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Las mujeres artistas: Arte y Venganza | María Jesús Martínez | TEDxPlazaDeLaMercedWomen

they knew that art helps women
to take revenge
they will wonder why women
Well, if we take any manual
book especially the traditional ones of
history of art
We will see few chapters dedicated to
women in their pages
Fortunately little by little they leave
once more doing more studies
investigations by the
universities by museums
on the subject of women but
still not enough
Today in our city of Malaga as
We have two examples of exhibitions
where women exhibit their works a
gala at the carmen thyssen museum
we have an exhibition of gray juan and
by Maria Blanchar at the Picasso Museum
we have a series of works by a group
of surreal women that many of
I did not even know but that
exist within the books do not want
say that real life has not existed
chosen as we have the time that
we have some works of women
artists who used art for their
the first one is one of my fetish artist
Her name is Artemisa Gentileschi, a woman
very modern
a 17th century woman who wanted to be
artist was a very formed woman and I say
this because she studied at the academy
of fine arts of Florence which is the
same place where he studied himself
Miguel Angel well she was very clear
I wanted to be an artist
he told his father
named horacio who understood it
perfectly because he was a painter
painter in addition to horseman cut as
what would she be years later
well he calls the father with all the
good intention of the world because you
offers a private tutor so that
she could learn something more
about drawing and about perspective but
agosti notes and that was one of these
painters who came to Rome to look for
look for a better life as it turned out to be
a rapist abuses artemisia in
yes, promising marriage as
if that was a gift but she takes
a lot of time in reporting more of
a year that happens then that when
artemisia the complaint
nobody believed her had an unfair trial
degrading and the truth that I agustí not
it is so he had a very slight penalty
in short she does not see another way better than
revenge through art
then he begins to portray his
aggressor in the circumstances more
horrible even portrays him dying
or rather she murders him these two
works that were brought gone are of the same
judith killing the fairness but the
face of the man who is dying
in addition to violently from hands of
a strong and determined young woman is not
other than his aggressor
Artemisia is revenge for agost and notes
and another woman who uses art to
to get revenge is frida kahlo of all
this young girl is married to diego
a big man, much older than
she and with a reputation as a woman of
womanizer who preceded her she
account that the wedding his father told him
diego diego
be careful with my daughter because she is very
I do not think so but that’s how I
said the father is very ugly but you do not know
how smart is diego ignored
to the father and he dedicated himself to cheat frida
so much so that he came to have
relationships with his own sister with the
sister of frida her after many
years of infidelity
she was completely in love with
he then decides to leave but not without
before dedicating this work
this work is called frida kahlo
self-portrait of pelona or self-portrait
with short hair
they say that in a fit of rage they
He cut his hair and scattered it
room there was not one thing that more
Diego likes that Frida is portrayed
with long hair collected with flowers in
the hair and dressed in these dresses
Indians loved her what she does
is to dress in a masculine way with
a rather larger man’s suit
of those who used diego since
presumably it was from him and with his hair
short and scattered as we see by the
floor that in addition to a feeling to the
work somewhat unsettling
I believe that if that hair instead of hair
because that blood would not have a one us
it would give a very similar feeling
besides a pair of scissors in your hand is a
weapon and then by aguirre prays a
song that would later sing chavela
vargas that was a traditional song
Mexican that said something like if you
I wanted because you have hair and now that
He does not have hair anymore I do not want you one thing
A) Yes
then come double doldrums
from diego very different
Very different is the portrait Frida
makes for one of her lovers
trosky well frida has a relationship
with Trotsky because it’s also a
person I idolized diego
then, of course, this is how the company does not
Quito knew more harm But look for
she has put on her long hair
how he liked diego with those flowers in
instead of scissors has more flowers in
I was dressed like a princess on a note
not that he takes the other hand because he says
to trotsky how much he loves him
so well I think that frida does not
come by means of art at least
let’s know on these two occasions more and
closest to us there is a
photographer that I love that she
Sophie Cal calls this photographer
French is a very curious woman is
even a character from a book of
Paul auster from a few years ago
sophie lime meets a guy and she
they fall madly in love
a year later to see if they continue
feeling the same
they are things of the artists but good
they were also in an airport
she went to the appointment but serious that
That’s the name of his beloved, he does not go
then it’s good goes home suffers then a
disappointment but Greg shortly
contact her then they started to
go out well they go to Las Vegas and get married
less in one of these fast weddings
but sofía and had a hidden secret
sophie wanted to get married in a church
in a white dress and surrounded by her
family and friends but fell
one day she arrives at her house and
find on Greg’s desk a
handful of love letters dedicated to
other woman
his first impulse was to cross out the name
of her husband’s mistress and put the
hers but he did not read he knew too much revenge
and said gref come here you’re going to make a
photo as I would have liked it
outside our heartless grave wedding said
no it is not possible serious is much better
for the two
in the end it convinces him and this photo is the
false wedding fiscal weight that never had of
done she always refers to this
photo that is actually a series because
he adds that he has it taking pictures
continuously from this memory of this
other is that he paid well but this is
is the most significant that has also
formed part of exhibitions in the
best galleries and in the best
she always when she sees her I have not done
it’s written says a fake wedding for
crown the truest story of my
life so sophie lime leaves her
husband not without first using the art
for his revenge
also a contemporary artist who
still still active is 3 100 min 3
100 thousand became famous surely that the
will remember because in one of the
more awards contests
important contemporary art that
it’s called the turner prize that fails
in london because she participated with
a work that was called my mybet bed
in that bed there were remains of
cigarettes had bottle helmets
there were condoms and other niceties
this bed had been used by her
physically for a few days
because he had problems problems
of a loving nature and is in bed
in these days of self-destruction
and when he finishes he gives it to the contest
so far from being rejected this
work was finalist in the prize
but before that she lived in a
little village of england in a
little english village
the father abandoned his mother to her and
her brother when the little girl suffered
sexual abuse why good your house
it was a kind of hotel where the
people were coming in and good and there
because apparently he had several episodes
quite unpleasant
he also suffered so that he will not lack
nothing a rape at age 13
coming out of a disco she
reacted in a way then just as
she tells the memories herself
practicing sex with the first one
I found
that clear it made it far from
understand their position since they strikeout
in the town and you will be insulted even
If greatness it a good day
march to London to study art
art form and soon after signing
for one of the most galleries
important in london is when
performs this work
this work is nothing more than a store
of campaign that inside are
the names of the people who have
shared bed with her do not have for
what is it that they have had relationships
sex because the name is in fact
of his grandmother with whom she slept
is the brother who does not know well
but of course there is the name of their
rapists and the people with whom
he practiced sex and his women and their
Of course, brides did not know it and
learned about this work
so she got revenge for this
way of all those people who what
they had done wrong
this work unfortunately does not follow
between us because in the gallery
where was the back room because there was a
fire and and good and there is no longer
in fact they told her
repeat because it was a masterpiece and
in addition it united very well the art and the life
something very characteristic of her but
He said that it was not the result of a
time that was experiences that
he had felt and that he had done it
as an impulse to something that I no longer felt
I could still talk about women
who use art or art help
in his revenge but I’ll just talk about
one that is called Maria Jimeno Maria
Gimeno is a contemporary artist
she has manipulated one of the books
key within the history of the art of
all times be the typical one that
is in all the bibliography of all
art careers from around the world
what is the history of gombrich art
Well, in that book, women
they shine by their absence that has done
Maria Gimeno welcomed the book has
caught a large kitchen knife
there he loves to cook and has been
slitting the pages one by one
manufactured new pages with the same
I design the same layout but with
him after the study and the investigation
what have you done about the missing woman and
has made a new book twice as
this performance is called darlings
old as he has celebrated in Madrid
the complutense and we are lucky
who will come to the faculty of beautiful
Artes de Málaga in a few months
Artemisia Frida Sophie
also Maria Tracy and I are
deeply sad because he does very
few days the first died and if that
historical feminist art a
referring that is pretty the ching very
three or four days ago
she was the first
was that he wondered where are the
women artists really that has not
there were women important artists but
good also we all of us
we are very happy when we see this
type of news in press also not
it’s worth the TV the women did the
most of the cave paintings in
Spain and France
and if it were true and if it were true that
women are the authors of these
paintings do not worry because the
art in this case yes it is true it
will take revenge
Thank you
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