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THE MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE EVERY DAY – The Best Speech About Social Media Addiction

this is your life this is your career
this is your craft this is your service
to humanity why would you why would you
be checking your phone your phone is
costing you your fortune it is an
it’s a dopamine addiction break start
the process of breaking your addiction
to distraction here in this room today
you’ve invested in this
you’re a learning investor the best
investment you can make is being in this
room why would you spend it checking
your notifications looking at your email
looking at SMS looking at pictures of
people’s breakfast sir look why would
you do that well this is your life and
if you look at a victim if you look look
at most people on the planet they’re
literally hooked to a white screen they
are wasting their human potential hooked
into some social platform that is
creating empires for other people many
people if not most people are now a form
of artificial intelligence they’re not
living their brains potential they’re
not living their physiological potential
they’re not living their creative
potential they’re not living their human
potential they’re not living their
economic potential why because they’re
hooked to a screen it is the most
frightening time in the history of the
world and it’s the most gorgeous time in
the history of humanity why because it’s
never been so easy to be a hero because
most people are doing most people are
turn off your phones get serious about
this this is your game this is your life
this is your sport and before you know
it you will be at the end we all know
that life goes by in a blink like I am
on a mission bordering on an obsession
to give you such ridiculous value that
it terrifies you you you what you are
going to experience over the next four
days it’s gonna blow your mind
enliven your heart you know mindset boo
heart set explosive I want you to have a
galactic explosiveness not only
intellectually but in your heart you see
one thing I’m bringing to you that is
special is it’s not just about your
mindset why do so many people come to an
event nothing changes everyone’s talking
about mindset that you’re thinking right
you know think think think no you’re
you’re thinking form your reality just
think positive be positive man people
and we learned the ideas we install the
core beliefs how many people have been
to events and nothing changes well have
you ever heard of the limbic system the
amygdala this is a core point why most
learning doesn’t work pretty dangerous
comment on making look at the person
next to you and say Robbins being
but this is this is a very dangerous and
gorgeous insight
you see most learning does not work and
most people do not change because we get
the learning intellectually I don’t know
I am a annunciated like that but but we
don’t get it emotionally
you see mindset without heart set is a
hollow victory so I want you to not only
get boom like boom intellectual
explosiveness this is not your ordinary
learning event this is world class
revolutionary learning at the highest
level on the plan a lot of people say
this room is the most valuable room to
be and that’s the word on the street but
if you’re getting intellectually without
getting it emotionally you’re you’re not
gonna get any transformation or any
gains in your business and your empires
of creativity productivity prosperity
and humanity so I want to blow open your
heart you see most people in the room no
that’s not everyone in the room has been
traumatized no one talks about this so
this is the business of it you’re
talking about trauma everyone in this
room has experienced trauma at some
level or another to varying degrees
sometimes it wasn’t being invited to
someone’s party trauma
right sometimes it was sexual abuse
trauma and so what happens is this is so
important I could spend the whole day on
this but the human tendency and the
cultural seduction is don’t feel the
pain of the trauma everyone know what
I’m talking about Iran I out on the
jagged edges don’t feel the trauma don’t
feel the disappointment you got
heartbroken don’t go into it
only seek pleasure only be happy happy
be put on the happy face watch the happy
chose seek pleasure and what we do is we
actually flee from feeling because of
the trauma and we start to live in our
heads and we numb out our body and we
don’t feel but to be human is to feel to
be a great leader is to feel if you look
at the greatest Empire builders
economically Zuckerberg musk Steve Jobs
great example he felt deeply you know he
lived in a pretty simple house even when
he was a multi-billionaire simple house
he wasn’t a he was only about a few
things he was about family he was about
you know what he said I love this
because I’m a purist I built my life
built my life around just a few things
he said my favorite things in life books
and sushi isn’t that beautiful
and he was an artist he was an artist
and so mindset without heart set so we
experienced trauma and then we block it
out repress it and then we lose our
emotional game which is mission critical
to world class you’ve got to love your
clients you’ve got to love the beauty of
creating gorgeous products you’ve got to
want to serve it doesn’t happen in the
head oh you know you’ve service to your
clients to the marketplace happens in
your heart
you the desire to lead a world-class
life happens emotionally and that’s how
you battle prove yourself against
volatility it’s not an intellectual game
it’s a visceral game it’s in your DNA
and I’m going to share with you how to
do that so mindset without a heart set
is an empty victory but then there’s two
more emotional interior empires the four
Interior empires mindset plus heart set
plus health set right vitality like I
said the hunters on the savannas
understood they didn’t understand but
the way the brain developed was
literally if you move your natural
wiring in your brain and physiology
kicks into gear
you actually BDNF promotes neurogenesis
you create more brain cells dopamine
gets released norepinephrine serotonin
you feel happier you feel less stress
BDNF repairs damaged brain cells you’re
processing heightens you actually dial
in your focus unbelievable the benefits
of exercise but it’s not and here’s
another key idea on the third interior
Empire health said vitality is the DNA
you cannot put a price tag on getting
into the greatest fitness of your life
and then some of you and I’m gonna work
on you with great love and respect are
gonna say but if I hire a massage
therapist and if I get a physical
trainer and if I got into acupuncture
and if I biohack and if I get my genome
tested to figure out my telomeres so I
know my real age if I do all the things
that James and Greg are gonna talk about
it’s gonna cost me a lot of money how
many people hear that or think that
right now be honest fantastic here’s
here’s a little insight just because I
love you I might not know you but I feel
love for you I’m here to serve you I’ve
got your back getting into world-class
fitness will cost you a lot of money death will cost you more
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