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Disruptive Innovations in Education | Milena Stoycheva | TEDxAUBG

good morning everyone it is actually my

great pleasure to be here I am the CEO

of a company of an organization is a

social enterprise but I’m also a proud

founder of this institution so I’m very

happy to be here and to talk about

something that I’m also very passionate

about and I care for what is it

disruptive innovation in education now

why did I choose this and is this

something that we really need to be or

not to be but this is actually not the

question the question is that we need to

do something about it and I will give

you my proposal on it so let’s start

what do poly bears have to do with this

topic well there is something that they

have to do with it and it’s part of

story I want to tell you about my

daughter when she was three and a half

years old we came back from the US where

I spent about a year working and I

noticed that I had been playing for her

different videos and music and a lot of

documentaries about animals but I

noticed at home that several mornings in

a row the pilot lights that were in the

bathroom when I woke up in the morning

were always

plugged and then I started asking who is

doing this I asked my husband he said I

don’t know and then I said Sophie I use

the one doing this and she said of

course mommy I said but what are you

doing and she said well that’s curved by

the way she said you know what we have

to save electricity because if you don’t

do this you’re going to kill all of the

polar bears that are even in the moment

where they will be extinct very soon and

what are the kids coming after me going

to do without polar bears they will not

be able to even see them I was looking

at her and I was thinking oh my god she

is talking about the polar bear she

herself didn’t see but of course her

curiosity her natural drive to learn

about the world has been sparkled by

this movies by the environment but what

by what we were talking about so this is

where I this is when I realized that

education a bringing environment are

very important for the type of people

you grow up for the type of person you

actually become and turn to in the end

and something that later on I realized

even more so is that early childhood

education is extremely important it is a

key instrument to actually form values

and to keep alive

creativity in aunt imagination and

people but also to form people and

personalities now we’ve looked at the

point of Education let’s turn to


and how is innovation related to this

topic innovation in my understanding is

something that helps us feel comfortable

when changes happen and we as human

function in an environment and we are

often shaped by it but let’s look where

and what our environment has been around

us so 30 40 50 years ago we were living

in the Industrial Age and this is what

also shaped our educational systems and

the environment was environment where

automation and task oriented labor with

framed responsibilities were the way to

work and be successful we were focused

on studying to get a job you know in the

company or to build a career around

something that we would play with the

final target also to be well-paid and

that had clear boundaries on what one

does and what one could achieve we used

to measure how much we know and how much

we read because we had the privilege of

information in those days where are we

we are in the era of the knowledge-based

and human based economy our life is

driven by rapid technological

development that appear almost every day

sometimes even if every hour we used to

call people for example on the phone and

play something then a dinner or a plan

to go out somewhere now in the last 10

years we have seen the investment and

domination of the smartphones and we are

connected all the time inevitably again

it’s part of our lives if you think the

the books of Isaac Asimov’s especially

one the Three Laws of Robotics were

predicting that we will have around us

robots that with whom we can communicate

that will be almost equally people like

us this happened what he was writing

about in the in the fifties right in the

1950s this happened only 50 years ago

and it’s now reality it’s a different

environment we are even facing personal

Bank assistance that the robots with

whom we have to do I mean to bank

nowadays and this is something that we

never planned for or expected to be part

of our everyday life we also used to

plan our businesses our lives with 10

now this is no longer the case because

the environment around us is

unpredictable it is insecure with much

more cycles that ever and even more so

happen we already know that 65% of the

jobs the generation set will have to do

to perform do not exist yet all of these

changes require a new way to deal with

them and here let me point out to you

this thought that I I love it says it

all the electric light didn’t come from

the continuous improvement of the candle

so we cannot solve and address

challenges that the part of a new

environment different environment

unpredictable with the way we used to

deal in the past because education is

really the space and the place that has

to prepare people for this new way of

living and learning in this environment

here is one example of the top 10 skills

in the 2020 and if you look at what was

there before in 2015 and what is there

now at the top of the skills that we

will have to master at the skills

related to complex problem-solving

critical thinking creativity now is this

part of our educational system

let’s go back to what education looked

like these 3040 years ago so this was

education that was predominantly

government governed by having to master

certain knowledge in certain subjects

that are were delivered through tests

and students had to spank spend long

hours in the school and they had to also

memorize content in the end what

happened schools were not the most

desirable places to be okay

you didn’t feel so free in there you

didn’t feel like you can do whatever you

it you felt you wanted to do okay you

didn’t feel that you can make a mistake

and not have to be a little bit scared

after it on how it will be perceived by

people so this is an example also of a

school that is predominantly in the

space now again in in a lot of countries

even in our country even though recently

Finland has emerged on the top of the

list of countries within the World

Economic Forum system ranking that seems

to be showing the most innovative

approach to education it seems that

their students are not studying specific

subjects they combine various topics and

different disciplines and they work on

projects they are no longer delivering

on tests they are performing

working in teams analyzing critically

and creatively and most of all schools

seem to be different spaces you can take

a book or your tablet and go and read it

take it out share you work together with

studies also show that students will who

receive social and emotional learning

score 11% higher on average than those

who did not and now how do I connect it

to innovation education and myself in my

current job I happen to be involved a

lot with dedication but I want to share

with you how this all started

and it started from here I came here as

a very young graduate recent get

graduate the University was looking for

a Dean of Student and the president

interviewed me I showed showed up in my

hippie dress at the time and the

president said I’m looking for a person

exactly like you and could you start I

needed you to start two days or three

days ago I said ok but I have never done

this I do not know what the Job

Description for Dean of Students is and

he told me you know what this is exactly

what we are looking for I want somebody

who is open-minded who wouldn’t be

scared who would actually want to try

and to experiment and to do their best

maybe somebody who is

really going to take that risk and

challenge for themselves because AVG

didn’t exist here before we don’t have

at the institution we have to make it

together I have to tell you that this

took a lot of guts on my site at the

time now I realize retrospectively

looking back because I had to stand up

in front of people who were looking at

me and saying who is this girl

and I had to pretend I have the

authority to be Dean of Students and I

did it because I really believed in

education I saw that giving people the

choice to have education free will be

something that will be so important in

their lives this also formed my knee as

an entrepreneur and a person with an alt

open and entrepreneurial self something

that I also found very much

reverberating with this is the thought

of the founder of SlideShare who says I

would rather make mistakes then

overthink and now I feel good about what

I do that is why I would like to ask you

to join me in the effort of disrupting

innovatively education why because

education needs a new paradigm it needs

a new story I believe very much in the

philosophy that Sir Ken Robinson shares

about education that it needs to become

more personalized more customized and

more democratized

and it will have implications both

economic and social as well as cultural

and personal on us but for that it will

need to be innovated and how this is the

the approach of my proposal to do it

disruptively what does it mean to do

disruption with innovation is usually

associated with business

it basically means to create a momentum

and from something which is on the edge

of innovation to slowly transform it

into mainstream and this is where we can

all work together to make it happen this

is where we can see a number of explicit

benefits and invitations on innovation

if it becomes a mainstream if we apply

disruptive innovation to education we

can turn schools into more

entrepreneurial and creative spaces we

can balance stem and arts and humanities

and interdisciplinary approach we can

work in teams and use technology we can

even make movies together and we can be

prepared for the professions of the

future we can take on the roles to go

these are examples of how we can

innovate education using digitalization

applying interdisciplinary approach also

maybe making movies this is part of the

Space Odyssey where we can see the

prototypes of Skype and iPad for this

though we will need a critical mass of

at least 10% of people to make it the

real social impact and to use the

disruptive innovation method to

transform education so I finish here

with asking you to join me in this

effort and this search and to use the

wings of imagination on that journey

thank you

[Applause] you

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