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Feminismo con H | Herminia Luque | TEDxPlazaDeLaMercedWomen

Juan Soler Malú I’m a teacher
geography history and I’m a writer and
I’m going to talk about feminism and why with h
well this a little joke that
I do my student every year at
students of 1st of the that
when we started to study history
history and prehistory said hayes
prehistory history hominization
the important things in life
begin with h
herminia included clear of course and
that joke then the last letter to me
novel to a novel recently
published a while ago to win so much
There, too, doña María de Zalla who
a historical character a very woman
forgotten the story but a writer
I also have it say that things
important things in life begin with h
at least my life started with that
little joke
obviously also a good part of
that joke for I’m going to tell you other
words with h
to tell you about this feminine
feminism as I slow that words
they start with h
I come up with a little spelling one
old spelling to agree some
word collage in o horreo ran somo
Sullen horror vegetable gardener
Hospice Inn Hospice say one
thing if I wanted to speak
precisely from humor
that is, we need to talk with humor
also feminism
it’s certainly hard sometimes to talk
of feminism with humor
there are difficult situations that
is part and it is not easy to talk to
humor with a sense of humor but the
Humor helps us humor really not
does taking are
and I think it’s really worth it
bet on that che of humor
for example when in the classes he spoke
of in kind of social changes and
generated a social and gender change not
that someone has taken the subject
as if we teach to change gender
no social changes and gender
I start a topic that is dedicated to
canon of beauty and on which already
investigated something that tries to see how
the current beauty canon mortifies
especially to women that is
treat women as beings
hypersexualized but to begin with
start with that little joke of how
have a perfect body to go to the
first check that you have a body
2nd b to the beach
in this theme the one of the beauty because
so doña María de zayas my character
literary but also the writer of
17th century speak of the beauty of
that beauty that his saint
sontag rector North American photographer
she says it’s not wrong to be beautiful
the bad thing is that it is obligatory to say what
bad is that being beautiful is mandatory and
it is true that women in our
we are built we are smothered
many times by searching for one
aesthetic ideal for the search of a
absolutely impossible beauty
to that he dedicated an essay that entitled
so column a advertising slogan a
motto of an aesthetic clinic that
always talked beautiful and I have
said yes that’s the ethical imperative in
contemporary society
women we always have to be
beautiful but what for who because
that’s what they ask me what it takes and
for many because what you have to go
it’s history already history
the truthful luthiers all time past
it was earlier but also all time
past was worse
me to my students and especially to my
students I tell you please do a favor
is if you go sometime and again there is with
a time machine never never its
base in a time machine
why because he had time spent for
women as a whole as
collective all time spent for
women was worse and we went back to the
bronze age there was a society
medieval let’s see a modern society
we already see society even in the
dawn of the contemporaneity in
our century
always the situations of women
have been much harder I ‘ve done
They are quite stubborn
I like to resort many times to
the figures because the figure far from it
stop being something cold
they really are the embodiment of
signs things show the flesh of the
facts and those facts laid bare by
example that in Spain the salary of the
woman is between 70 and 75 per
hundred of the males is to say that there
a wage health gap that’s good
it is not also made by any
feminist organization
this is done by the economic forum
world that is who organizes the forum
I do not know if it sounds to you to say the ultra forum
liberal par excellence for this
organism the pay gap is to say the
difference of what they earn man and
women will close and I would have to say
god by in in the two thousand 234 say
in 200 years at the rate that goes the
respect has to change and although
really look like it is not so
of course because to say poor is in
our world say woman there is a
feminization of poverty that affects
not only women in a
york but that poverty is structural
means that it depends on factors that
they are repeating, encysting that poverty
in women that is to say women are going to
be poor by the simple fact of being born
woman and in short that really good me
like sometimes also referenced
then to cultural events that can
seem to have less importance
but the figures are also pretty
the Nobel prize for example that all
we know and also that it starts to occur
from 1,101 say a very reward
rooted in 20th century 29 of our
century has also been given in 817
times but only 47 women included
all the writers that we can
this year for example was one of my
favorites between always or almost always
it’s in the pools because margaret
atwood and and I told him a partner and
sure he does not win
Of course not only 10 gave it to
kazuo ishiguro to the British writer of
Japanese origin and insurance
well this is like an example of what
really mean women in
our society means that the simple
made of being a woman
they are going to have a worse situation they are going to
have less possibilities but they fixed
that other che want to refer to
what feminism is honesty feminism is
look for equality but equality wants
to say justice is not to seek the
privilege is not seeking supremacy
it is simply to seek justice
the philosopher martha nussbaum spoken
well to overcome in some way the
Eurocentrism is to say our vision
sometimes very focused towards the world
Western too ombliguista has
said that effectively the ideal thing
the least common
for that claim it would be
fight for those capabilities say that the
need for the capabilities of
women what refers to adif in so
they do not seem as normal as
health education equality
opportunities which ceased
politics are the same and for women
are sufficiently guaranteed and
Of course I also think that there would be
that guarantee that supreme good
I agree with a scientific one
and writer also that is rita levi
montalcini that says that knowledge
it’s probably the supreme value because
it is the supreme value because without it without
there probably are no other values or
justice or equality
none of the values ​​to which
we constantly appeal like that of the
freedom and for that appeal to me
like to appeal concrete figure to figures
that are flesh and blood or at least what
they were at some point that is to say there are
heroines like mary wollstonecraft I would
I call, I call heroines, I met, you know,
cognitive heroin in some way
we could call it that is to say those
heroin those women who have broken
schemes that have created plot of
knowledge and among them we have the
founder of feminism say we measure
with kraft they write in 1792 the
indication of the rights of women
an indication that it is a text that
answer a philosopher that falls to me
fatal I have to apply class but to
I especially like to imagine or a
philosopher a wonderful man who has
created many things and 2 and then had
five children 25 left him in a
hospicio end things that happened in that
well it’s mary wollstonecraft
responds to one of the pedagogical work
more important
of the 18th century that is the emilio and that
he wrote Russian and Russian says in the
capitol connect the whole book is
dedicated to the education of men
and a chapter is dedicated to the
education of women and says the
woman has a duty to please women
it has to be for another and that is fixed
that paradoxically at the beginning of
the contemporary age in the origins
of our time that is established
dimorphism that separation between
functions of man and woman
that is, it is going to argue
politically sentimentally
literarily a division of the
women towards the domestic family
the feeling and the men towards the
world of the public of the political of
the professional realization
Well, there I mention some of my
heroines true hypatia I think that
perhaps you will meet and film
nothing to say the scientific that
he died at the beginning of the fifth century and
circumstances points to say dead to
hands of fanatical monks to gandhi
châtelet translator of newton philosopher
and thinker that they have wrote a
treated about happiness perfectly
and wonderfully chosen in others
sklodowska days that I prefer
call him maria sklodowska maybe
Madame know as the curie or
puri a drunken sailor did not do a survey
me to my student describes the name of
famous scientist notified of that
initial evaluation says mari puri up
I discovered that they were macvan curie
Marie Curie but better than bulbs
then another one of my favorite and my
favorite my heroine forever make
I always say it
when I grow up I want to be like a brown emilia
bazán do not know her fantastic
Do not believe that a lady you see her
photo of a lady in a dress like this
as charles ford
still its old pair but it was a
woman absolutely breaks and tears already
the best does not sound like it but there is another
team also true that it has come
for galdós true good they were lovers
of a woman who broke up with the
schemes that despite strikeout
Catholic and traditional but really
broke with the schemes of the woman of
its time and especially a very thing
important that he said and also in a
pedagogical congress of 1892 in which
he said to women you have to educate her the
education is the basis of equality and
I think we can not be unless
according to that although they fixed that
I like a lot of time I’m thinking about my
title me that I am has made the race
history and also studies
of graduate among the art in my title
I have to be a graduate in geography and
until recently the titles
university students were giving
We were licensed, and we’re going
we entered women to the faculty and
we left all the gentlemen licensed
finally another one of fear and the
cognitive cognitive heroines that are
philosophers philosophers like simone ‘s
beauboir simon the war is the writer
from the famous book the second sex where
He did notice how the
women are a 1949 book but that
really very significant as the
reverse of that existentialism of that
existentialist philosophy that was
spreading in that Europe after the
Second World War
that woman they were trying to fight with
that freedom but they really were
pigeonholed in that not being in that being
for another in that being for the liking in
that being that has to like the subject and
good but and everyday
can I believe we can all be
heroes and heroines everyday heroine
think for a moment about someone from our
environment in yourselves
I think we ‘ve seen enough
true example of searching through
a huge effort physical effort a
musical force an effort with
determined to knowledge search
really and what is important and what
that is our passion but above all
what is meaningful to us
think of ourselves in if you want
do it not I put there is an example of
a lady who is not going to sound
probably because she is a writer
but that really is not famous in the
sense that it has only one text
it has really been studied and
discovered recently but I do not bring
because i like madrileña nation
madrid 1731 but he came to live at
that makes us really and to see that the
where he taught in the
instituto salvador rueda
Hello, this is for youtube and
really meets those conditions is
tell a heroine imagine a lady
that belongs to the bourgeoisie of the
business of the time a lady who
widowed at fifty-something
have to face some business or
a large family had nine children
say a fa a strong woman that
I would really be immersed in
anonymity if not for that work that
write apology of the woman a text
extraordinary that he puts after a
translation a translation of a
English novel
why because they are your surname can you
to collect her she is from English language of
Irish origin translates rasselas el
Abyssinian Principle by Samuel Johnson
and exposes an apology of women to
late 18th century
now of 1798 you had to defend
still the idea that women
they had the same capacity as
today obviously we do not have that
that defend it but you have to defend
many things and we have to do it myself
I think that feminism does not work very well
to finish by I do not want to think wrong
I want to leave with a picture a
poetic image a symbolic image
imagine that feminism say all
this reflection on what has been done
our or our world
contemporary of our past world
all this theoretical reflection is like
a huge hangar say a shed
huge in which ultralight fit fits
in cargo aircraft fits any
recreational aircraft any plane
commercial artifacts that would not serve
feet on land as our projects
to take us from that reality by
site to be reality and that world that
we want to change towards that blue sky
never perfect but always wonderful
what is called future
thank you very much
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