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Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

you have a choice you can change your
thinking but it all begins with you it
all begins inside of you and it all
begins with your mind and all begins
with your unconscious mind is that what
you pull into your life is what you are
unconsciously thinking and feeling so
you can sit in your chair and visualize
great wealth and you can say I’m going
to have great wealth and do all the
affirmations consciously but if
unconsciously you think money is bad and
money is evil you’re not gonna bring it
into your life or if you do bring some
money you will sabotage it and you’ll
get rid of it quick this is why many
lottery I don’t know what it’s like in
London but over in the states people win
lotteries and they’re broke a year later
that won millions of dollars and it
seems preposterous that they’d be broke
but they’ve lost all the money
why unconsciously they still had beliefs
that money are bad so part of my
teaching and what I wrote in the book
attract money now is giving people the
awakening because just getting aware is
going to take them down the road
becoming aware that money’s not bad
money’s not evil but you can use it to
extend your dream and fulfill your life
mission opens them up to the idea that
Oh money is okay I can allow money in
from there they will then start seeing
opportunities that were there all along
but they didn’t see them because they
had blind spots
now the unconscious is opened up it will
allow the material to come into the
conscious mind conscious mind will see
the opportunities and then the person
who’s having this experience the leader
of the company the CEO can then tell
everybody around them here’s what we’re
going to do next but it all begins on
the inside you’re getting your own
reality you are creating your own
reality from your beliefs you change
your beliefs and you will get a
different reality life is an optical
this is how I look at life is an optical
illusion what you see is based on your
beliefs when I was homeless and I was in
poverty for 10 years when I looked out
into the world
I did not see abundance
I saw lack I saw darkness I saw scarcity
and I can find evidence for it I can
look around and go I went to these
people down this street and asked every
one of them for a job and every one of
them said no I was trying to be an
author and I can show you all the
rejection slips I had my evidence that
life sucks and life is full of
limitation and life is full of scarcity
I had all of the evidence today I have
evidence for abundance I can look around
and say hey I’m living the lifestyle of
the rich and famous I get to go to
London and go on a fantastic TV show at
the last minute you know what kind of
fantastic miraculous life is this and I
can look around and I can find all the
evidence for abundance which is real
they’re both real depending on my
mindset I will see one or I will see the
other for most people they’re going to
see lack and limitation partly because
it’s already been programmed in them
partly because they’re paying attention
to the mainstream media and I tell
people a big tip turn off the mainstream
media and why do you say that
because it is programming you it’s
called programming you for a reason
it’s programming you for lack and
limitation it knows your hot buttons it
knows what you’re afraid of it is going
to focus on that it is going to
highlight that and the mainstream news
can’t find something bad that happened
today in London it’ll go find it in
Texas and say hey in Texas today
somebody was murdered and they’re gonna
put that right there in front of you to
make you afraid and then it’s going to
be holding your attention to tell you
whatever the commercial is that’s coming
next so when I say turn off the
mainstream news it is not programming
you for for prosperity you are and what
you’re doing here and I tell people
select the information you’re feeding
your brain you’re feeding your soul
you’re feeding your unconscious
subconscious mind select it with some
sort of wisdom and discernment so you
program yourself for this abundant life
and how can I practice that state of
abundance if that’s you and affirmations
a lot of people watching us will say Joe
Brian if I look at a
streets and someone else looks at a
street it’s the same street it’s the
same people it’s a story about a lot of
people will not understand that actually
they’ll pull all of these cultural
dialogue personal dialogues and they’ll
see the things they want to see continue
that scarcity mentality that’s right
they’re gonna see it unconsciously it’s
going to be coming from the paradigm
they already have the mindset they
already have which is in their
subconscious / unconscious so when they
look they’re looking consciously not
realizing what they’re seeing is being
filtered by the unconscious so when you
change that that bottom line programming
what’s underneath the software you’re
gonna see something different so here’s
the best technique it’s a technique that
comes from 1900 it’s called play the
glad game and the glad game is you look
for something good just start looking
for something good the rule of thumb is
there is something good in everybody and
in every situation and there are some
people and some situations that will
challenge you but you’ve got to focus
you got a look and you got to say to
something good here I bought a painting
a long time ago I had a phrase on it it
said train your mind to see the good in
every situation and I bought it because
of the phrase train your mind this goes
back to what we were talking about
earlier where you’re not your thoughts
you’re separate from them and so the
phrase train your mind is acting as if
it’s a puppy train your puppy to use the
litter box train your cat to tell you
what it wants fed train your mind to see
the good in every situation the first
time you do this yeah it might be a
struggle it might feel like oh this is
really difficult but if you stay with it
you’re gonna start seeing the good
everywhere that’s a simple easy doesn’t
cost anything begin it right now way of
using a technique to start to move into
abundance [Music]
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