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Comedian Brendon Burns: Race Jokes vs. Religion Jokes

he’s offensive event not afraid to show
it hi I’m Rebecca Brayton and welcome to and today we’re at the
just for laughs festival to speak with
comedian Brendan Byrnes one of honor it
is to be doing this show all about
wrestling in front of wrestling fans and
I don’t have to give any back
information I don’t have to explain
myself whatsoever when I declare in
front of you if you are a strike on your
Randy Orton fan yeah guy are you sick of
talking about controversial comedy and
what is controversy and that kind of
thing every culture has like it’s
different little buzz subjects another
right kind of gay I number should be
allowed to adopt nothing should be
allowed to get married I mean asserting
yourself in present day you know if you
see the man in the ring every time he
goes to do an RKO it looks like he’s
holding out right
in Britain they don’t do they don’t do
race at all it’s very very touchy but
they do religion until the cows come
home and yet in certain parts of the
states of you if you start to go after
religion people are very very touchy
it’s different it’s different
environments have different but the
controversial Monica I would be
controversial if you book me to do a gig
in a nunnery but I’m largely doing
festivals that it’s very clear what I’m
gonna do so I’m not really I’m not going
out there for cheap shock tactics in
prison right and you just about me right
I just go ah what a week first agent now
this is there anything you find
controversial not really I think of your
hearts in the right place you can joke
about anything my favorite jokes are the
ones that hang in the air and people
wonder what the butt of the joke was and
then they realized the butt of the joke
was actually there in a dilemma in
Montreal you’re supportive I only work
in the UK and you say you haven’t had a
drink or a traveler five years in the UK
is get a room full of bitter people
going up why surely you have to drive
every night would someone have to do to
offend you willfully misrepresented I
said and then tell me how offended they
are the nature of all outraged really
can just be whittled down to what about
me these are my personal boundaries
you’re expect tonight thanks very much
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