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Young Designers Changing the World | Tina Melo | TEDxSalveReginaU



hi everyone I’m also the founder a very

special very unique out-of-the-box

thinking educational system

I graduated from Rhode Island School in

design I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts as

well I got my certificate as an advocate

for children in 2014 from the PLT I

parent leadership training institute now

isn’t that kind of strange

a lot a degree is a certified paralegal

Bachelor of Fine Arts and an advocate

for children very strange combination

well anyways I was trained to think

outside the box and like many people in

the world we’ve all done a lot and we’ve

suffered a lot and we’ve gone through

trauma well the reason why I started

this program I lived in Europe for 20

years of the fashion analysts i supply

90% of the fact of the trend information

to the companies in New York and somehow

I went through a very bad divorce and I

lost a lot including my children so when

I came back to the states in 2011 I was

traumatized and so I wanted to give a

little bit background of why so it’s not

like I woke up one day and said look I

want to teach kids how to be designers

didn’t happen that way I almost call it

a spiritual intervention because I kind

of walked away from it constantly and

then somehow the universe kept pushing

me back and forth why I’m here is

because I was very upset about how I saw

the educational system in the United

States when I came back kids came to me

parents came to me and said guess what

we have no more arts in school our

creativity is taken away

we’re losing interest in school we’re

dropping out and they’re giving us these

stupid tests with things we don’t even

have to know now I can tell you right

now I know the youth has changed we call

it evolution children being born today

are not the kind of children that were

born before they are had it they’re

finished they know what they want to be

when they grow up they know that they’re

going to school are going to learn

things they don’t need

I knew what I wanted to be when I was

five years old I knew I wanted to be a

designer although I had to fight my

father for it want me to go into

computer science

the only was language he understood is a

seat I purposely got to see then he let

me go to RISD so when I did some

research because the legal degree gave

me a a sense of a lot of doing research

and I did that for trends but I found

out in the 1900s our educational system

has not changed as the 1900s now

something’s wrong with this picture

why do you take a child and make them

like everybody else we are not a bunch

of sardines in a can

every child is different every child’s

unique so why are we teaching them all

to be the same so I’ve heard some other

text talks the last couple of days

and I saw one professor from England

talk about how creativity’s make is

being taken away and how important it is

the nice I heard a TED talk of a kid TED

talk who’s 14 who started a software

company at 14 and what he said high

school makes you dumber well you know

what I said oh my god they’re speaking

my language so I’m like okay but

everybody’s talking about it everybody

knows this was the problem so when I

started this project and as in the last

couple of days I realized I found the

solution I figured it out so this

project I started I’m about to show you

and in a way what I’ve done I’ve taken

out that whole middle school high school

and I threw it out the window first

thing what does the child want to be

when they grow up don’t it doesn’t

everybody ask their kids that question

and when the kid says well I want to be

this and I want to be that does the

parents sit there and now decide which

school to send that kid based on what he

just said

no oh that’s nice but you can’t do that

until you graduate and then you got to

we’re forced to go into an educational


makes you sit there all day long learn

what I started a program which is taken

fashion which is my background I’m a

retired fashion designer and I decided

that I’m going to do something that no

one else has done I was criticized by

the head of the my former head of the

RISD apparel department I hope she sees

us because she was killing me up for a

week she couldn’t sleep

she called me every day when she heard I

was about to teach my RISD education for

free she said you can’t do that I said

why not with a creme de la creme you’re

taking our expensive education you got

to give it away for free she could not

understand she comes from that

old-school mentality you gotta pay for

that education so wait a minute so if I

was born in an underprivileged family I

can’t get the same education that that

kid gets well you know what the

Montessori system which I learned when I

was in Germany when after I retired and

gave up my career to raise my kids I

found that the Montessori system was the

best so what did I do

I took my best education from RISD my

Montessori experience and I fuse them

together and I created this and now I’m

about to show you that I prove that it

works take away all that give the child

what they need and they’re learning to

do math spelling and everything at the

same time they’re being creative because

they don’t realize they’re learning

they’re making their own choices they’re

taking their own there how should I put


they’re taking responsibility for their

own learning style plus you’re giving

them an environment that they’re being

creative they’re getting they look at

concept boards they look at dresses my

whole studio is constantly changing I

took that all and I fuse it together and

now we’re being followed by people in

Europe designers are there they’re

coming out of work I don’t even know who

are getting all of on Facebook but I can

tell you I’ve had comments from designs

in European that said how do you do it

these kids are coming up with designs

better than my colleagues people in New

York are following them it’s amazing

well cannot grasp but a five-year-old

can learn too so who can’t even reach

the pedal make her own patterns and make

things that people would want to wear so

guess what it’s time to end this this

kind of educational system we’re done

it’s all about healing empowering

leading by example so I hope everyone

here you may not understand this now

maybe 10 or 20 years from now I want

people in TEDx

to maybe take what I’ve done and apply

it to architecture play it to law plates

anything a child is looking to learn

maybe they’ll be schools opening up for

every type of what they want to be when

they grow up you need to show compassion

you need to have no fear combining all

three brains together is the only way to

teach you can’t concentrate on just on

the left you got to concentrate on the

right left and urinate and Maria

Montessori was the first one to mention

that I teach handicapped children too

she’s the only one that proved that

handicap can learn I want to be a

designer five years old movement

cognitive development

we’re always dancing and I teach

one-on-one because I what I teach is so

complex that you need to I have to get

to know that student I have to dig deep

inside that student and know what makes

them happy and that’s how I teach I

don’t have my lessons prepared have the

basics but when it comes to my lessons

with them they choose the design that

they’re going to make and that’s how I

teach every day it’s something different

they choose a harder design or they

choose a less disorder design they’ll

learn as they do for hours they learn to

sew I teachers through a fashion I teach

real world experience freedom of choice

you’re learning math they’re using spec

sheets that we use in New York they’re

concentrating these kids have D it up

there they have all those does it you

know whatever they call it bipolar this

these kids are concentrating look

these kids are unteachable sometimes in

school but look at them here do they

look like they’re learning and what’s

the most important thing

once you learn something you pass it on

they retain the information more when

they have to give it back this little

girl is just giving back to one of our

new students no competition fashion for

a cause you also have to show compassion

look at what they’ve designed six years

old these are kids of my students and





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