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Mi negritud y yo: Utopía de una actriz | Anai Padilla | TEDxLima

when I was five years old I was in fashion
the singer in atucha ii the queen of the
I liked it a lot so listen
her songs danced as she is
singing her songs everyone saw her
perfect because she was very talented but
she was also white she was blonde and with eyes
Of course that age I also saw it yes
I remember that one day I was at home
dancing the meneito when he happened
mom and out of nowhere I asked mom
because I’m not white like yours
my mom gave a big laugh like
I was 10 years old walking around
the street with my mom and suddenly a
taxi driver let your self scream miau miau that
It attracts a lot of attention so I looked
to my mom looking for some kind of
reaction but she ignored it by
this was repeated several times
until one day my mom context very
annoyed with a rudeness and followed
That day I dared I asked my mom
what that meow meant and she
he answered well as they assume that all
the blacks like a cat did not come back to
talk more about the subject and in my adolescence
one day at school a teacher
he asked a question that I did not know how
answer and a partner said clear how
and is 12 because it is an old joke
that Afro-descendants only
we think until 12
everyone laughed that I did not tell my
mom and I let it happen like that I grew up being the
point of ridicule in the whole secondary by
black on board or because I liked
dance dances of the sierra in the
school dance festivals but
for everyone it was very funny because I
I became the black chola
all this before all this I always
he responded with a smile as if not
nothing will happen
when in fact they became
deep lashes that
unconsciously going plugging was trying
go unnoticed to avoid
teasing and and discomfort
I tried to respect myself but it was
difficult at home
none of this was relevant because
socially it was normal it was normal that I
they will bother about my skin color for me
I weigh my hair for my features but
it did not make me feel good and if any
Once I told my mom, she told me
he answered and he reminded me that we were coming
of a wonderful family and that I
I had to feel proud of my
roots and where we came from and is that I
I come from a wonderful family
I come from a family of artists a
family of great musicians of music
afroperuana a family admired and
dear in the musical environment I think
my great-grandfather was don porfirio vázquez
from aucayama huaral composer
Decimist drawer and dancer called
the patriarch of black music by the
great job he did when rescuing
Peruvian musical genres and
establish many of the basic steps
of the dances that to this day
we Dance
my grandfather was abelardo vázquez singer
composer zapateador and teacher of the
marinera Lima and how they had
other artists in the family like my uncle
grandfather pepe vásquez
I saw that my family was admired was
dear they made homages to them
interviews and all that also made me
feel important but in the everyday
it was not like that in everyday life people do not
He was so kind
I remember one summer I spent
crying because I did not want to go back to
school had anguish and fear was
tired of teasing
then my mom very true to her style
He said the only thing that I’m going to leave your
so even if they bother you, you have to
be stronger and excel look at your
grandpa look at you
uncle look at me that I have a profession
perhaps we feel less good
I held on very strongly to those words of
that strength that Mom showed me and of
everything that my family transmitted to me
I did my best because I saw in
them an example to follow
so I stood up and followed me
forward after a while finished the
hard school stage and I had to go back
good to take a professional career
I realized that the south by
what had happened and was still happening in
actually they were dealing with racism and
discrimination naturalized in the form of
jokes I realized that that did not have
why be normal and that was also a
type of violence
that’s how I became interested in these issues
and I started researching to listen to
inform me
that’s how my activism and my
concern about addressing this type of
I started to recognize myself to love me
accept me as I was
I started a big change and that change
started by my hair finished with the
longed for since he was 12 years old
because I was doing my hair and I left my
natural hair just like it did now
my mom almost died of course but
that change was important and powerful for
me because I could understand many things
I could see reality with another look and
can be really aware of what
surrounded me with the society in which
she lived
I understood that it is not easy to belong to a
ethnic group that has been enslaved violated
segregated and historically marginalized
through the centuries
it is not easy to assume an identity that does not
occupies a privileged space in this
I went ahead I finished school and as
says the inheritance saying comes to
I leaned for an artistic career and
decided to be an actress
my parents did not cut my wings and I
they let fly
I entered the superior national school
of dramatic art and I made the career of
performance for five years
I always say that to me my career
saved the life
As I said, it made me see the world of
another way
one night I was looking for a text that
It helps me as I search for text
served as an object of analysis for me
thesis project and a friend and teacher
of the Peruvian theater Alberto Isola
sent a text that was titled star
black of the Uruguayan playwright Adriana
I just finished reading that
monologue broke into crying star was
a sensitive afrodescendant woman
intelligent dreamer with a leading role
and the son where he displayed attributes
habitually denied to the characters
literary blacks of our field
a woman enslaved mother of a new
born abandoned by the masters and that
had to draw a series of adventures
along the history
fascinated me until then I had not
found with a text that will touch a
theme like that but also a text that had
but as a protagonist a black woman
after a while I found a
awesome story that was behind
of this text a story that I
disarmed but disarmed me for good
Adriana writes black star for
virginia murature e an actress
afroargentina adriana account of that
virginia was an actress who had a
overwhelming talent and a force
impressive but in turn be a
actress with very few opportunities to
act because he always called her to
be dad
efe black not the doctor another
secretary or mother not the roles that
they always assigned him the color of
virginia renegaba a lot for this lack
of opportunities for racism that
they lived daily and also for not being
accepted as afro argentina adriana
she decides to write this text for her
where this woman would be the protagonist of
a powerful and moving story
when adriana seeks virginia to
tell them about the project you contact
with an aunt of her and she responds
that virginia had tired of waiting
six months before virginia had left
drop your dreams under the wheels of a
train the disenchantment and despair
they had been able to
after this one with you and I decided
immerse myself in this text and take it to
scene the history of virginia not me
discouragement could have happened because I
she was also an afrodescendant actress
living in an unequal society but
on the contrary half courage and gave me
strength to follow and not become
an invisibility statistic
according to a report from the Ombudsman ‘s
village in the year 2011 only every six
Afro-Peruvian tenths arrive to access
a higher level and of those six only
two finish their studies when I
I entered the superior national school
of dramatic art
we enter three Peruvian afro women
After a while, only I finished my
studies far more terrible than
statistics and this still gets
much more complex if we touch points of
housing video health food
I thought about using the stage with
black star to visualize us for
recognize me so that they recognize and
to be recognized
I felt it is important to touch the subject of
identity because it’s something that we need
I wanted to pay tribute to virginia
to my family to my ancestors to me
I thought about giving voice to the forgotten ones
The official story
that story that is not in the books
they do not tell us everything at school
that you do not talk about and if you do not talk
it can stop existing
finally black star came out of the
classrooms and becomes a project
professional under the direction of
master Alberto isola and had a
traveling tour for three years
I graduated with honors and I started to open
path in the workplace
little by little the doors went
opening and for six years he worked
as an actress doing theater cinema
television in addition to also exercising
teaching for 15 years star
Black marked my life and marked my story
and also brought pleasant moments in the
2014 the macu organization for the
development and another one recognition by
work for the benefit of the community
Afro-Peruvian and the following year I won a
prize in the category revelation
female for my work as an actress
today I live and he dedicated me
completely to my profession in a country
where to live art privilege station
I appreciate having had references
referents of love strength and
humility because they made me not
back down do not take that step back as
that summer when I did not want to go back
to school but the opposite to
from all that history
I decided that I would live every day as if
have a microphone permanently
with me to raise my voice to
make visible those gaps and those
injustices that still stands for
say here I am here we are
we are also all that made me be
who I am today but if only I have left
in the negative and in the pain it would be
reduce my experience
whoever and maybe I would not be here today
with you
Martin Luther King once said I have
a dream a single dream to continue dreaming
dream of justice dream of the
freedom dream of equality and hopefully
I did not need to dream about them
I also have a dream
I dream that the color of the skin of a
person is not the factor that determines
your destiny
I dream that each and every one of
we can breathe freely and
walk without fear
I dream that my brothers and sisters
sisters do not give up their dreams anymore
that the only thing we should give up
to that idea that we do not deserve to be
part of this world
I dream that you and those who are
out there understand that the racism
discrimination and inequality are
tasks that negatively impact
Many people dream and I keep dreaming because
Dreaming is also an act of love and love
is what we most need as
Thank you
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