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HBO’s Watchmen: What We Know So Far

who watches the Watchmen very soon the
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videos for this list we’re looking at
the facts and information released to
date about HBO’s forthcoming Watchmen
series just begun number 10 it’s a brand
new story a property with as much name
recognition as Watchmen could easily
spawn multiple live-action adaptations
how many times of Batman and
spider-man’s respective origins been
retold on the big screen while there are
those out there who would surely like to
see Alan Moore’s landmark graphic novel
meticulously adapted in a serialized
format that’s not the route HBO’s
decided to take according to the
showrunner in an open letter posted to
Instagram they are quote not making a
sequel but rather a quote original story
set in the world created by Moore and
Dave Gibbons how this approach will go
over with diehard fans only time will
tell but the showrunner has prepared
himself for the worst it wasn’t fair
what happened to you guys you guys who
picked up where we left off number 9
it’s created by Damon Lindelof terrific
speaking of the showrunner in question
HBO’s Watchmen series is being held by a
screenwriter and producer whose resume
speaks for itself
Damon Lindelof co-created and produced
the hit ABC series Lost alongside JJ
Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber it’s normal
I know he also co-created the critically
acclaimed HBO series the leftovers so
yeah he knows how to make television
that’s both engaging and complex oh that
makes sense
what many people don’t know however is
that he’s even dipped his toe in the
world of comics having previously
written for Marvel penning ultimate
Wolverine versus Hulk as well as a story
for the 2013 Time Warp one-shot
published by DC’s vertigo imprint number
eight it’s coming in 2019 Helen Moore
may not like it but is hugely popular
and incredibly influential graphic novel
has taken on a life of its own there
have been efforts to adapt the story for
the big screen
since the original 12 issue limited
series was first published between 1986
and 87 in 2009 it finally became a
reality with Zack Snyder’s divisive film
that same year a tie-in prequel video
game was released these inmates are like
roaches scattering light in 2012 DC
revisited the world with the before
Watchmen prequel series in 2018 they
followed up the story with a sequel
Doomsday Clock this next chapter in the
history of Watchmen will debut in 2019
but the exact air date has yet to be
I’ll tell you about Russia number seven
HBO initially had Zack Snyder in mind
for the series
damnit alright that’s what you want to
do it though zack snyder’s take on
watchmen may not have been for everyone
there are many people out there who
absolutely loved what he did with the
film Watchmen had been called quote
impossible to adapt by filmmakers who
came before him but his unique visual
style and apparent reverence for the
comics rang true with many fans and
critics clearly the folks over at HBO
were impressed by his efforts as back in
multiple outlets reported that HBO had
sat down with the director to discuss a
watchman TV series by 2017 Damon
Lindelof had taken over and Snyder was
no longer in the picture but it’s
interesting to imagine what his take on
the series would have looked like 6
Nicole Cassell is directing the pilot
like with most high profile series
Watchmen will probably see its various
episodes directed by a collection of
directors rather than a single one for
the pilot however it’s been announced
that executive producer Nicole Cassell
is sitting in the director’s chair which
certainly makes for a strong start her
directorial resume includes series like
cold case the killing suits the
Americans and Castlerock this won’t be
her first work for HBO either as she’s
also directed episodes for HBO series
including final Westworld and two
episodes of Damon Lindelof
the leftovers suffice it to say this
pilot is in good hands so I will do my
ease your conscience number five the
cast has decade’s worth of television is
proven a TV series can have a great
premise unique aesthetic rock-solid
writing and a proven creative team but a
show is only as good as its cast so
without further ado let’s take a look at
the talent that Lindelof and company
have lined up to inhabit the world of
watchmen first up is Yaya Abdul Mateen
the second who having recently appeared
in Aquaman and the get-down
brings both dramatic talents and
actress Adelaide Clemens boasts a
similarly strong and diverse resume to
add such recognizable names as Regina
King Don Johnson Tim Blake Nelson Louis
Gossett jr. and Jeremy Irons and you’ve
number four the music Watchmen even in
comic-book form is a moody and
Atmospheric property and so any
adaptation needs the right music to help
bring that feeling to life for the 2009
Watchmen film Zack Snyder tapped
frequent collaborator and Marilyn Manson
guitarist Tyler Bates
for his 2019 series Damon Lindelof has
gone in a different but not dissimilar
direction bringing onboard creative pair
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross the former
being the founder of Nine Inch Nails the
two first collaborated for 2010’s the
they’ve since worked on The Girl with
the Dragon Tattoo gone girl and 2018 s
number three Jeremy Irons is playing
Adrian Veidt
Ozymandias as Lindelof has explained
this series is going to explore the
world of watchmen through an entirely
original story as such most of the
familiar faces from the graphic novel
and film will likely be absent or
relegated to the sidelines one of the
only core characters from the original
story to receive a major nod from the
new series to date is Adrian Veidt also
known as Ozymandias a comic book villain
do you seriously think I’ll explain my
masterstroke to you even the slightest
possibility you could affect the outcome
celebrated thespian Jeremy Irons has
been cast in the role and is noticeably
older than the Ozymandias of the comics
this along with a few other factors has
led many to believe that this series
will jump forward significantly in terms
of time to somewhere closer to the
modern day number two it’s set in Tulsa
Oklahoma the primary setting in the
original Watchmen was New York City well
it would seem that yet another way in
which this TV series will be a departure
from the source material is in the
geographical sense cryptic posts from
The Watchmen Instagram account have all
been of masked law-enforcement agents
from Tulsa has in Tulsa Oklahoma this
series remains largely shrouded in
secrecy so there is little in terms of
explanation as to why this particular
setting was chosen to play a prominent
role in the series but the city is known
for its crime also considering the
events of the original comics NYC likely
isn’t much of an option number one new
heroes and villains with this new story
comes a new cast of masked vigilantes to
carry the morally complex torch of those
before them again very little can be
said about the cast of characters with
any level of certainty but with names
like Andrew Howard’s Red Scare Adelaide
Clemens pirate Jenny and Tim Blake
Nelson Looking Glass it’s safe to assume
that these are heroes and villains the
brief footage debuted at the 76th Golden
Globes also gave us a peek at two masked
figures who certainly look like new
but that being said the site of a
Rorschach like mask shows that there’s
clearly some reverence for bygone heroes
and vigilantes within this world do you
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