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how you do anything is how you do
everything your life is really a
reflection of the cumulative habits that
you have right first you create your
habits and then your habits create you
back I think people have to ask
themselves are they actually happy eight
out of ten days when they wake up and if
they’re not they need to pressure on
themselves to make themselves realize
they’re probably not doing what they
want to be doing your creature habits in
meditation and journaling and working
out and mean good food and all of a
sudden that creates your life back now
the most important habit I think that
one of the most important habits to get
good at is the habit of creating new
habits because most people they want to
create a new result in their life but
insanity is doing the same thing over
and over again expecting a different
result and most of us are doing the same
thing we’re using the same words the
same thoughts the same habits the same
behaviors the same feelings and we’re
expecting life to change but it doesn’t
happen that way so little things meet a
lot so how you do anything is how you do
everything so make your bed what does it
take 1-2 minutes make it with excellence
because how you do with that is how
you’re gonna do everything else in your
day because success breeds success they
call it the science of momentum I think
one of the big mistakes that people make
is is we start that exploration focusing
externally we start looking at lists of
jobs a list of industries and all these
different lists rather than starting
internally and saying what is that thing
for me not the job not this sort of
granular expression what is the deeper
driver for me where I feel like the
reason that I’m here is being
channel through em and released out into
the world and once we identify that it
actually gives us freedom because now we
can probably find thousands of jobs or
industries or careers that allow us to
express that and we can run far fewer
experiments and get to that place way
faster so if you have no idea what you
want in life how then can you prioritize
your life you can’t prioritize and if
you ask most people what do you want in
they’re like not to be happy happiness
is not a focus you know what happiness
is not a priority in life happiness
comes as a byproduct of living a certain
way but first you have to be super clear
of how you want to live your life what
is your life about what’s your purpose
in life and most people don’t know and
because they don’t know their purpose
then they don’t know their priorities
the purpose it defines your priorities
and once you have you’re clear of your
purpose your purpose defines your
priorities once you know your parties
then you can focus on them but if you
don’t know your purpose and you don’t
know your priorities so to answer your
how are people dealing with priorities
not very well because most people have
no idea what the priorities in life and
when you make up your mind to be defined
by a vision of the future instead of the
memories of the past all you have to do
is make a decision just with a level of
intensity that has such a strong
amplitude of energy that in that moment
your body begins to respond to your mind
in other words the choice that you make
becomes a decision that you never forget
it becomes an experience and the
stronger you have that emotion the more
you aren’t going to pay attention to
what you’re focusing on in your mind and
now you’re beginning to remember your
future long-term memories are created by
strong highly charged emotional events
the stronger the emotional charge you
feel from some event the more you pay
attention to the cause and the brain
takes a snapshot and that’s called a
so then how do you change the memory of
the past you’ve got to start remembering
your future and you got to come out of
your resting state and that moment has
to the Sun define you
so everybody’s done this and you just
got to have a clear intent on what you
want and so learn study get something in
your brain that’s going to stimulate you
about what’s possible and then begin to
dream or begin to build a model of what
it could look like and don’t let go of
it and begin to experience the emotions
of how you feel when it happens and
teach your body emotionally what that
future is going to feel like so it only
requires two things a clear intention
that’s a function of a coherent
organized brain and an elevated emotion
which is a function of your heart in
your body and when you combine those two
you’re going to change your energy and
when you change your energy you’re going
to change your life ambition ambition
but too many of us back away from it
because it got made bad right I was
scared to have ambition because you know
if you have ambition too big for your
britches people start insulting you who
do you think you are oh you think you
can do that you don’t even have any
skill at that you think you can do that
you haven’t had their training you don’t
have the degree you don’t have the
experience you don’t have the background
you don’t have the social following
you don’t have the environment you don’t
have the money you don’t have the bank
account you don’t have the credit you
don’t handle it and people start puking
on you and you share your big dream with
them you’re like hey look no listen I’m
trying to go up here this is this is
where I want to be right here I got this
dream it’s huge I got this ambition this
dream this hunger for more and
immediately people seek to see whether
or not you are qualified and they judge
you based on your past of qualification
versus your present of how you show up
if you want it if you want to live the
life that you want to win the answer is
always going to be more until your and satisfied
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