes feel like
two hours then we had an even more
cringy performance at e3 2011 with the
Kinect Disneyland adventures both
briefings felt extremely scripted and
not informed on how kids actually play
video games the cringe is real number 7
the Wii music performance Nintendo e3
2008 yes of all the Nintendo Conference
blunders this is probably the most
commonly referenced III 2008 was it
mixed bag for Nintendo with the heavy
focus on casual gaming most fans felt
like they were being left out in the
cold however one moment that left
basically everyone sour was the infamous
wii music demonstration viewers were
subjected to an awkward drum performance
by DJ ratty drums followed by an off-key
ensemble of nintendo executives playing
these super mario brothers theme song we
may have been sinking into our chairs to
hide but hey at least they looked like
number 6 celebrity battlefield one
tournament Electronic Arts III 2016 this
is about as pantry as Electronic Arts
has ever been at e3 not only did they
stream battlefield 1 like it was an
eSport but they brought on celebrities
like Wiz Khalifa Terry Crews Zac Efron
and more to play the game alongside
popular youtubers gotta get those clicks
am i right well the thing is they
probably could have had Zac Efron and
Jamie Foxx look like they actually kind
of wanted to be there instead they
looked very confused as to why they were
doing this this could be explained by
the fact that the building reportedly
kind of smelled like weed well hey
that’s what happens when you invite
Snoop Dogg the cool man yeah baby
it’s not about the individual place
about the booth effort number five jenji
days of the blade and the historically
accurate giant enemy crab Sony III 2006
so here’s this giant enemy crab this is
actually pretty great if you haven’t
seen this it might be worth your time to
watch the whole thing after you finish
this video to show off a bit of the
PlayStation 3s power developer game
Republic presented a demo for Genji days
of the blade which according to them is
based off Japanese history and you know
that seemed somewhat legit until the
giant enemy crab showed up at this point
the presentation had become kind of an
embarrassment however there was one
thing we learned about playing video
games that has helped us ever since
attack its weak point for massive damage
number four mr. caffeine Ubisoft III
2011 yes I’m not afraid of a few dick
jokes thank you whether it’s trying to
generate memes to seem cool or forcing
us to sit through a musical performance
you can guarantee that Ubisoft is gonna
have an awkward e3 however we will never
forget the infamous mr. caffeine for the
last eight years I’ve been Ubisoft’s
very own mr. caffeine what was supposed
to be a celebration of Ubisoft’s 25th
anniversary quickly became a stand-up
routine of uncomfortable silence amidst
the doodly doodly dupes were cheap shots
of the Nintendo Wii mispronunciations of
Tom Clancy’s name and something about
poop on toothpaste
needless to say his jokes were met with
a deafening silence Ubisoft made a meme
but it wasn’t the one they were wanting
97% of young people play video games 40%
of them are women and 89% of them are
smoking hot number 3 jesse wellens
introducing Need for Speed payback
Electronic Arts III 2017 thanks Jesse
nothing sucks more than when you’re a
hired presenter and your client changes
the script on you several times but
that’s exactly what happened to youtuber
jesse wellens at EA plays 2017 my backs
to the camera the woman’s like Jesse
you’re on and almost like uh-oh
according to well ins in a follow-up
video there was a mix-up with regards to
when the cameras would cut to him and
the teleprompter failed to display his
script causing him to fumble his words
and improvise his part
has been around for a long time there’s
been a lot of new things coming to the
game and a lot of old things that if
people are familiar with the franchise
Welland admits to not even looking at
the script though but claims he did okay
during the dress rehearsal Whelan’s
wasn’t the only one caught in the flames
though EA received backlash from gamers
for hiring someone whose work has
basically nothing to do with video games
whatsoever hopefully they’ve learned by
now they’ve learned their lesson right
guys he was again maybe you do good job
today I totally bombed number two Jamie
Kennedy Activision III 2007 out of all
the presenters on this list this was
probably the most unprofessional
activision hired comedian jamie kennedy
to act as an emcee for their e3 2007
conference unbeknownst to them Kennedy
had gotten wicked freaking plastered
before the show so many of his jokes
were aimed at the audience the
developers and gamers in general that I
got that job you can tell the people
that walked on stage were basically done
with his shit including Tony Hawk this
conference was so awful but you can’t
even find footage of the entire thing
you’ll only find montages and clips of
Kennedy’s terrible behavior we just hope
that he doesn’t tweet at us for this
video before we reveal our cringy aspec
that was my fault I guess you may see it
later we continue these are these are
some fast spiders number one the entire
conference Kaname III 2010 1 million
troops what an absolute train wreck
Konami’s 2010 conference has gone down
as the worst conference in e3 history
almost every announcement was awkward
trailers failed to play stunts on stage
were unnecessary and there were large
portions of complete silence
why were there luchador smacking each
other around why should we clap for 99
nights – what’s with the heavily
scripted bits oh and don’t worry they’re
not making a new dance dance revelution
game what you’re seeing is a new dancing
game called dance masters there’s
probably no way a conference will ever
be as bad as this but hey we can hope
Tommy and I’m still a beginner and
dancing but because we played this game
we can kind of best now do you agree
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