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What’s the WHY?

so a lot of people write in and ask the
difference between the question why and
though why as we talk about it like
start with why the why is a purpose
cause or belief the underlying reason
why we are motivated to do something the
reason a company exists the reason why
we’re passionate for something the
question why aims to get a dessert the
same thing in a generic sense like why
do you do something what’s the
underlying underlying reason for that
that’s why I called the why the why
another reason why I called the why the
why is because when I would ask people
what comes first vision or mission
people would debate it there’s no
standardized definition of vision or
mission so people who believe mission
came first I asked them so what’s the
definition of mission they said it’s why
we get out of bed in the morning people
who believed vision comes first would
say well it’s why our company exists and
whether it’s brand or purpose all these
things everybody gave me the same
definition why so that’s why I called it
the why
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