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Be the CEO of your health | Robin Farmanfarmaian | TEDxAcademy

so hi everyone I am Robin farm and
fermion sorry my life goal is to
positively impact a minimum of 100
million patients worldwide I’ve managed
to create a career that doesn’t exist
where I’ve leveraged and I scaled my
skill set in order to work on companies
on multiple companies at once that are
poised to impact at least 100 million
patients worldwide one company is
working on sleep apnea which is an 11
billion dollar market we have a data
driven platform device funded by Peter
Thiel second company is working on
curing cancer by repairing the p53 part
of the human cell when successful we
will be able to cure or treat more than
50% of all cancer and the third company
I’m working on is a unicorn which means
it has an over 1 billion dollar
valuation and we have our FDA and Cee
mark approval for virtual reality with
stroke and brain injury rehabilitation
now these are pretty crazy companies
right like I’m saying I’m gonna cure
cancer on the side of using video games
to make paralyzed people move again you
know when you hear about a crazy
entrepreneur from Silicon Valley like
myself there’s a backstory with me at
the age of 16 I was misdiagnosed with an
autoimmune disease all told I have had
43 hospitalizations and 6 major
surgeries now when you’re facing surgery
and especially when you’re a kid right
you go from hospital system to hospital
system looking for the very best doctors
out there but none of my doctors ever
looked at me and said you know what
Robin let’s hold off on these surgeries
because you’re so young and technology
is moving so quickly it could provide
better solutions in the near future none
of my doctors ever looked at me and said
you know what Robin technology is hope
but technology is hope in fact had
digital health IT and just the sheer
amount of information we
now have access to his patience existed
when I was a teenager I most likely
would not have lost three organs now at
the age of 26 this is seven years after
they had taken out my entire large
intestine my doctors were telling me I
was cured but I wasn’t and I was in
extreme pain so over a period of years
they kept upping and upping my methadone
dose until finally I was on 80
milligrams a day of methadone this is a
massive dose of opiates and let me tell
you I absolutely hated the drug so I
went back to my next doctor’s
appointment and I said I need off this
drug now and they said okay next step
would be to surgically implant a
morphine pump into your spine it’s like
are you kidding me I was 26 years old I
was essentially a shut-in
I could barely function I was on
high-dose morphine at that point they
wanted to put me on and they were said
essentially that was the rest of my life
so I said absolutely not and I fired my
entire healthcare team went home that
night dropped my own methadone dose by
40% essentially went through heroin
withdrawal crawled across the floor for
about a week and I ended up rebuilding
my healthcare team with healthcare
professionals doctors nurses
chiropractors massage therapists that
worked with me as a team and a colleague
I ended up getting diagnosed correctly
put on an IV medication called Remicade
and literally within 24 hours of that
first dose I went into remission
overnight so that’s what I’m appear to
talk to you about is how the convergence
of all of these different exponential
technologies are not only changing
medicine over the next five to ten years
but really putting the patient in the
driver’s seat now when I’m talking about
exponential technology of course I’m
talking about all the sexy ones right
robotics artificial intelligent sensors
3d printing even being able to utilize
the power of the crowd now in 60-minute
keynotes I do deep dives into each one
of these sections of really a perfect
storm of techno
logical advancements enabling what I
like to call the era of the patients
today I’m gonna take you through a
scenario of what it’s like to be a
patient now and in the very near future
so right now what we do is we have a lot
of point of care diagnostic devices what
that means is a diagnostic device that
comes to a patient versus the patient
having to go to a traditional setting
like a hospital or clinic so take for
example the consumer friendly $99 a live
court EKG monitor what this is is a
single lead EKG monitor accessible to
patients so at my house I’m gonna take
my EKG some of the data up to the cloud
where it’s gonna be analyzed by
artificial intelligence and if I do need
to see a physician I can do one on
demand virtually using telemedicine
FaceTime Skype even telepresence robot
in fact the global telemedicine market
is exploding right now are actually in
2015 it was about 18 billion dollar
market by 2021
that is going to more than double to 41
billion dollars now I come to Europe a
lot so I can see what’s trending here
and I love talking to everyone to see
kind of what’s important to you and
what’s going on and especially in Greece
but other other parts of Europe so I
came here today to tell you some stuff
that’s going on in the United States
some of our trends and in Silicon Valley
so right now did you know that more than
70 percent of routine doctor visits
don’t actually require being in person
so companies like CVS this is one of our
largest drugstore chains you can go in
there on demand and see a nurse
practitioner or a physician’s assistant
well they’ve recently partnered with one
of our top hospitals in the United
States called the Cleveland Clinic and
if you do need to see a physician you
can do one on demand from CVS no matter
where you are right virtually and Lucile
this is Stanford’s Children’s Hospital
if you need to see a specialist what you
do is you go into the
it’ll sit with your primary care
physician and see all the specialists
you need to on video in Kaiser
Permanente one of our largest managed
care organizations last year more than
50% of all of their clinic clinic visits
were done virtually a point of care
Diagnostics or what I like to call
Diagnostics on demand we are seeing a
wider e hit the consumer space come face
like the core wellness tracker they did
a crowdfunding campaign last year and
are expected to launch by the end of the
year this is direct-to-consumer it does
not go through doctors or hospitals it
is an at-home spectrometer so that you
can analyze your own blood labs you take
your blood at home you can do things
like glucose cholesterol even the
inflammatory markers everly well this
they just recently did a few more
million in funding it is a mail-order
laboratory so you go on the Internet as
a consumer order a lab test about a
hundred and seventy dollars or so per
lab tests this does not go through
doctors this does not go through
hospitals or your health care system
this goes right to the patient they send
you a test kit you prick the end of your
finger you have a couple drops of blood
send it back they use clia-certified
labs which means it’s medical grade
right you can do things like cholesterol
of course thyroid and even all of the
STDs and for seeing a wide array of apps
hit the market I want to raise a hands
on the room how many people have seen a
neurologist in their life very few maybe
a handful of you guys so that’s the
problem because with diseases like
dementia pharmaceutical intervention are
only successful at the early stages but
the problem is most of us don’t actually
go to neurologists until it’s so
advanced that it’s disrupting our daily
life well brain check has taken the
standard neurological exams that you
have in a hospital and they’ve gamified
it and electron to fight it so for five
to ten minutes once a month once a year
you can play this game on your
I pad by the way it’s a freemium model
which means there’s a free version and
we’re starting to see clinical-grade
apps as well so pair of therapeutics as
of last week the FDA just approved it
for the first digital therapeutic this
is a really big deal
this one in particular is for addiction
and everything on this slide is
accessible to patients FDA or seee mark
approved and under $300 raise the hands
in the room how many people have
children who have had an earache quite a
few right yes so companies like
CellScope you plug it into your
smartphone look in your child’s ear if
there’s a problem it will tell you and
you can see a physician on demand
through the app right
same thing with clinic cloud which is a
stethoscope Philips Lulla this is really
traditionally ultrasound machines
thousands of dollars only found in
hospitals Philips now you can get an
ultrasound that plugs into your
smartphone for $300 a month subscription
model again for consumers say you’re
pregnant and maybe you want an
ultrasound for a couple of months and
this is me this is me in my apartment I
have hacked my own healthcare in order
to get the vast majority in my apartment
or within a two-block radius now this
isn’t something like my physicians told
me to do right this is something I
figured out on my own and it’s
accessible and you can’t figure it out
no matter what country you live in
so right here I’m getting Remicade I’ve
been on it for about 18 years this is a
pretty hardcore drug I would use to take
about five or six hours in the infusion
center at the hospital and my recovery
time was about eight days now I have to
get this every six weeks so that was a
significant amount of time in my life
and it was horrible experience I go into
the hospital and there’s constant noise
there’s no windows there’s tons of other
patients and the biggest problem is that
I’m immunocompromised and I would go in
there and I would be the you know
infectious disease it’s a terrible place
for a patient now that I’ve pulled it
into my home my recovery time is two
days just from the change of experience
I even get to direct-to-consumer
IVs for saline solution there’s a
company called IC doc again it does not
go through your doctor it does not go
through your hospital goes
direct-to-consumer just like app just
like uber you go on the app you order a
nurse on demand for about $200 they come
to your house they give you IV saline
solution and any vitamins you’d like by
IV now for someone like me without a
large intestine and Crohn’s disease this
is a big deal because I used to have to
go to the ER two to three times a year
just to get saline solution IV which is
a terrific use of resources right now I
do it at my home but you know who their
biggest client is patients with
hangovers so all of this technology
though is really raising the bar on the
interaction between the patient and the
physician so if you think back to the
title of my talk the patient as the CEO
think about it a CEO of a corporation
you’re not an expert in marketing
finance engineering right legal you hire
the best experts in a corporation they
do their job report back to you and
together as a team you decide on a
direction for the company to go into but
as CEO you are the one who is ultimately
responsible that the vision is carried
out and that the company overall is
successful so I ask you why should being
a patient be any different right you are
the experts in your body you hire the
best experts whether they’re doctors
nurses whatever they do their job and
then you take their advice right but you
are the decision-maker but I do
understand that not everyone is as
type-a massively over driven as I am and
taking control of your own healthcare
this is terrifying especially if you’re
not feeling well so that’s why we’re
starting to see lots more health and
life coaches pop up in the healthcare
system I’m a huge advocate of this this
can be done by artificial intelligence
by the way and it also can be done
now these let health and life coaches
they do not need to be healthcare
professionals they need to be problem
solvers because one of the biggest
problems in medicine is that once a
patient leaves the doctor’s office there
really understands sometimes how to
integrate and execute on treatment plans
especially if it’s brand-new and they’ve
never done something like that before so
health and life coaches can help not
only integrate on different healthcare
solutions but execute them on them and
manage them on a daily basis with you so
you have help and somebody there to hold
your hand so I’d like to leave you with
this thought hundred percent of us in
this room at some point in our lives are
gonna be patients right so I ask you now
that you’re the CEO of your own health
care team and I mean every single person
in this room you are now the CEO of your
own healthcare team how are you going to
start to change your behavior today
thank you
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