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Another Top 10 Stupidly Overpowered Supervillains

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might have
finally met their match
welcome to 10 stupidly
overpowered super villains
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this list we’re once again looking at
super villains so ridiculously
overpowered that they give even the
strongest heroes a run for their money
if there was someone you think is
missing be sure to check out our
original list number 10 venom the arch
villain turned hero turned occasional
villain again may not seem particularly
Opie but we’d ask you to consider one
thing his adaptability thanks to his
ability to bond with a variety of hosts
including ones with superhuman abilities
this inky black baddie has a potentially
endless variety of tricks of his sleeve
add in the symbiotes natural ability to
shape-shift into a staggering amount of
tools and you’ve got a villain who’s
ready for almost any hero you throw at
him sure he’s also critically weak to
both fire and Sonic based attacks but
told that those Achilles heels trick you
into under estimating this deadly being
number 9 core vac this villain story is
long and involved so it’s fitting that
it’s known as the corvax saga beginning
as a lowly human worker from the distant
future he was first turned into a cyborg
and then imbued with massive amounts of
cosmic power turning a humble laborer
into something approaching a god
the notorious villain could only be
opposed by the combined might of the
Avengers and the guardians of the galaxy
when he arrived on modern-day earth and
actually managed to outright kill most
of them just before his death he brought
the heroes back to life proving his
massive power levels even further not
many villains can claim that kind of
body count number 8
Brainiac his moniker may imply a villain
who favors brain over brawn but this
longtime foe of the Man of Steel
actually has both power and intelligence
to spare his origins have varied but
across the many DC Comics timelines he’s
always been depicted as a powerful alien
Android one with near limitless
intelligence and resources his goal is
often to collect and catalog all forms
of life preserving a few samples and
destroying the rest and it’s this drive
that’s brought him to blows with
Superman on many occasions plus his
spaceship looks like a giant robe
skull with tentacles coming out of it if
that’s not a Power Move what is number
ons thought it’s often the case that
enemies can get a whole lot done when
they finally work together but in this
instance that might not be a good thing
this hulking being was brought to life
when a portion of magneto psyche
infiltrated the mind of Professor X
causing the x-men’s leader to develop a
dangerous split personality this being a
combination of Magneto’s rage and hatred
for Humanity and Professor X’s massive
psychic powers eventually manifested as
this gargantuan villain whose psionic
abilities allowed him to take down
almost all the Marvel heroes in one
climactic battle it was even powerful
enough to survive having its body
destroyed living on as a being of pure
energy number six Annihilus with a
massive army known as the annihilation
wave under his control
this insectoid villain once broke into
the Marvel Universe from his home
dimension of the negative zone
kick-starting a war that nearly wiped
out all known life in addition to his
army the villain also wields the cosmic
control rod a device that allows him to
control matter energy and even space
itself that means that he could reduce
you to a pile of ash transmute that ash
into a tasteful statuette and then
transported into the heart of a star a
few universes over so seriously don’t
get on his bad side number 5 the void we
all have our dark sides but thankfully
none like this
the hero known as the Sentry was once
one of the most powerful beings in the
Marvel Universe a respected superhero
with a heart of gold
but when of being emerged to appear to
be a darkened version of the golden hero
the only way to keep it under control
was to erase all memories of both the
hero and his opposite number from the
minds of everyone on earth that should
say it all really this villain was such
a threat that earth had to sacrifice one
of its greatest heroes just to keep it
contained number 4
Amazo we talked a bit earlier about the
power of versatility and adaptability
and few villains have those qualities
like this one key or rather it has the
ability to replicate the superhuman
powers of any hero or villain it
encounters which understandably makes it
one of the most deadliest foes of the
Justice League originally created by the
mad scientist dr. Evo the first Android
and several other models with the same
ability have occasionally battled the
league pushing the legendary
rose to their limit by throwing their
powers back at them but then there was
also that time Batman took one down by
himself because well Batman number three
the marquee of death this imposing
villain has the ability to warp all of
reality allowing him to change reshape
or outright destroy anything and
everything he encounters even on a
universal scale well he was originally
imprisoned by the Reed Richards of his
home dimension he eventually escaped and
went on a universal murder spree by
which we mean he destroyed numerous
alternate realities before arriving in
the mainline Marvel Universe it’s pretty
safe to say that no other villain has a
body count like his given that he’s
destroyed an unknown number of universes
each one with an I uncountable number of
inhabitants we’d ask how he sleeps a
night but just look at the guy he
clearly hasn’t slept in eons number two
mister mix a spit a lick as if his name
wasn’t bad enough this interdimensional
being is a frequent source of headaches
for the Man of Steel he may not look
like much of a threat but his
mischievous nature and reality altering
powers make him a very dangerous and
unpredictable foe in some continuities
he can be temporarily banished back to
his home in the fifth I mentioned by
tricking him into saying his own name
backwards this sounds pretty ridiculous
but honestly it makes as much sense as
anything else he does whenever he turns
up number one
Trigon we all get into fights with our
parents from time to time but look on
the bright side at least one of your
parents isn’t an evil all-powerful demon
from an alternate dimension with a wide
array of demonic abilities including
eldritch energy blasts and a powerful
magic staff this enemy of the Teen
Titans is exactly as dangerous as he
looks it’s not all that surprising that
he’s conquered numerous
extra-dimensional civilizations and
completely wiped out the ones that
refused to bend the knee
basically if he pays your dimension a
visit you’re in trouble do you agree
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