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“Live Your LIFE to Get BETTER Every SINGLE DAY!” | Kobe Bryant

this is what I do this is what I do
extremely well you would have to stop me
from doing that if you do stop me from
doing that I have a counter to that and
sucks to lose right but at the same time
their answer is there if you just look
at him he saw something me that reminded
him a lot of himself and he was coming
up it took me under his wing a lot need
motivation nation
what’s that believe nation it seven I
believe in you and this channel is
designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so let’s get your
motivation to attend and get you
believing in you grab a snack and
chewing today’s lessons from a man who
went from being terrible at basketball
at age 10 years old playing in the
summer league and not scoring a single
point the entire summer to becoming one
of the greatest basketball players of
all time and winning five NBA
championships is Kobe Bryant and here’s
my take on his top ten rules a success
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description below if you wake up in the
morning and you’re dreading going to
work dude do something else do something
else and those are hard decisions to
make but when you make those decisions
it’s a very liberating experience or to
go play someplace else to try to chase a
championship that’s not me man that’s
not being that’s not what my career has
been about there’s certain things that
we want to get to but we have to pace
those out because we have to have
okay let’s kick it off with rule number
one get better every single day my
philosophy was a very simple one I am
and this is where I think film plays a
big part of my life I Rudy was one of my
favorite films growing up after watching
that film I come to understand if I
could work that hard every day with the
being blessed with the physical tools
that I have with my career being and I
made a promise to myself from that day
that I was gonna work that hard every
single day so that when I do retire I
have no regrets and that was the most
important thing for me is to leave no
stone unturned
get better every single day and if I
live that way then over time you know
I’d have something that was beautiful
but that was my philosophy that seems
like a pretty simple one but you know if
you lived your life to just get better
every single day and do that for 20
years I mean what do you have
rule number two prove them wrong where’d
you get your killer interesting from
well yeah I think a lot of it had to do
with isolation growing up over there and
being the only african-american kid not
being able to speak the language I
gravitated towards the game and in that
game you find a lot of you find solace
in the game and then when you played
with kids that it might not accept you
because you’re an outsider but yet when
we come to play the game that’s my
chance to forgive vengeance on the for
not accept Amanda and that’s where it
kind of started developing and
throughout the course of my life it’s
always been that it’s always been the
outsider and I’m gonna come in and prove
you know
or to seek some sort of vengeance when
apply rule number three work on your
you were so dominant your whole career
one of the greatest of all time was
there a weakness that you had the
challenge for me was always compassion
and empathy because you’re like guys
let’s go get results shut up don’t
complain right I want to hear your
whining I don’t know excuses don’t tell
me how rough the water is just bring the
boat it you know I don’t I don’t want
here you know and it’s funny it’s
understanding like okay these guys have
lives right side of here they have other
things have other things happening to
them that may be affecting the way that
they are practicing or the way that
they’re performing and it was hard for
me to understand that because nothing
nothing bothered me you know anything
personally you know never fazed me when
I’m compartmentalised it very well I’m
it so I couldn’t understand how my
teammates couldn’t do that either until
I you know I had to really work on that
aspect of that’s hard
rule number four execute what you
practiced in 2006 against the Toronto
Raptors you scored 81 points which is
second only to Wilt Chamberlain’s
hundred points you know I always dreamed
as a kid that you know it was possible
to score an 80 or 90 100 always just
like you know had a dream you know like
sometimes we lay down in bed and you
visualize things you just kind of you
know just that’s how that’s at least how
I would go to sleep I lay down I’d
imagine playing for the Lakers and I’ve
imagined with the uniforms looks like
I’d imagined we would be playing and you
know the smell of the arena and all sort
of stuff and I would see myself you know
getting hot you know score ten straight
points and then but in the dream like
why would you ever interrupt that like
you’re not gonna have a dream and be
like okay then he misses his next sixth
it’s not going to happen so he’s just
cute dreaming a dream in a dream and
before I go to sleep I’m like got a
hundred and twenty points
no so who’s out when you grow up
downloading that into your brain over
and over and over and then you know that
summer I made a thousand shot today
a thousand right that’s on top of weight
training and my conditioning I made a
thousand shots and it weren’t just shots
it were shots that you saw in that game
there were specific shots I mean it’s
coming out of the corner going to the
pinch post footwork in the pose coming
off the screen it was very specific so
when you download that into your system
and you go out on the court and you’re
just executing things that you’ve done
thousands of times before and you have
that dream then that becomes possible
yeah everything’s been not choreographed
but it’s been practiced so many times
that it’s just nature there’s why we
invented like I don’t understand that
you go out and play the game and you’re
just trying to create something news no
no this is what I do this is what I do
extremely well you won’t have to stop me
from doing that and if you do stop me
from doing that I have a counter to that
done rule number five learn from
another thing you told me as a 18 year
old I’m gonna be better than Mike so I
knew it definitely drove you and you
know it’s always gonna be there those
comparisons when somebody’s come before
you and you do it so I’m Alan love you
pattern he came at him and I don’t know
if you watched in high school but it was
a lot of similarity but I know I know
that day you passed up Michael Jordan I
know you probably ride in your car like
you know why man I thought I would be
but it’s like what happened is when I
came to the league and I wanted to take
more right everybody now all I have
heard was nobody called the Black
Panther to call black Jesus awesome
stuff I said what I see this is about
and but what happened does everyone know
he wanted to becoming a big brother
yeah get up quick if you knew where I’ve
grown white you go over to faith Mike
after you fake the ball we all salute
off your feet
yeah but where else you gonna run the
game I go for you explain all your wacko
for these beers right he saw something
me that reminded him a lot of himself
and he was coming up it took me under
his wing a lot it showed me a lot of
things taught me a lot of things our
so when I pass him up member talking
finality with him saying you know this
is kind of it’s it’s he’s still here
information and the stuff that he’s
passed on to me I’m breathing that
spirit back into the game all over again
which is a lot of reason why I try to do
that now for the next generation because
you did that for me Bill Russell do
different jerry west on you guys but
Michael in particular rule number six
learn from wins and losses
what is losing feel like to you it’s
why is it exciting because it means you
have different ways to get better there
are certain things that you can figure
out that you can take advantage of right
certain weaknesses that were exposed
that you need to shore up right so it
was exciting I mean it’s sucks to lose
ran but at the same time their answers
there if you just look at them cuz you
get the information from losing more
than from winning probably yeah yeah I
mean the answers are there when you win
to you you just have to look at them
yeah right so it’s a constant process
it’s exciting when you win it’s exciting
when you lose because the process should
be exactly the same whether you win or
you lose is you go back and you look and
you find things that you could have done
better you find things that you’ve done
well that worked
figure out how did they work why did
they work how can you make them work
again yeah and but the hardest thing is
to face that stuff that’s a really tough
challenge you mean face a mean look
yourself in the mirror and say okay this
is how I showed up or this is what
happened and I give an example so Katy
loose and Wilson is one of the best
college basketball players in the
country she plays at UConn she’s gonna
be a senior right now right now yeah and
she’s from Huntington Beach out here by
us and so she comes down and she works
with some my girls on the team and she
helps coach yeah and they just had a
really tough season last year really
lost a Notre Dame in the final that’s
really tell us lost on the first locks
years right and so I asked I say have
you watched a Notre Dame game this is
hole so what why not I know you don’t
but you’re gonna play Notre Dame this
year yeah yeah it was the chances you
see him again and
probably Mia so well you can’t show up
and play them without knowing why you
lost that one right so you know the
mistakes that you’ve made in that game
you have to do the hard stuff and watch
that game and study that game to not
make those mistakes over and over again
just because you weren’t brave enough to
face it so she came down to the office I
brought down the officer we sat down we
watched that game together all right did
you got a got a deal with it got a deal
with it face it learn from it Wow there
must have been cringing for her and
she’d be like oh you playing like we
could have won all the things that’s
exactly it is I just did that one thing
Zack if I didn’t get that foul for a
squad a layup it’s exactly right you’re
looking I said oh there’s the mismatch
oh there’s the gap uh you know and all
those little things and it sucks but but
you don’t want to have that feeling
again do you right so you got to really
study it face it and not to say you’ll
win the next time your fate but your
least you give yourself a better better
chance yeah
rule number seven practice mindfulness
you have a mindfulness or meditative
practice that you use while you play
yeah well Phil introduced meditation to
us when he came to our team in 99 2000
and it was something that I instantly
gravitated to because I could see the
effects you I used to watch you know
studying the games the Bulls teams and
you know watching their demeanor
watching their composure and playing in
a tough place like Utah doing the finals
and being down 17 but everybody was like
this you couldn’t tell if they were down
17 or up 20 or a tie game and never
changed and I was wondering why the hell
that is
and that’s why I started doing more
research and when till came I
immediately gravitated to it and found
myself accepting the challenge of
finding what that space is and for the
81 point game and to be honest I was I
wasn’t even thinking about the game my
knee was hurting so much I didn’t know
then but you know how to flap a joint
of cartilage stuck in my joint line and
so my mom was really trying to go to a
place where I don’t feel that name and
game started and because of that I was
just in a different space I wasn’t
worried about what was the calm I was
worried about what just happened I was
just here and when you’re just there in
the moment playing plays right in front
of you your focus is heightened because
nothing else matters and that’s the
space I’ve tried to get to rule number
eight be ambitious you remember what you
told me one day in the fall when I first
met you you said you were going to be
the finish it for me like the greatest
player of all time yes you may be torn
up now that sounds that sounds something
no it sounds like something I would say
I don’t you said that and then you
actually said them will be the Will
Smith of the NBA the change yeah now you
know I’ve always had ambition rule
number nine believe in your team what
are you most proud of from your 20
seasons honestly sounds may sound a
little shallow but I got to say beating
the Celtics in game seven that’s what
I’m most proud of because why it was the
hardest you’re playing with rajon rondo
Paul Pierce mm-hmm Kevin Garnett mm-hm
all stop Ray Allen and you know there’s
myself pow and players that other teams
didn’t won and you know how do we figure
out as a group what to do and the reason
why I love that series so much is that
we went down three games to two against
Boston and now you got two games coming
home I remember sitting in the locker
room and they beat the crap out of us to
that game so we’re sitting in a locker
room and it’s really really quiet I’m
sitting there looking around and we just
lost the Celtics in no.8 so this is like
revenge right they’re kicking our butt
again right so I sit around I just
started laughing I started laughing and
then I remember Derek Fisher looked at
me like and Lamar looked at me no
but what is funny so do they beat the
crap they just beat the crap up and say
I’m missing the part where that’s funny
that’s it man listen if we start this
season and they say you know all you
have to do is win two games at home and
your NBA champ would you take that yeah
right that’s all we got to do yeah go
home we two into four NBA champions all
you gotta do is wood to get to yams a
row that’s it we’ll take care of the
first game and I promise you they’re not
winning Game seven on our home floor
it’s not happening so we all just
laughed about it and then we went out
and we figured it out but that Game
seven was we’re down 15 points in the
fourth quarter right and that’s when you
have to collectively look at each other
and say you know the spirit of your team
must be good because at that moment is
when teams fracture if the energy
amongst each other isn’t there that
trust isn’t there you’re done mmm and we
were able to collectively dig deep
together and say all right we’re gonna
figure this thing out Wow and I wasn’t
playing well I wasn’t shooting the ball
well at all and so my teammates picked
you up and they delivered yes yeah and
rule number ten the last one before a
very special bonus clip is learn
storytelling storytelling for me is the
number one thing it’s writing its
outline is creating narratives that
inspire the next generation of athletes
what are those things and you know not
from merely
a documentary
but from a fantasy perspective from the
mythology perspective right what are
those stories that we can use to teach
the next generation of athletes not just
about the sport but teach them about
life Bruce for how do we make those
connections and so that’s why I obsess
now I’ve got a special bonus clip from
Kobe on how to have a Mamba mentality
that I think you’re really gonna enjoy
but before that it’s time for the
three-point landing questions time to
move from just watching another video to
taking action in your life or business
and if you’re feeling bold leave your
answers in the comments below here we go
question number one who do you need to
believe more in number two where do you
need to be more ambitious and number
three what weakness do you need to work
booked up into two sections and process
is really about the process of preparing
you know through injury recovery
studying of the game and then the craft
is the actual performance and the
tactics and so a lot of things that I
learned through the game were through
photos you can look at a photo and see
like a player making a movie look at the
angle of his feet look how he’s using
his hands on defense and I can really
break down things to the smallest detail
through that and that’s what you’ll see
in this book I mean it’s really a
basketball Bible yeah mama meant it but
it’s also your mindset Bible right yeah
yeah I might would you see how I break
things down like how I’m looking at
things to the smallest of detail yeah
and that’s the best way to understand
how to have that kind of mentality is to
ask questions then find answers and then
I lead to more questions and you find
more answers and that’s where the book
if you want more Kobe check out the
incredible work ethic video I made on
him the link is right there next to me I
think you’ll enjoy it continue to
believe and I’ll see you there I truly
love what I do and that’s where the
passion comes from that’s where the will to get better comes from
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