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Things You Missed in Season 8 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones – WM Breakdown

warning this episode contains spoilers
viewer discretion is advised
pulsus mm an elephant no elephants your
that’s disappointing hello everybody
welcome to of Thrones the
first episode of the final season it’s
here it’s finally here we’ve been
waiting for what almost two years more
than two years it was jam-packed there
was no holding back with the plot this
episode which makes sense since there
are only going to be six this season
main events we saw Jon ride a dragon he
found out he’s a Thai carrion the White
Walkers took the last half we saw
reunions meetings we did we see meet
each other mean so we saw Jon and bran
which was a really cute kind of callback
to the first season when John is saying
goodbye to bran he’s giving him a kiss
on the forehead when he’s lying in his
bed and so when they see each other
again he gives him a nice kiss on the
forehead but bran is very different this
time around Jon has not yet seen the
brand that we’ve come to know and love
not sure how we feel about him it was
creepy brand yeah he was I don’t know if
he ever went inside in this episode he
was just kind of like hanging out
staring ominously then there was John
and Arya which i think was the most
emotional reunion for me so that was
actually my favorite scene in the
episode just because they haven’t seen
each other since the second episode of
the show and you know they were besties
growing up they meant a lot to each
other they got to compare swords which I
thought was cute yeah I definitely think
that Jon has a lot of respect for Arya
as well he doesn’t really know that
she’s a warrior yet but I think that he
has a respect for her in terms of you
know her sort of different interest in
battle and weapons then we saw Arya and
the Hound which was kind of like an
unexpected cute moment he was kind of
like well you’re live
kind of happy about that yeah West
Ross’s funniest comedy duo yeah they
definitely had like this amazing
chemistry while they were together and I
think that translated to this reunion
then we have Aria and Gendry and I ship
Arion grand entry one hundred thousand
percent they’re like he was kind of like
starstruck when he was seeing her again
he was a fumbling for his words and I
thought that was so cute then we have
Tyrion and Sansa ex-husband he’s no good
kind of meeting but yeah yeah but he
definitely saw the change in Sansa and
we see the change to she’s definitely
like a completely different character at
this point than the one that we knew
when she was married to Joffrey’s she
was kind of a bratty little girl and
she’s really come into her own as a
leader and kind of like the lady of
winter yeah I think this is the for me
this is the first episode where we saw
her completely self-possessed I mean
before you know she was she was pushing
herself forward in the previous season
but not always at the most opportune
times yeah but this seemed felt like she
was she’s in control she she’s who she
has she’s she is who she’s meant to be
yeah definitely and I think a lot of
people were kind of rallying behind
Sansa in this episode especially since
she was being extremely critical of Jon
and Daenerys his arrival now I think
she’s justified in in that you know
hesitancy to trust Daenerys because John
is kind of breaking promises left and
right now we know that it’s for the
greater good and we know that John has
the intentions to save Westeros but
Sansa is kind of feeling a little bit
like John you’re being a little bit
naive yeah well sends his
responsibilities first is Winterfell she
wants to take care of the stock she
wants to take care of the north and Jon
just came back said hey by the way you
know I gave away my crown she’s the
queen now and also my girlfriend any
sense is just like wow this was not how
we planned
yes and this Daenerys and Sansa drama is
giving us life absolutely I feel like I
was kind of worried that they would have
butting heads but I kind of get where
Sansa is coming from especially since
Daenerys has been so difficult about the
fact that she wants to remind everyone
that she’s Queen at any opportunity
she’s kind of always like well you know
Sansa doesn’t have to like me but she
has to respect me because I’m her queen
which is her response to literally
almost every literally everything and
we’ll talk a little bit about more about
that later but the reunion that I think
we were all waiting for Jamie and Wren
yeah I literally I couldn’t stop
laughing I don’t know why I thought it
was so funny and shocking that bran was
like I’m waiting for an old friend like
who thought that he would be talking
about Jamie it’s always awkward when you
see a kid that you pushed out of a
window again for the first time I think
we can all we can imagine yeah it was
definitely a kind of a funny awkward
moment especially for Jamie I think
brand isn’t really a brand I know this
was coming he was happening and I think
I don’t even know if there’s enough of
bran left in there to have hard feelings
about it
yeah I know definitely I think it was
more awkward for Jamie yeah absolutely
Jamie’s face was kind of like oh my god
he’s still alive there’s a moment in the
episode that I think we’ve all been
waiting for since the very beginning and
that’s John riding a dragon which we
predicted from the trailer that we saw
for season eight and how did you feel
about that I thought it worked great
story wise it cemented their
relationship together I didn’t think I
wasn’t super impressed by the CGI and
but in terms of story and character I
thought if you’re well okay I’m gonna
have to I respectfully disagree with you
I definitely thought that this scene was
a little bit anticlimactic in terms of
impact Jon riding a dragon for like
seemingly no reason seems like a weird
plot device it kind of felt more like a
scene from like How to Train Your Dragon
than Game of Thrones although I do
understand the purpose of kind of having
him have a connection with the Dragons
before and not really understand why I
just felt like it would have been more
impactful to see him get on a dragon in
a time of need
I think I can see your point but I think
that we needed this moment between Jon
and Daenerys
before everything goes to hell both in
Westeros and also between them yeah and
I think that like a
of contention for friends right now is
why we had that weird scene while bar
while they were kissing
drogon was kind of watching them the
Dragons were watching them and I think
that Daenerys was kind of playing it off
like oh they’re they’re being protective
or whatever but I think that the reason
that they’re looking at him like that is
because they sense that daddy’s home and
he’s here to stay so I’m interested to
see where that is going to go okay so we
have to talk about the elephant in the
room or lack thereof Cersei in this
episode something is going on with her
now this is the scene that we talked
about in our season 8 trailer breakdown
where Cersei looks like she’s been you
know awoken from her slumber which it
turns out that she has just laid with
Joran Greyjoy lady you’re on Greyjoy
what do you think’s going on master
creeper Your Honor I think that I mean
at first I have to admit I’m surprised
by Circe’s decision to sleep with him
however I think what’s going on is that
Jamie has left her she doesn’t have
anyone else to back her anymore she
needs yawns fleet and so she made a
difficult choice I think yeah I I
definitely thought that it was a weird
moment where she chose to invite him
into her chambers especially since she
had just said like a really powerful
line she says you know if you want a
whore you can go by one if you want a
queen you have to earn her but Circe’s
in a really weird place and I think
that’s something that people are talking
about right now is that she might be
pregnant with Jaime’s son or daughter
however I don’t think that that is going
to happen that is not what was
prophesized she may have miscarried and
maybe that’s why she’s having such an
emotional response to your on saying
that he was gonna put a prince in her
belly because she’s still sensitive
about the fact that she maybe had a
miscarriage what do you think about that
it’s possible I hadn’t even thought of
that I had imagined that Cersei and
Danny would both find out they were
pregnant and we would both have pregnant
Queens out of them
by day it’s possible to miracle babies
Merkle baby so another major plot point
in this episode is sort of Sam
reintroduction to the main story
essentially he finds out that Daenerys
has killed his father and his brother
which is sort of an awkward convincing
conversation right yeah
and possibly Daenerys might be starting
to have misgivings about burning burning
people alive
let’s hope yeah I don’t know if she has
any misgivings about that she didn’t
seem that she felt too bad I think she’s
finally facing head-on you know the
consequences were actually but really
the victim in this situation is Sam like
we we love Sam and it’s really really
hard to see him in this state and I
think that finding out about the fact
that his father and his brother were
killed at the hands of this new queen
who was his best friend’s girlfriend
yeah exactly gives him the motivation
and the courage to tell John that he is
Aegon Targaryen so that’s like a really
really powerful scene between two people
who have you know an unbreakable bond
essentially they’re they’re very close
friends best friends and it’s kind of an
awkward conversation yeah it is I think
it’s all good for everybody it’s all
good for Daenerys when she’s telling Sam
and yeah it’s awkward for I guess both
Sam and and John to find out to talk
about his true father whose true
parentage yeah I definitely think that
John has this kind of adverse reaction
that I guess we could all expect from
somebody who thought that he was someone
else’s entire life but what does this
mean for his relationship with Daenerys
what does this mean what do you think
that John his next move is I think that
John I don’t think he’s gonna come out
and tell day nervous but I think he’s
gonna give her the cold shoulder I don’t
think he’s gonna be down for any sort of
Targaryen incestuous relationship while
Game of Thrones is definitely no
stranger to incestuous relationships and
neither is the Targaryen family which I
think a lot of people are forgetting
about in terms of being like oh you know
like John and Daenerys can never happen
well you know the Targaryen have a
history of incest and their family so I
don’t think that that would be like a
deal breaker maybe for John but Danny
might be open to it but I don’t think
John is gonna go for it yeah I don’t
know here’s the thing I want to know
whether or not
thinks that he has any reason to tell
Denarius about this because John is such
a noble character and really his
intentions are only to save Westeros
he’s never shown any interest in having
like a role of power
so what who’s gonna tell Daenerys she
has to find out yeah I think that he
doesn’t want a role he’s never really
wanted to be king and to admit to
Daenerys who he is would be the same
essentially he’s making a claim on the
throne so I think it’s gonna be someone
else yeah and that could be like a major
conflict in their relationship to have
you know you’re new both boyfriend be
like oh sorry I’m actually your nephew
and I’m actually next in line for the
throne so I think that will be a huge
plot point in the episodes to come so I
think overall we can both agree that
this episode had a lot packed in but it
was also a lot of callbacks to the first
season in the first episode specifically
the opening scene of this episode was a
young boy who kind of looked like bran
running you know around Winterfell with
you know John and Daenerys arriving it
was kind of like when King Robert was
arriving in Winterfell and he climbs up
into the tree and then we see you know
it’s kind of coming full circle John is
the one arriving in Winterfell okay so
now we have to talk about you know kind
of the final shot in this episode a very
dark very disturbing part I thought that
this was like the scariest moment in
Game of Thrones yet when we see poor Ned
umber dead on the walls
this became the Lord didn’t last very
long yeah this isn’t saying okay so
let’s talk about this sort of pattern
that is kind of a recurring thing
throughout the series we’ve seen it a
few times in the first season we saw it
with the children of the forest so
nobody really knows what this means
nobody knows what it means it is very
similar to the spiral pattern of the
stones around the weirwood tree where
the children created the first white
Walker we also saw it add two fists the
first man now we’re seeing again other
white walkers communicating either just
you know kind of throw it in everyone’s
faces like hey you did this to us now
we’re gonna we’re gonna use the same
symbol for
we’re doing to you yeah I think that a
lot of people are kind of surmising that
this is a co-opted symbol from the
children of the forest what it means
we’re not sure I think that we can kind
of deduce that it means like we’re here
and we mean in the business and it’s
really disturbing like there’s all of
these severed limbs than this poor sweet
boy is dead on the wall the the moment
that he opens his eyes and screams I
literally jumped out of my skin it was
so creepy i I just like could not
believe it let’s just take a look at
that for a second he’s almost between Oh
someone to film we’re on foot we rode
down from Castle black we can double up
on the horses if the horses last we’d
get there before the den we just have to
that was a great it was a it was a great
end to the episode yeah that was
absolutely insane insane they mean
business okay so after the episode
dropped we got a trailer for the second
episode so theories okay so we saw a
more tension between Danny and Sansa
we saw tension between Danny and Jamie
mm-hmm who killed her dad
we also heard Danny saying you should
never have trusted Cersei so presumably
has revealed that Cersei is planning to
betray them the whole time we saw area
shooting an arrow an arrow talking about
death as she likes to do we also saw Jon
asking how long do we have and we saw
some other preparations for the Battle
of Winterfell is it possible the Battle
of Winterfell is in the next episode or
are we just gonna see the preparations
for it yeah I definitely think that the
Battle of Winterfell is coming whether
or not it’s gonna be in the second
episode is up for debate I definitely
think that second or third episode is
most likely however the thing that
struck me the most about this trailer is
Jaime being on trial I felt like there
was a lot of tension that people kind of
didn’t anticipate between Daenerys and
Jaime at least I didn’t anticipate it I
completely forgot about the fact that he
was Kingslayer because his character has
had such a Redemption arc that we’ve all
kind of forgiven him for what he did
review is it could almost feel a little
superfluous I think yeah he’s being a
villain now he’s a good guy we saw him
explaining to Brienne in the bathtub why
he did it we know he did it because
Daenerys says dad was crazy and was
gonna kill everyone
hopefully de nurse isn’t gonna linger on
this fact because in the end we all know
that Jaime did the right thing however
we also all know that Daenerys can be a
bit of a hothead now in our community
tab on WatchMojo youtube channel we
asked the question to viewers do you
think that Daenerys would do the same
for her people that Jon has done for his
which is a callback to the question that
Sam is asking Jon and what do you think
so I think that Daenerys is definitely
going to face a choice where she has to
choose between the iron fer
and her people and Westeros in general I
think that’s been foreshadowed by the
scene in the house of the undying which
he has to pass the Iron Throne in order
to reach her dragons I also think it is
what would make her character more
interesting again going from a sort of
OneNote I’m the queen everybody has to
obey me to having to face a moral
dilemma which she has to weigh what has
been her main motivation through the
whole series with the welfare of
Westeros and everyone else now here’s
where I disagree with you I think our
viewers overwhelmingly agreed with the
fact that Daenerys would not do the same
for her people that Jon Snow has done
for his I think that she’s exhibited
this really really hot headed behavior
she’s made it very clear that the only
thing that she really cares about in
this situation is that everyone
recognizes the fact that she’s the queen
so for example when census shows a
little bit of pushback when she meets
Daenerys for the first time
Daenerys pretty flat-out says I don’t
really care if she likes me I just want
her to realize that I’m the queen and I
think that we’re all getting caught up
on titles and stuff the White Walkers
are coming so like I said earlier when
Daenerys finds out that Jon Snow is a
threat to her title I really don’t think
that she will respond well to that I
think that she will have a freakout it’s
just it would be totally
uncharacteristic of her to just be like
you know what it’s fine I think she’s
gonna freak out but I still have hope
yeah well I mean I guess we’ll find out
in the episodes to come I think that’s
all the time that we have for today Nick
thank you so much let us know what you
think in the comments below your
predictions your questions and we’ll you
see you guys next week on Monday for a game of Thrones breakdown batteries
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