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Game of Thrones: 10 Behind the Scenes Facts

I’m a superfan and I didn’t even know
half of these hey guys it’s Phoebe from
watch mojo today we’re counting down our
picks for the top 10 behind-the-scenes
facts about Game of Thrones
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number 10 Daenerys Targaryen was
insulted with monty python quotes what
is he doing in the season 4 episode
breaker of chains
Daenerys attempts to take the city of
murine when she arrives a champion
greeter a warrior selected by the
Masters of marine to best a champion of
Danny’s choosing in single combat as
this man waits for Daenerys to decide he
hurls insults at her from a distance if
you happen to speak low Valyrian you’ll
be pleasantly surprised to discover that
he’s using quotes from Monty Python and
the Holy Grail some of his zingers
include your mother was a hamster and I
number 9 the actor who plays Aemon
Targaryen was really blind when winter
does come God’s help us all if we’re not
already seeing us how Game of Thrones
revolves around fantastical plot devices
like ice Dom bees dragons and magic it
would be easy to assume that keeping
things real isn’t a top priority however
Peter Vaughan the actor who played the
Nights Watch blind maester aemon from
season 1 through 5 was in fact blind at
least partially Vaughn had a lengthy
film and television career that began
all the way back in 1931
however the older he got the worst his
vision became and when he signed up to
play a maan Targaryen in 2011 his sight
had severely deteriorated I’m a master
of the Citadel bound and service to
Castle black and the Nights Watch number
8 sophie Turner adopted her character’s
one of the most jarring early moments
from season one of Game of Thrones was
when Ned Stark was forced to kill
Sansa’s dire wolf lady to appease the
Queen’s rage when the canine character
no longer had a place on the show that
didn’t mean it no longer had a place in
Sophie Turner’s heart during production
Turner grew extremely close to lady
whose real name is Unni so when it came
time to say goodbye instead she and her
family adopted the Malick northern Inuit
dog the two have been inseparable ever
number seven the show helped save rare
pigs and their farm of course they
wanted the older breeds and the older
type of animals that didn’t want their
modern modern breeds which would look
totally out of place if there’s one
thing that Game of Thrones is synonymous
with its death so it was quite
surprising to learn that during
production the show actually helped save
a rare breed of pig iron aged pigs have
been used regularly on the series due to
their uniquely medieval look for
centuries they’ve been bred on Fort Hill
farm in Northern Ireland by the Gracie
according to owner Kenny Gracie quote
farming has taken a downturn costs are
too high and we’re not getting enough
for our produce thankfully for him and
his pigs the show’s need for traditional
animals has helped keep his farm afloat
Game of Thrones has been one of major
assets to us and happiness survey number
six Thomas brodie-sangster was a decade
older than his character sometimes in my
dreams at three-eyed Raven you’ve seen
it come together when it comes to
sticking to the source material Game of
Thrones doesn’t exactly have the best
track record for instance in the books
many of the main characters are
teenagers but in the show they’re played
by actors and actresses in their 20s and
30s a prime example is Thomas
brodie-sangster who landed the role of
Jojen Reed in 2013 in the books Reed is
described as being 13 years old whereas
when brodie-sangster was playing him he
was already 23 a full 10 years older Hey
if your looks allow you to play younger
go for it come with me we’ll die with
him go with them number five the actors
who play bran and Cersei Lannister used
to date before they were cast mates on
one of TV’s most popular shows Jerome
Flynn and Lena Headey were reportedly an
item the two dated in the early 2000s
but things didn’t end well and according
to a handful of sources they’re no
longer on speaking terms
this had posed a problem for the
producers of Game of Thrones as bran and
Circe’s peers regularly cross paths
keeping them apart hasn’t been easy
although eagle-eyed viewers will be
quick to note that in the season 7
episode the dragon and the wolf bran
exited the meeting with Cersei early so
that the two wouldn’t have to share
screen time must have been a really bad
breakup let’s you mean don’t have a
number four Charles dance skinned an
actual deer for a scene
oh let’s talk brave man terrible
attacking him was stupid you only get
one chance to make a first impression
for multiple seasons trials dance was
one of game of thrones’ most imposing
characters his no-nonsense portrayal of
Tywin Lannister terrified viewers on a
weekly basis part of the reason he was
so effective in the role was his how
should we say this hands-on approach
when Tywin is first introduced to
viewers he’s in the middle of skinning a
deer something that dense actually did
with a real deer according to him it was
one of the highlights of his time on the
show not our cup of tea but still pretty
cool family name that lives on it’s all
that lives on jewelry not your honor but
family do you understand
number three Emilia Clarke was
accidentally glued to an on-set toilet
she has to read a whole heart
hope that wasn’t my goals one of the
most iconic scenes from season one had
an unintended consequence for emilia
clarke the scene in question called for
Daenerys to eat a horse heart which was
actually just a giant gummy covered in
corn syrup fake blood is notoriously
sticky however and when combined with a
giant sticky gummy heart while you have
a recipe for one seriously sticky
disaster by the time she was done
shooting Clarke was covered in sticky
substances and when she went to the
washroom she ended up getting stuff to
the toilet how she managed to get off is
anyone’s guess but we can only imagine
it involved a pretty embarrassing
conversation with one of her co-workers
it truly is a queen today number two
some big-name stars almost nabbed key
roles kill every Targaryen I get my
hands on you can’t get your hands on
this one can you throughout game of
thrones’ run we’ve seen no shortage of
recognizable faces come and go but there
have been numerous instances in which
some of Hollywood’s biggest stars nearly
secured a spot on G ot only to turn it
down or be denied the x-files Gillian
Anderson and the wires Dominic West both
turned down unspecified roles on the
show additionally Sam Claflin best known
for his portrayal of Finnick Odair in
The Hunger Games franchise audition for
the roles of Jon Snow and Viserys
Targaryen only to be denied by producers
of course he would go on to star
opposite Emilia Clarke in the romantic
drama me before you so it all worked out
in the end beautiful way die next I
shall be yourself number 1 Daenerys
Targaryen and Catelyn Stark were played
by different actors in the pilot she
doesn’t know what she’s saying
Liza’s head would be on a spike right
now if the wrong people had found that
letter Game of Thrones got off to a
rocky start in 2009 the original pilot
which featured Tamsin merchants of the
tutors Fame in the role of Daenerys and
Jennifer Ehle in the role of Catelyn
Stark was poorly received by test
audiences forcing HBO to demand that it
be reshot with different actors as such
merchants and Ely were replaced by
Emilia Clarke and Michelle Fairley
other notable close calls included a one
ran almost being
in the role of Jon Snow and cateresa van
Jota almost playing Cersei of course
they would both later appear on the show
is Ramsay Bolton and the red woman
respectively for the night is dark and
full of terrors
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